The One and Only Wolfgang: From pet rescue to one big happy family

The One and Only Wolfgang: From pet rescue to one big happy family


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From Instagram sensation Steve Greig and New York Times bestselling author Mary Rand Hess comes this humorous, heartwarming story about Greig’s real-life menagerie of senior rescue animals affirms that, in a family, everyone belongs.

What makes a family? Is it sharing favorite foods, cuddling up for snuggle time, loving each other no matter what you look like in the morning?

For Steve Greig’s oddly wonderful, real-life family of senior dogs, chickens, rabbits, and a pig named Bikini, family is all those things and then some! And this lovable bunch is now starring in their very first children’s book that showcases the importance of family.

Meet the Wolfgang, a loveable bunch of animals belonging to Steve and each other. Greig looked for the most “unadoptable” animals and gave them a home … his home! Strange and unique, The One and Only Wolfgang will remind readers that no matter how old or how odd, everyone has a place where they belong.

The One and Only Wolfgang:

  • Is written by Instagram sensation Steve Greig, Wolfgang2242, with close to 800,000 fans and growing
  • Is co-authored with New York Times bestselling author Mary Rand Hess
  • Features unique, whimsical art from Nadja Sarell combined with comical photographs of the Wolfgang
  • Like Steve Greig’s Wolfgang2242 Instagram account, features themes of love, friendship, and family


Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780310768234
Publisher: Zonderkidz
Publication date: 09/03/2019
Pages: 32
Sales rank: 13,191
Product dimensions: 9.10(w) x 10.80(h) x 0.50(d)
Age Range: 4 - 8 Years

About the Author

Steve Greig is an accountant whose passion for animals has led to him becoming a sought-after advocate for pet adoption. He has appeared on television and been covered by many publications, including NBC Nightly News, ABC News, Fox 5, Animal Planet, Bravo, Rachel Ray,, Huffington Post, Country Living, Pet Insider, Susie’s Senior Dogs, The Dodo, and more).

Mary Rand Hess is a poet, mixed-media artist, screenwriter, and New York Times bestselling author of Solo and Animal Ark: Celebrating Our Wild World in Poetry and Pictures, both coauthored with Kwame Alexander.

Nadja Sarell is an illustrator living in Helsinki, Finland. She has an MA in Dance from Theatre Academy Helsinki and went on to receive a degree in Children’s Illustration from North Wales School of Art and Design. Nadja loves to teach art, illustration, and dance for both children and adults. If Nadja was an animal, she would be a cat living in an old mansion with a large fireplace and a comfy sofa. Her favorite things are her family, music, dancing, black coffee and chocolate.

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The One and Only Wolfgang: From pet rescue to one big happy family 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
JacobCline 6 months ago
This book is the purest, sweetest book possible with the perfect amount of humor to top it off. The only downside was that I had to leave my girlfriend for a while as we were reading it so I could have an unexpected and brutal ugly cry when Engelbert said goodnight to everyone. I haven't cried like that for years! I never knew him, but it would appear that I miss him. Great book, great authors, great fun.
Anonymous 8 months ago
Head over heels in love with this book! Being an avid follower of @wolfgang2242, it is everything I imagined it would be.... funny, touching and just so much fun! You will not be disappointed if you love dogs, senior pets, or anything in between.
connywithay 8 months ago
“It makes no difference that Waylon can’t hear, or that Stuart is a rabbit, or that Bikini is a pig, or that Betty is a chicken, because … Family is Acceptance,” Steve Greig and Mary Rand Hess write near the end of their book, The One & Only Wolfgang: From Pet Rescue to One Big Happy Family. ~ What ~ This thirty-two-page over-sized hardbound targets children ages four to eight years old who like stories about pets, especially those that have been rescued. With no scary scenes, it is about a group of older or handicapped animals that may seem like misfits but are perfect as a family. In this short tale, a dozen animals with different personalities and characteristics live in a large house. Whether they have disabilities such as no teeth or being hard of hearing, are small or huge, or like to eat cheese or watch movies, they enjoy each other and are thankful for family and friendships. ~ Why ~ This is an adorable book about a bunch of mangy critters from tiny 18-year old Eeyore the Chihuahua and tea-cup size Englebert to the gargantuan horse-sized Enoch and fashionista Edna, along with more dogs, a pig, chicken, and rabbit. I like how the illustrator combined photographs of the rescued animals with hand-drawn backgrounds. ~ Why Not ~ Some may not like the idea of rescuing abandoned, unadoptable pets, but these have a special charm of their own as they live happily with each other. Beginner readers may have trouble with the more complicated three- or four-syllable words. ~ Wish ~ I think the concept of this book is important and needed in a society that discards or cannot take care of pets for different reasons. I did not like the use of the word “ain’t” in one of Bikini’s quotes as it is not helpful as a new reader may consider it acceptable to use. ~ Want ~ If you are looking for a book about how rescued animals become one big, well-loved family, this is a good read that would be appreciated by the Humane Society and other animal shelters. Thanks to Z-Blog Squad for this complimentary book that I am under no obligation to review.