The Next Level, 3rd Edition: What Insiders Know About Executive Success

The Next Level, 3rd Edition: What Insiders Know About Executive Success

by Scott Eblin


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Drawing on the secrets of a top executive coach, The Next Level is an indispensable guide to executive success, full of simple, practical, and immediately applicable insights and tools for leaders who need to get bigger and better results.

For more than a decade,The Next Level has been an indispensable guide to executive success. It reads like a series of conversations with a trusted coach who has brought together a cadre of successful senior leaders to deliver a master class on executive level best practices.

This practical, actionable guide to success at the executive level helps readers understand what they need to pick up and let go of to achieve the results that are expected at the next level. Along with simple and immediately applicable tools and frameworks he's road-tested with thousands of coaching clients, Eblin offers clear, practical advice reinforced by interviews and case studies from executives who know what it takes to succeed. With fresh insights throughout, this 3rd edition will help readers sustain their success over the long run with new information on how to develop a personal action plan for leading at their best by living at their best.


1. Updated Introduction and Afterword
2. New insights on leadership effectiveness gleaned by the author since the 2nd edition
3. A completely revised chapter 3 with new guidance on creating a Life GPS personal action plan
4. New and updated Coachable Moment tools (including the TRACK Model of Effective Delegation)
5. A revised appendix with the latest approach to creating a self-directed Executive Success Plan (ESP)

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ISBN-13: 9781473690554
Publisher: Mobius
Publication date: 10/30/2018
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 325,534
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

Scott Eblin is president of The Eblin Group, a leadership development firm committed to helping executives lead and live at their best. As a recognized expert on leadership, global speaker, best-selling author, and executive coach, Scott works with many of the world's best-known companies and organizations. Eblin is an honors graduate of Davidson College and holds a master's degree in public administration from Harvard University. He has a certificate in leadership coaching from Georgetown University and was a 10 year faculty member of that program. He is also a Registered Yoga Teacher.

Table of Contents

Introduction xi

1 Defining Reality, Offering Hope 1

Part 1 Building Personal Presence

2 Pick Up Confidence in Your Presence; Let Go of Doubt in How You Contribute 21

3 Pick Up Regular Renewal of Your Energy and Perspective; Let Go of Running Flat Out Until You Crash 45

4 Pick Up Custom-Fit Communications; Let Go of One-Size-Fits-All Communications 73

Part 2 Building Team Presence

5 Pick Up Team Reliance; Let Go of Self-Reliance 109

6 Pick Up Defining What to Do; Let Go of Telling How to Do It 131

7 Pick Up Accountability for Many Results; Let Go of Responsibility for a Few Results 153

Part 3 Building Organizational Presence

3 Pick Up Looking Left, Right, and Diagonally as You Lead; Let Go of Looking Primarily Up and Down as You Lead 177

9 Pick Up an Outside-In View of the Entire Organization; Let Go of an Inside-Out View of Your Function 209

10 Pick Up a Big-Footprint View of Your Role; Let Go of a Small-Footprint View of Your Role 227

Afterword: Lead at Your Best; Live at Your Best 249

Appendix A Create Your Executive Success Plan™ (ESP™) 255

Appendix B Situation Solutions Guide 259

Acknowledgments from the First Edition 283

About the Author 287

Bibliography 289

Leadership Development Services from The Eblin Group 291

Index 293

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