The Mint Julep Murders

The Mint Julep Murders

by Angie Fox


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For Southern girl Verity Long, friendship means sitting down to stories and sweet tea on the front porch. For her gangster ghost housemate, it means dragging Verity out to a remote haunted asylum during a raging thunderstorm to do a favor for a long-dead mob boss.

But Verity is always ready to help out a friend, even one as eternally eccentric as Frankie. And in the case of Mint Julep Manor, the stakes are too high to refuse. The criminally insane mob boss holds a secret to Frankie’s past, one that might set Frankie free. Do the favor—survive the favor—and they might change Frankie’s afterlife for good. Fail, and they might never leave the asylum.

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ISBN-13: 9781939661586
Publisher: Moose Island Books, LLC
Publication date: 04/25/2019
Series: Southern Ghost Hunter Series , #8
Pages: 270
Sales rank: 308,621
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.61(d)

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The Mint Julep Murders (Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries #8) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 37 reviews.
AnnieMarch26 21 hours ago
This was my favorite book in the series. The mystery was very well done and had me guessing all the way up until the reveal. I also liked the new app that was introduced. I really hope that it(or and updated version) is used by Ellis and Frankie in future books because it made for some very humorous scenes. I was so relieved that Virginia wasn't in this book. The absence of her toxicity made a huge improvement over the previous books in the series. I hope that will continue in future books. I did miss Lucy very much. Although she was mentioned, it just wasn't the same without her cuteness. I am looking forward to the next book in the series and am hoping that my faith in Ellis hasn't been misplaced this whole time because that would be a crushing blow. I do wonder if Frankie's discovery will be the missing piece of the puzzle that will finally set him free and allow Verity and Ellis to have their Happily Ever After. So much to look forward to in the next book!! I can hardly wait. I received a free, advance copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my unbiased review.
Anonymous 19 days ago
Anonymous 23 days ago
Love this series. What an adventure
Anonymous 25 days ago
Anonymous 1 days ago
ArleneArredondo 7 days ago
Excellent cozy-mystery series! In this installment, Verity heads up to a an old abandoned mansion that used to be an asylum, looking for answers of how to get her resident ghost free. What was supposed to be an interview with a ghostly inmate, turns out to be a lock-down for the living and the dead, an unexpected murder and a lot of creepy situations. Can be read as a standalone book, but you will sure want to read the others.
Anonymous 13 days ago
BizzyReader 15 days ago
Verity, Ellis and of course Frankie head out to a Haunted Asylum! "Que The Creepy Music" They are dead set on a visit to the otherworldly prison to Frankie's old mob boss for answers to Frankie's past. The otherworldly prison that was once located on Verity's property has been moved to A Haunted Asylum called Mint Julep Manor. In exchange for access to the Manor Verity must help the current owner Barbara get some dirty on the current ghostly inhabitants to boost her Haunted Asylum tours. Barbara is in debt deep, and needs to start racking in some dough quickly, or she'll lose the Asylum!! What was supposed to be a quick tour, and talk with Frankie's old boss end up being a murderous adventure. This one was just a little better than OK for me!!! It has an interesting premise, and I love the main characters. However I kind of felt like the asylum, and ghosts there were not as creepy as they could have been. I was not fond of the ending at all it winds down way to quick and easy for me. Which is weird because generally I love this series. I felt like if the author was going to tackle an Asylum she should have brought the creep factor ,but this one is more just hokey. I didn't really feel like the main characters were ever in danger. That may be because Verity, and gang always make it out mostly unscathed with just their ego's a little bruised, and its becoming an old hat, or that this one just fell flat for me. It all starts our with the name of the Asylum nothing says scary like Mint Julep Manor...... well not really LOL! I think I just felt like nothing bad could happen in the Julep Manor. Overall it was a quick enjoyable read, but just not very believable for me. I received this book in exchange for an honest review, my review is in no way enhanced because of this!!
Anonymous 18 days ago
The Mint Julep Murders by Angie Fox is one of the best ghost haunting stories I've read. There's plenty of humor, mystery, suspense, and chills to keep readers like myself, entertained. I felt the horror, fear, and hope the characters created or felt. It was an interesting combination. A young woman is an ameatur sleuth with a friendly ghost gangster stuck to her property. Her boyfriend is a police officer who has helped her solve cases and sometimes rescue her from life threatening situations. Then, there's her pet skunk that gets into everything. This novel has everything from humor to suspense. The pages leapt to life as the words flew by. The scenes were fast-paced. I can't find anything bad about this story. Angie Fox is a talented writer. Overall, I highly recommend her latest novel , The Mint Julep Murders.
Anonymous 18 days ago
TerriK6 18 days ago
Angie Fox’s Southern Ghost Hunter series is one of my all time favorite book series and this new addition does not disappoint. The story grabs you right from the start and keeps you wanting more so it was hard to put this book down. I always love Verity, Ellis, and Frankie and enjoy seeing what new adventure will pull them in. I highly recommend this book and the entire series. They are so good that I have read them all multiple times.
