The Okay Witch

The Okay Witch

by Emma Steinkellner


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Sabrina the Teenage Witch meets Roller Girl in this hilarious, one-of-a-kind graphic novel about a half-witch who has just discovered the truth about herself, her family, and her town and is doing her best to survive middle school now that she knows everything!

Magic is harder than it looks.

Thirteen-year-old Moth Hush loves all things witchy. But she’s about to discover that witches aren’t just the stuff of movies, books, and spooky stories. When some eighth-grade bullies try to ruin her Halloween, something really strange happens. It turns out that Founder’s Bluff, Massachusetts, has a centuries-old history of witch drama. And, surprise: Moth’s family is at the center of it all! When Moth’s new powers show up, things get totally out-of-control. She meets a talking cat, falls into an enchanted diary, and unlocks a hidden witch world. Secrets surface from generations past as Moth unravels the complicated legacy at the heart of her town, her family, and herself.

In this spellbinding graphic novel debut, Emma Steinkellner spins a story packed with humor and heart about the weird and wonderful adventures of a witch-in-progress.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781534431454
Publisher: Aladdin
Publication date: 09/03/2019
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 178,178
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.60(d)
Age Range: 8 - 12 Years

About the Author

Emma Steinkellner is an illustrator, writer, and cartoonist living in Los Angeles, California. She is a graduate of Stanford University and the illustrator of the Eisner-nominated comic Quince. The Okay Witch is her debut graphic novel as an author.

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The Okay Witch 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Gorelenore 10 days ago
This graphic novel is meant for a middle grade audience and is about a girl that is just trying to be herself in a town and school of people that just won't accept her. Then she finds out that she is also a witch... how cool is that? Moth is hilarious, she knows herself and she knows her limitations and abilities and is really trying to just survive her life when she finds out that she has so much more potential. The problem is, the town is stuck in the dark-ages and she has to be careful. Moth is a bit stubborn and can get into trouble pretty easily. This graphic novel’s story was interesting and had a lot of drama points to keep the reader interested. Moth has to deal with finding her powers, the problems the cause, a weird town that still lives thinking about the witch trials, a mother that won’t explain things, and a grandmother who happens to live in another realm. So there is a lot going on here, but Moth is true to her age as far as attitude and wants and she is portrayed well. I think that some of this story was a bit weird for me to handle, the blend of reality and fantastical was hard to accept, but the illustration was fun and bright and I think that MG readers will love this character because she is relatable and the world is different and interesting.
Lindsay_Sings 12 days ago
The Okay Witch is far more than just an 'okay' middle grade graphic novel. Our main character, Moth, is obsessed with all things witchy, so you can just guess how excited she is when she finds out that her family is part of a descendant of a long line of witches! Awkward though she might be, she has a huge heart. I really thought that this book was not only well written in terms of story but also subtle context. It carried hints of history, LGBTQ acceptance, and social justice. I greatly dislike when books shove messages like these in our faces but The Okay Witch wove these right into the story like they were meant to be and it was so refreshing. I highly recommend this for both adults who enjoy this genre and young adults. A great addition to a children's library.
Ms-Hurst 12 days ago
This would be a great addition to a young reader's library. Dealing with current issues in a way that is not overtly heavy handed seems difficult to do these days, but both boys and girls should read this book.
mudder17 13 days ago
4-4.5 stars I really loved this graphic novel! The graphics were pretty good, although in this ARC, only the first few pages were colored. But I saw enough to know that I will enjoy them when they are all colored. I also liked how much "story" there was in a "simple" graphic novel. It's a good story and is full of fun, humor, heart, and magic. I know my middle schooler would definitely enjoy this story. I'm looking forward to the final release of this book. Special thanks to #NetGalley, #EmmaSteinkellner, and the publishers for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
SevenAcreBooks 16 days ago
This coming of age story about a young witch who is just learning to control her powers is an absolute delight. Moth, a teenager living with her amazing single mom is learning her family’s history and their connections to the Salem witch trials. But having amazing powers isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when her spells go awry. Helping Moth along the way is her new familiar, a snarky feline who is inhabited by the spirit of her mother’s former boss. Charlie, a new student who starts school on Halloween turns out to be an instant best friend. With Moth’s witchy help, he becomes the lead in the school play and believes himself to be one step closer to winning his father’s approval. But Moth is still getting the hang of her powers and things don’t go the way she intends. Literally falling into her mother’s memories through her diary provide Moth with an intense look at her family’s history. When her grandmother pressures Moth to join the other witches in Hecate, Moth must decide if she can leave her old life, and everyone she loves, behind. Beautiful artwork and great writing pair together to create a truly wonderful story of love, family, and friendship. I absolutely adore this story and I can’t wait to add it the Library’s collection. Thank you to Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this title. All opinions are my own.
CaseyK1123 17 days ago
OBSESSED!!! This novel was adorable and spell-binding - in more ways than one. Emma has a knack for creating a colorful world and characters who convey a wide spectrum of emotion despite being on a page. I felt captivated by her story and magnetized by her illustrations. It danced in the happy territory of Disney's Halloweentown but with a modern, playful edge. I can't wait to read the next chapter (book) in the journey Moth Hush! Give us more Emma!