The Marked Girl (Marked Girl Series #1)

The Marked Girl (Marked Girl Series #1)

by Lindsey Klingele


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ISBN-13: 9780062380340
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 08/01/2017
Series: Marked Girl Series , #1
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 416
Sales rank: 336,136
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.90(h) x 1.20(d)
Age Range: 13 - 17 Years

About the Author

Lindsey Klingele ended up in Los Angeles via airplane, not portal, coming from the fantastical land of Michigan. She has since worked in the writers’ rooms of television shows such as ABC Family’s The Lying Game and Twisted. The Marked Girl is Lindsey’s first novel. You can visit her online at

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The Marked Girl 3.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
For an up and coming author, this one shows spectacular potential. I loved the characters' relationships and the twists were great. There is so much depth to their backgrounds it's some times too much to swallow, but, overall, a must read!
ruthsic More than 1 year ago
The Marked Girl started off slow – and it is not necessarily a bad thing when you have to set up the world and all. But the story continued at its glacial pace, with not much for development and a kind of generic storyline. Caelum and this world is connected via an old magic, scrolls that let the passage of this world to Caelum open through portals. Now, if you look at the fantasy aspect, it had potential – I was waiting for more exciting things to happen. But then this book gets stuck in that old rut of developing an insta-romance where it wasn’t needed. I couldn’t even be convinced that they had some ‘bond’ that would make Cedric question his decision. Also, not much is known about his character, despite him being given a POV, which doesn’t bode well for such a storyline. Overall, it is pretty generic and while it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t great either.
Laura_at_125Pages More than 1 year ago
I started The Marked Girl by Lindsey Klingele not knowing too much about it. I knew a group of teens traveled into an alternate dimension and landed in modern day L.A., other than that I went in blind. And I am glad I did. This was such a different take on a YA time travel type read. Cedric, his fiance Kat and his cousin Merek have been fighting the evil Malquin and his band of wraiths in Caelum. During a fight they run for their lives into a portal that pops them into L.A. and into the life of foster kid, Liv. As they struggle to find a way home, Liv ends up being more than she seems and the group must work together to save themselves and both of their worlds. Told primarily from the perspective of Liv and Cedric, this was an interesting fish out of water tale. The trio from Caelum is lost in the modern world and so is Liv but in a very different way. I loved how the two tales intersected to show that all of the teens were adrift in their own ways. There were a few bumps with the pacing and a few people came into the plot a little too easily, but other than that I really enjoyed the tale. Klingele crafted a debut that is a great combination of action and heart, and I am already ready for book two. Original review @ I received this book for free from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
Alyssa75 More than 1 year ago
***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog*** The Marked Girl by Lindsey Klingele Book One of The Marked Girl trilogy Publisher: HarperCollins Publication Date: June 7, 2016 Rating: 3 stars Source: eARC from Edelweiss Summary (from Goodreads): Once upon a time, in a land far, far away (Los Angeles)… When Cedric, crowned prince of Caelum, and his fellow royal friends (including his betrothed, Kat) find themselves stranded in modern-day L.A. via a magical portal and an evil traitor named Malquin, all they want to do is get home to Caelum—soon. Then they meet Liv, a filmmaker foster girl who just wants to get out of the system and on with her life. As she and Cedric bond, they’ll discover that she’s more connected to his world than they ever could’ve imagined…and that finding home is no easy task… What I Liked: I'm not entirely sure what to say about this book. It certainly wasn't what I had been expecting. Clearly I hadn't read the synopsis closely originally, because I thought this book was set in Caelum instead of L.A. (meaning, Liv gets transported to Caelum, and not the prince and friends get transported to L.A.). In any case, I was still extremely pumped to be starting the book, even after making this realization. But this book wasn't as good as I expected. Still, it's definitely good enough for me to want to continue the series. Cedric, crown prince of Caelum, and his betrothed Kat, and his friend Merek, have been transported to present-day Los Angeles, from their home kingdom of Caelum. A sinister evil (Malquin) and monsters (called wrath) are after Cedric. When the trio are transported to L.A., it's fate that the first person they meet is Liv, who was filming at the river at the time. And two months later, it is her again that shows up and helps them acclimate to present-day life. But all four of them quickly realizes that the wrath are not just after the prince and his friends, but Liv as well. Armed with the truth and three Guardians (Cedric, Kat, Merek), Liv must save herself while trying to help the trio find their way back home. This book is told mostly from Liv's POV (third person), but there are a few chapters (and sometimes, breaks in a chapter) that are in Cedric's POV. There was no rhythm to whose POV was next, no structure to this. I would have preferred if the author had stuck to one POV or the other, or alternated chapters if she really wanted to have both POVs in the book. In any case, I preferred Cedric's POV, but his POV scenes were usually very short. Liv was definitely the main narrator. I'm feeling kind of ambivalent towards Liv. Most of the time, I didn't mind her, but sometimes, her lack of common sense annoyed me. Still, she has an interesting sense of humor, and she isn't afraid to fight (even though monsters and grown men are, well, not the best opponents for her (she's your average teenager with no self-defense training or anything). I really liked Cedric. He's so prim and proper and worried about getting back to Caelum to free his parents from Malquin and save his kingdom. He's the crown prince and he is really feeling the responsibility now. Cedric is quite noble and protective. I also really liked seeing him acclimate to the modern world! I think Klingele did a really great job there. Read the rest of my review on my blog, The Eater of Books! - eaterofbooks DOT blogspot DOT com :)
brittanysbookrambles More than 1 year ago
Action-filled and steamy, The Marked Girl combines parallel universes and time travel, resulting in a wonderful debut novel packed with romance, adventure, and demons! It's a unique premise with characters that have intriguing, interconnecting story lines, and I can't wait to find out where the next book takes us. With all of that said, the book did slow down a bit towards the middle, and some aspects of the plot were slightly predictable. However, I still greatly enjoyed The Marked Girl, and would undeniably recommend it to all young-adult fantasy lovers! Full review:
Take_Me_AwayPH More than 1 year ago
When I heard about this book I saw it mentioned by another blogger as "Enchanted in YA" and I automatically thought I NEED THIS NOW. I got so excited for this book that I didn't even read the synopsis. And now, I kind of wish I had. In the book Cedric is a prince and his family is in the midst of something huge. Something has gotten into the castle and now they've been forced out to find help. So, they've been forced through a portal through to the present day in Los Angeles. There they meet Liv who doesn't understand anything about them, but is intrigued enough to want to know more. The main thing that I didn't like about this one was the way it seemed to be more of a "telling" than a "showing book." It was missing some of the fluff descriptions that I normally love and it seemed that it was only just putting everything in the scene so I knew it was there, but that was it. Because of that I wasn't immersed in the scene much at all. Then there was the character. I tried liking her. About 97 pages worth. But I just couldn't get past the "COME AT ME BRO" and other things she was saying. I couldn't take her serious. I don't like when people talk like that in real life, so reading it just annoyed me, not going to lie. In the end, I was pretty disappointed because I really wanted to read this book. I'd like to see what happens in the end, but I just couldn't connect. This one wasn't for me. Everyone else should give it a try though! Just because it wasn't for me, doesn't mean you won't like it!