The (Good) Food Solution: A Shame-Free Nutritional Journey to Food Freedom, Spiritual Nourishment, and Whole-Body Health

The (Good) Food Solution: A Shame-Free Nutritional Journey to Food Freedom, Spiritual Nourishment, and Whole-Body Health

by Meredyth Fletcher
The (Good) Food Solution: A Shame-Free Nutritional Journey to Food Freedom, Spiritual Nourishment, and Whole-Body Health

The (Good) Food Solution: A Shame-Free Nutritional Journey to Food Freedom, Spiritual Nourishment, and Whole-Body Health

by Meredyth Fletcher


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Get to know your body by discovering how good food can be!

God gave you one physical body so you can live, move, and breathe, and He gave you a vital resource to fuel it––food. But because of damaging diet culture and pervasive body-shaming messages, it can be hard to have a relaxing, enjoyable relationship with food. Nutritionist Meredyth Fletcher believes that your perspective on food is directly impacted by your view of God, and in The (Good) Food Solution, she will help you shift any distorted perceptions on food to see it as a gift from God to nourish your body, rather than a burden.

This journey isn’t about trying the next fad diet or seeking a quick fix—it’s about finding the right balance for you. Drawing from personal stories and current research, Meredyth provides the tools you need to:
  • take an in-depth look at your emotions to uncover why you hold on to negative narratives about food;
  • learn scientifically based and biblically sound mind-body tools to forever change how you approach your health and faith;
  • discover how heaving a healthy gut is the secret to attaining the God-given nutritional benefits of the food you eat and see real results!
God gave you a good body, and it’s up to you to give it what it needs. With Meredyth as your trustworthy guide, The (Good) Food Solution offers a shame-free invitation to bring Jesus into your most vulnerable places, take back your health, and experience food and body freedom for good.

Bonus Content Includes: Lists of Good Foods and Foods to Avoid, Go-To-Supplements, FAQ, and Discussion Guide

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ISBN-13: 9781496476647
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Publication date: 08/20/2024
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

What People are Saying About This

Jenn Hamm

Take everything you learned as a kid about nutrition and throw it out the window! Reading Meredyth’s book helped give me a clean slate and a fresh start on all things nutrition. Meredyth stepped on my toes in the best way while being full of grace and love. As a busy mom of three kids, I appreciate how this book helped shift my thinking about food and the important ways it fuels our bodies, not only physically but also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I’m excited to get back to the basics and start implementing practical ways to get around the table with my family. I also really enjoyed the practical tips and “Digging Deeper” questions at the end of each chapter, which would lead to a great book discussion for any small group.

Caroline Potter

Meredyth gracefully illustrates how God’s design for our bodies is perfect and full of abundance. She details how we can enjoy the process of nourishing our bodies, take delight in the foods we eat, and honor God at the same time. The (Good) Food Solution will help you feel great so that you can walk into the plans God has for you daily!

Leigh Kohler

When I picked up The (Good) Food Solution, I was not expecting to be touched so deeply by a message on health and nutrition. There is so much goodness in this book! Meredyth Fletcher’s approach is holistic, it’s genuine, and it’s rooted in biblical wisdom. I am grateful for this inspiring and helpful guide that makes taking the next step in pursuing a healthy lifestyle so inviting and attainable.

Elizabeth Cox

Meredyth’s approach to holistic health is paving a path of freedom for so many. Not only is she guiding us through a mindful and meaningful way to redeem and refine our health, she’s also pointing us to the gospel, which is everything because it’s what rectifies our souls. She needs to proclaim this message of hope and healing from the mountaintops, and this book being out in the world is just the beginning of the echoes of freedom that will be heard and felt for generations.

Lanie Beth Sinclair

Few people can bring together the academics of nutrition, the wisdom of sound theological teaching, and the heart of counseling around the subject of food like Meredyth can. In The (Good) Food Solution, this combination is as life-giving as you would imagine because Meredyth is the rare type of author you don’t just trust but enjoy!

Clare Smith

Finding a well-integrated approach to health—especially one written from a biblical perspective—is so difficult, but Meredyth has given us just that! In a clear and balanced way, she takes what can be a very complex and “science-y” topic and brings the main principles to light. Her personal experience combined with her education bring a powerful combo to each page! I came away with a renewed focus on and energy toward health and healing from the inside out.

Hannah Brencher

Over the last few years, I’ve sought out the wisdom of Meredyth Fletcher again and again. Her ability to tie the physical elements of health with the spiritual never ceases to amaze me. Her book is a grace-filled manual that makes health—and getting back to the beauty of health—approachable yet sustainable. I love the blend of practicality and inspiration and Meredyth’s ability to lean away from the trends to press deeper into the eternal impact of cultivating a healthy lifestyle. Be sure to keep a pen and notebook nearby—you’ll take lots of notes as you go!

Valerie Woerner

Meredyth is the gracious and educated guide we need for this journey. If you feel blissfully ignorant or overwhelmed about food, this book will give you the confidence to make life-long positive changes for God’s glory instead of our own.

Marian Jordan Ellis

In an age of quick fixes, fad diets, and conflicting nutritional advice, most women (like me) are left confused and disillusioned! Into this noise steps Meredyth Fletcher with her timely and much-needed guidance that is wise and full of grace. The (Good) Food Solution offers readers clear answers . . . as well as peace, wholeness, and a loving respect for the bodies God gave us. I’m thankful for Meredyth’s wisdom; this is the book I’ve been searching for!

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