Susanlibgirl 20 days ago
I really enjoyed this cozy mystery. I have not read this series. But the plot as well as the description of it being a stand alone novel enticed me to read it. It was a really good story, creepy in parts and always interesting. I will definitely go back and start the series in order, this was a fun read. Thank you Netgalley and publisher for granting me this read.
bookluvr35SL 22 days ago
In this Verity Long novel, Verity & her ghost sidekick Frankie go to the Mint Julep Manor to confront a nemesis of Frankie's. Unfortunately, once Verity gets inside the former asylum she encounters much more than she bargained for. The building is haunted by the ghosts of not just the head nurse and doctor, but many of the inmates as well. I love the Verity Long novels. Verity has lots of southern charm and wit, and Frankie is grumpy & difficult to get to do anything. This is a fun quick paranormal read.
Cris Bardan 23 days ago
There a few things you need to know before you start devouring this book as I did. • This is book #8 of the Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries if you haven't read the rest of the saga (really, what are you waiting for?!) • Verity Long has a vase that her ex-fiance (Beau) gave her as a gift, only it wasn't just a vase, it contained the ashes of a 1920s gangster name Frankie. • When she wanted to clean the 'vase', she washed the ashes from it with water and threw them to her flowers 'grounding' Frankie to the property and now he can't leave unless she takes vase with her (which, she apparently didn't clean very good) • Frankie can lend her his power to allow her to see the ghost side and when she is connected, she can get hurt by both sides. • She is dating a cop, Ellis (ex-fiancé older brother... small town) but they are so cute and so in love with each other. • In Murder on the Sugarland Express, we met detective De Clercq who wants to put Frankie in jail. Thanks to her work solving a Great Gatsby-era cold case, she gets a pass to talk to Bruno Scalieri at the Sugarland Federal Penitentiary Maximum Security. • Bruno was there when Frankie was murder and may have seen who did it and they think maybe knowing who kill him might help to unground him from Verity’s house. The new location of the Sugarland Federal Penitentiary Maximum Security is in Mint Julep, an abandoned haunted asylum in the middle of nowhere. The plan is, get in, and get out. Get what Bruno wants in exchange for what he knows about Frankie’s murder, do it, get the information and never get back there again. But as plan goes, this one went sideways rather quickly when Bruno demands to be free and when a raging thunderstorm strikes, leaving the new owner of the new asylum, a couple who (at least the wife) are obsessed with ghosts, Ellis and Verity, stranded inside the asylum without communication because there is no electricity. I have to say that I DID NOT see that coming. This book was super-fast pace, it all happens in one day. Verity doesn’t have any time to breathe, accidents happen, everything is happening at the same time and she needs her A+ game to solve this mystery. I’m proud to say that I did apply myself! I was on the verge of taking notes and following all the clues and then THAT HAPPEN! I was amazed and I have to say I loved it a lot! And full honesty here, I had a hard time writing this because I don’t want to give any real spoilers but this is the first time that the story is left with an ‘it will continue’ and it freaked me out beyond of my comprehension and now IM DYING to get the new book! I recommend this book so much, I have to say it’s different from what we have read from Angie but it’s totally worth it and the plot demanded it. Go and read it now!
4GranJan 23 days ago
Crazy Spirits in a Closed Asylum This book is 8th in the series. I have read about half of them. Although they are written to stand alone, it would be ideal to read the books in order. The series seems to be a bit more intense as it goes along. Parts of this story raised some serious goosebumps. It all works out in the end. I loved this book. It is not quite a cozy, but it isn't gross or deeply scary. It is a bit scarier than book 7 and a lot more scary than book 1. I am glad to have read it and plan on reading the whole series. There are some very funny moments and Frankie the gangster is a hoot. I received this ARC book for free from Net Galley and this is my honest review.
Charlotte-P 23 days ago
Verity and Ellis her police boyfriend have come to the Mint Julep Asylum to get information for her resident gangster ghost Frankie to find who killed him. When the murders start they are all trapped until the murderer is brought to justice. Will the local ghosts help Verity or will she become one of the residents. This is a good fun cozy ghost mystery. You will love Verity trying to see if she can help some of the ghosts reach the light. I was given an ARC of this book by Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Angaleanie 25 days ago
Loved this book. Angie gave us another fun and entertaining story! Great for anyone interested in a fun read with romance, mystery, paranormal, with a little bit of suspense. Verity Long is a smart and quirky heroine that you can't help but root for. Verity and Frankie seem to find trouble every where they go but always manage to end up on top. Verity has the ability to make the best of every situation and some how find a way to help a wayward ghost no matter how dire the situation. Can Verity finally help Frankie? Can Verity and Ellis survive a real live haunted house? Has Verity finally met a ghost she can't charm?
ksnyder22az 25 days ago
