The No-Cry Sleep Solution, Second Edition

The No-Cry Sleep Solution, Second Edition

by Elizabeth Pantley
The No-Cry Sleep Solution, Second Edition

The No-Cry Sleep Solution, Second Edition

by Elizabeth Pantley

Paperback(2nd ed.)

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The classic, best-selling no-tears guide to making sure your baby—and you—get a full night’s sleep has been updated – it is now easier to use and has been expanded to include more solutions plus critical new safety information.

Nearly all babies fight sleep. Some people argue that parents should let their baby “cry it out” until the child falls asleep; others say parents should tough it out from dusk until dawn. Neither tactic fosters happiness in the family. The No-Cry Sleep Solution gives parents a third option: a proven method to pin-point the root of sleep problems and solve them in a way that is gentle to babies, effective for parents, and provides peace in the home.

One of today’s leading experts on children’s sleep, Elizabeth Pantley delivers clear, step-by-step ideas for guiding your child to a good night's sleep—without any crying. This parenting classic shows how to decipher—and work with—your baby's biological sleep rhythms, create a customized plan for getting your child to sleep through the night, nap well during the day, and teach your baby to fall asleep peacefully, and stay asleep, without all-night breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, or requiring a parent’s care all through the night.

And now, this updated edition is even easier to follow. It provides important new guidelines on safety (bedsharing, pacifiers, swings, slings, swaddling and more), and an expanded chapter specifically about newborns. It covers every sleep issue that occurs in the first few years and answers parents’ common questions about white noise, back-sleeping, SIDS, day care, naps, nightwaking, bedsharing, dealing with strong-willed babies, working with caregivers, troubleshooting sleep issues, and more!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781260462128
Publisher: McGraw Hill LLC
Publication date: 01/31/2020
Edition description: 2nd ed.
Pages: 416
Sales rank: 193,390
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.10(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Elizabeth Pantley is one of the today’s top experts on parenting issues and is an experienced mother of four. She has traveled the world speaking and writing about the challenges that parents face, providing positive, effective, practical solutions that have improved millions of families’ lives.

Table of Contents

Preface to Second Edition xi

Foreword to the Second Edition L. R. Knost xiii

Foreword to the First Edition William Sears, M.D. xvii

Acknowledgments xix

Introduction 1

Part I Ten Steps to Helping Your Baby Sleep All Night

1 Do a Safety Check 29

2 Learn Basic Sleep Facts 31

How Do We Sleep? 31

How Do Babies Sleep? 33

What Is a Sleep Problem and Does Your Baby Have One? 38

The Sleep Situation That Doesn't Need to Be Fixed 40

Sleep Situations That Do Need to be Fixed 41

How Much Sleep Does Your Baby Need? 41

The Happily Awake Span 42

Calculate Your Child's Best Sleep Hours 42

What About Nighttime Feedings? 44

What Are Realistic Expectations? 46

What Is the Right Way to Teach a Baby to Sleep? 47

3 Assess Your Situation and Create Your Initial Sleep Logs 49

Let's Get Started! 50

4 Review and Choose Sleep Solutions 61

Organize Your Solutions 61

5 Create Your Personal Sleep Plan 63

My Personal Sleep Plan for My Newborn Baby 64

My Personal Sleep Plan for My Baby (Four-Months- to Two-Years-Old) 69

6 Follow Your Plan for Ten to Thirty Days 77

What If You Can't Do It All? 78

The Road to Success Is Really More Like a Dance 79

7 Do Follow-up Logs and Review Your Plan in Ten to Thirty Days 83

8 Analyze and Celebrate Your Achievements and Evaluate Your Sleep Plan 87

Evaluate Your Sleep Plan 88

If Your Baby Is Now Sleeping Through the Night (Five or More Consecutive Hours) 91

If You Have Seen Some Success 92

If You Haven't Seen Any Positive Changes 92

9 Follow Your Plan Until You Are Happy with Your Baby's Sleep 99

Every Baby Is Different; Every Family Is Different 99

How Long Is This Going to Take? 101

"I've Tried Everything! Nothing Works! Help!" 102

10 Revisit and Revise Your Sleep Plan Over Time as Needed 111

Keep This Book Handy 111

Part II The Sleep Solutions

Part One: Solutions for Newborn Babies- Birth to Four Months 121

The Fifteen Keys to Amazing Newborn Sleep 128

Part Two: Solutions for Older Babies-Four Months to Two Years 172

Part III Special Situations

Teething 269

Separation Anxiety 271

Developmental Milestones and Growth Spurts 273

Common Illness and Discomfort 275

Ear Infections 280

Reflux (Gastroesophageal Reflux-GER) 283

Allergies and Asthma 285

Nightmares, Night Terrors, and Sleepwalking or Sleep-Talking 286

Snoring and Sleep Apnea 291

Sleep Regressions and Setbacks 292

Swaddling: When and How to Wean 297

Motion-Sleep: When and How to Wean 300

Babies with Special Needs 304

Multiples: Twins and More 309

Part IV Let's Talk About You

11 Take Care of Yourself and Your Own Sleep 317

How to Get a Good Night's Sleep 318

How to Handle Unwanted Advice 330

12 Final Thoughts 335

We Are Alike 337

If You've Just Begun 337

Living for the Moment? 338

Baseball Babies 339

Patience, Patience, and just a Little More Patience 342

Part V Safety Information and Checklists

Safety First 343

Index 373

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