The Nightmare Birds

The Nightmare Birds

by Amie Irene Winters


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ISBN-13: 9781533173911
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/23/2016
Pages: 264
Product dimensions: 5.06(w) x 7.81(h) x 0.55(d)

About the Author

Amie Irene Winters is an award-winning author of strange, spooky, and fantastical fiction, where characters are permanently changed after witnessing the darkest of magic, creatures of the occult lurk beneath San Francisco, and everyone may have something to hide.

Born and raised in California, she has since lived in every region of the United States. With degrees in environmental leadership and anthropology, she has been lucky enough to sample a variety of careers. Writing remains her first love though.

She is the author of the Strange Luck series. When not writing, she can be found hiking with her dog, painting, or breaking a sweat in kickboxing class.

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The Nightmare Birds 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I thought Strange Luck was great, but the author takes it to a whole new level in The Nightmare Birds. It's spellbinding!!! Winters paints a beautifully Gothic, engaging, and dare I say terrifying novel. The descriptions are outstanding and magical.
PaperbackJunkie More than 1 year ago
Have you ever felt there was something more in this world that you needed to discover? Have you ever felt so interested and curious about something that you would do anything to understand what it was or the meaning of it? How about learning someone's story and wanting to do anything in your power to help them out because you cared so deeply for the story? Well in book II of the Strange Luck series, that is exactly how Daisy Darling feels. Book II, The Nightmare Birds, pulls you in from the very beginning with a new adventure and a story about a mysterious theater that moves from city to city and country to country. It starts with a lady coming in to the shop, Strange Luck, that Daisy now runs. The lady has brought in ideas to sell to the shop and one of the ideas is a book. The book speaks about the theater and the many amazing things it holds within its walls. The back story of the book that the woman, Jan, tells Daisy is glorious and peaks Daisy's interest so much so that Jan has convinced her to find the theater. The book has many twists and turns from moments you wish would last forever to moments that you would just rather forget. There are secrets and lies, betrayal and trust, as well as budding friendships and death. Keep in mind that the book is fantasy, so there are surprises around every corner. There are answers to questions from the first book, but the second book poses new questions as the story unfolds. If you are looking to get lost in a book that presents you with another option of what the world holds, I would highly recommend The Nightmare Birds. Be sure that you read book I, Strange Luck, first though as this is definitely not a stand alone. Book I plays quite the role in the layout of Book II. The book was well-written, thought out, and put together so well that it receives a 5 star review in my opinion. I am not sure if the author is planning to continue this series, but from the ending of book II, I do hope there is a third!
RuthieJonesTX More than 1 year ago
The Nightmare Birds is the second in the Strange Luck series. You can read how much I loved the first one (Strange Luck) here: The Nightmare Birds has Daisy Darling off on a new adventure. Similar to Strange Luck, memory plays a big part in this second book. You feel for Daisy as she struggles to maintain her memories and her consciousness. What is real? How can we be sure our memories are true and not victims of mind manipulation? As Daisy discovers, we often miss out on the good memories if we only focus on the bad (or perceived bad) memories, and vice versa. The Secret Theatre in this book is quite horrifying in that it shows how easily the populace is swayed and fooled. In The Nightmare Birds, Daisy learns a few things about her identity and her past, and she learns a hard lesson in who to trust. Daisy is gutsy, to be sure, but she's also vulnerable and big hearted. I like her! The writing is crisp, and the plot is fast paced. This book is hard to put down, and it's all over before you're ready. The ending is abrupt, but it's a promise of more adventures to come. I hope the wait isn't too long because I really want to find out what's in store for our Daisy. Thank you to Amie Irene Winters for a free copy of The Nightmare Birds in exchange for my honest review! *** "My thoughts turned to Mr. Black's first lesson that we cannot trust our own minds." ~ chapter 15 "The only time that one can experience true terror is in a nightmare." ~ chapter 15
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Amie Winters does it again with her latest Daisy Darling adventure. The ‘Nightmare Birds’ quickly captures your imagination and your need to want to know more. The supporting characters are rich in story line and can easily support their own books. Amie Winters creates a world of such imagery in the 'Theater of Secrets' that I felt I was right along side Daisy the entire story. After reading the book you will never look at a Van Gogh painting without thinking of Daisy Darling.
Jack O'Bryan More than 1 year ago
Mix some mystery, a slice of suspense, and a delicious dash of danger and you will have the recipe for The Nightmare Birds!
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
Head back to Sea Salt and back into the magical and most unusual world of Daisy Darling, the proprietor of the family curiosity shop where anything can cross its threshold and strange things will happen when they do. The Theater of Secrets, long thought a dark legend by many, but known as a frightening reality to those who truly know its powers, now becomes a quest for Daisy as she is tasked with finding the truth. It is said that only the invited may find it and once they enter, they cannot go back. What Daisy didn’t know was that regardless, this mystery would forever change her life and her future, and not always in a good way. She discovers she has been lured to this dark and dangerous place, that she must assume the mantle of leadership, as her right, but why? How could this be her legacy? What evil is practiced from within these walls? Dark magic draws her in like a moth to a flame, but escape seems unlikely even as her world back in Sea Salt comes crashing down with heartbreaking precision. What is driving her toward such blackness? Why can’t she escape? So many secrets to uncover, one step at a time. Meanwhile, she must find a way to defeat and destroy this dark and evil place without destroying herself. The Nightmare Birds by Amie Irene Winters is somewhat darker than its predecessor, but every bit as intriguing and chaotic as Daisy becomes lost in a vortex of the unknown where all the world is a stage and its populace are the pawns to toy with. Ms. Winters has created a dark and eerie atmosphere, filled with tension as we discover that around every corner there could be danger lurking nearby. A perfect fantasy read for YA on up, let go of reality and step through the veil of possibilities to another world just beyond our comprehension. A quick read filled with a unique group of characters, a dark and twisted plot and the curiosity of Daisy that is as tenacious and a puppy chewing on your favorite shoe. I received an ARC edition from Amie Irene Winters in exchange for my honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Just when I thought I couldn't be more spellbound or intrigued, The Nightmare Birds opened the door to a mystery that I relished and enjoyed! Daisy Darling ventures out to become part of a dark secret world that is shrouded by magic and enchantment, called the Theater of Secrets! With every step she takes toward her new life, the harder it becomes for her to escape it’s power and madness! The Sequel to Strange Luck doesn’t disappoint with it’s many twists and turns. I found myself totally engrossed with the likeable quirky characters that intertwine their lives with Daisy throughout the story. It is a must read!