The Mint Julep Murders is definitely a 5 star read Nothing is creepier than a haunted asylum during a storm. I felt as if I had stepped into Mint Julep Manor along with Verity Long. I understand her desire to help Frankie get his freedom and to solve the latest murder. I was thinking I wanted to leave the Manor behind with its secrets – dark, creepy and not knowing who is there in the dark with you. But I was hooked and pulled back in with great plot line stories among the suspects and ghosts. I didn’t see killer until the end and could not put the book down until I knew. This series does not disappoint and it’s hard to pick which of the eight books so far is my favorite. I do know I can’t wait for the next installment.
finallyfifty 25 days ago
In this installment of the Southern Ghost Hunter Series, the author racks up the terror factor higher. As the bodies keep dropping, Verity finds herself locked in a haunted Mental Health Hospital where the ghosts are still treating ghostly patients. Verity and Frankie, her gangster ghost who has his own agenda, race against the killer to find a way out of the asylum without more deaths and damage to the living and dead. As in every book in this series, the reader discovers more insights into Verity’s personality and character. However , troubling stresses on her relationship with Ellis are discovered in this book. It’s hoped that the relationship can be mended and not fracture. This book was more and more exciting as it progressed with a real unexpected ending. I received an ARC for review. I would highly recommend this book due to the phenomenal twists and creative ending.
Sugarskull 25 days ago
I really liked The Mint Julep Murders (#8). But a WARNING: this book has a very different tone than the previous ghost hunter books. The book is set in a creepy asylum during a storm. Verity, Ellis, and Frankie are visiting a mob boss who may have the key to Frankie’s freedom. Due to a murder, they become trapped there. We meet some new characters, and some very sad ghosts. This book is suspenseful and the ending a bit unsettling. I can’t wait to see where Angie Fox takes these characters next! A must read.
Tangen 25 days ago
ghosts, cozy-mystery, women-sleuths, murder, law-enforcement ***** The review is not unbiased because I really love this series (even if the cute pet skunk is only referenced rather than getting a cameo)! Verity became the conduit for ghosts a few years ago, especially her (sometimes unwilling) house ghost, Frankie. On this expedition Frankie wants answers from an old nemesis from Prohibition necessitating a visit to the dilapidated old insane asylum. The police officer/boyfriend, Ellis, insists on coming along for safety, and the whole venture just keeps getting scarier and scarier. No spoilers, just expect lots of surprises! I loved it! I requested and received a free ebook copy from Author Collective 20/Moose Island Books via NetGalley. Thank you!
MusicInPrint 25 days ago
WHEN YOU DIE -YOU ARE NOT GONE! Ghost hunter Verity with her gangster ghost Frankie are still searching for answers to Frank's demise. LOVE the name of this mystery maybe because I also LOVE the MINT JULEP BOURBON COCKTAIL too. Fox's plot location the Mint Julep Manor is a haunted mental asylum with, you guessed it, spirit residences. Verity, along with her police boyfriend Ellis, arrive on a stormy night and soon find themselves trapped with no escape. This creepy multi-story manor gives FOX many opportunities to keep the reader jittery and turning the pages with shaky fingers. I personally missed Lucy the pet skunk who was left at home by Verity. COBWEBS and Locked doors lead to MURDERS and a challenge to survive. WHO SHOT FRANKIE over a hundred years ago? A copy of this book was provided by author with no requirements for a review. Comments here are my honest opinion." THIS SERIES JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER!
hyrollin 25 days ago
All I can say is WOW!! It's been awhile since I sat down to enjoy reading a book and ended up finishing it the same day. Verity, her boyfriend Ellis and ghostly sidekick Frankie visit a haunted insane asylum in attempt to fnd out who killed Frankie and free him from Verity's family home. They are there to see a ghost from Frankie's past. They end up trapped inside until a murder is solved. Haunted insane asylum, power outage, no phone service, thunderstorm, and a murderer among them. Verity spends time getting to know some of the residents of Mint Julep Manor and trying to help them and get help from them to solve the murder that prevents the living guests from leaving. Ellis and Verity's relationship continues to grow. Frankie has another lead to help gain his freedom. I can't wait to see where the next story in this series takes us next .. haunted school? hotel? museum? penitentiary? historical landmark? I thought the haunted mansion in the previous book in this series was great, this location was even better. I loved it - thank you Angie for introducing us to all these wonderful colorful characters.
LindaC1 25 days ago
I love this series of books and this story is my favorite so far. Our heroine Verity is trying to help her ghost sidekick Frankie with a problem. Along with her boyfriend Ellis they travel to a haunted asylum and there they get more than they bargained for! The ghosts are numerous, scary and some harmful. When a member of their party gets murdered it’s up to Verity to try to figure out what happened and maybe help a few ghosts along the way. I loved this story. At times I actually was scared by what was happening and couldn’t wait to read the next chapter. I finished it in one day. Great read! Suspenseful and fun!
TheLostSlayer 25 days ago
The Mint Julep Murders (Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries Book 8) I just love this book! This series gets better & better! It’s very well written & the story flows at the perfect pace for this action packed paranormal murder mystery. Verity is trying her best to free Frankie the Gangster Ghost whom she accidentally trapped on her property They end up stuck at a very scary, very dangerous haunted asylum during a murderess thunderstorm.