The Pack: Retribution

The Pack: Retribution

by LM Preston
4.0 10


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The Pack-Retribution 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
nle1 More than 1 year ago
Shamira and friends wanted to be Mars Elite Officers more than they wanted to breathe. However, someone has it in for them – big time. It’s only been a year since they were all rescued from the Monev – drug dealers and viscous criminals all. It took a lot to upset them – they’d already been through Hell on Mars but when their leader, Cal, is murdered in an ambush attack it shakes everyone up. Shamira is supposed to graduate the class as the leader of her small group of rebels, but when the team is basically held responsible for Cal’s death, they go back to some of the things they learned while captives to do their pay back. Valens is so in love with Shamira that he can’t think straight so when she dumps him to go it alone, he is fairly sure something isn’t right. She takes off on her own to solve the mystery so one else gets hurt. But, of course, it doesn’t work. Shamira may find she needs all the friends she’s got before it’s all over. This YA tale is a bit violent but quite well written. It is a sequel to the novel The Pack, but you certainly don’t have to read that one first – this one has enough excitement for everyone! Great job on plot and characters.
salarsen More than 1 year ago
fast action and emotional depth mingle unexpected twists that engage and entice Sci Fi elements in this futuristic world. The opening easily acclimates the reader back into the story from where Book I left off. After the first few pages, I had a good feeling who Shamira was, as well as her doubts and fears. (BTW - I'm a name freak and I still love the name Shamira!) It was obvious that she'd grown from the first book, but that lots of emotional growth was yet to come. That's what struck me most about this second book. As quickly as the story moved forward through physical action, the emotional threads of the characters changing and developing pressed the story forward even to a greater degree. There's an inner wavering that plagues Shamira, question and doubts. During Book I, her warrior lifestyle fit her more easily, primarily because she had nothing to lose, no one she cared about risking. But this time is different. She's made friends, real friends, and the thought about putting them in harms way hurts and gives her pause. Shamira's fears about letting people 'in' is a constant pendulum accentuating the struggle between her desire for a career as a leader and her love of values, and building a future with the one boy who she would trust with anything. This added realistic tension. Preston did a wonderful job of exploring the emotions of family life, friendships, and examining the different dynamics. The world created is vivid with lines such as ...the large metal cylinder that rose up out of the ground... The tale climaxes with a blinding twist, so unexpected that I was unable to stop reading until the very last word. Lastly, despite this read being Sci Fi, there is a contemporary feel that threads the emotional parts to the techy elements. I found that an appealing surprise.
VampireVixen More than 1 year ago
Someone is out to hurt Shamira and those she loves. She is not about to take this lying down. In order to find who is after her and her family, she must give up the one she loves and who has found a way into her heart, Valens. He refuses to give up easily and neither will the rest of her friends. They are all determined to join forces with her and determine who is out to destroy her and those she loves just because she helped to save the children on Mars. This is the second book in the Pack series and is full of adventure, action, and killing. This is a wonderful story set in the future where Mars is inhabited and the computer age is something that many just dream about. Shamira is the leader of her group in training and is in love with a young man in her group named Valens. She has trust issues that stem from many years when she was blind. Even though Valens has told her repeatedly of his feelings for her, she has difficulty in allowing herself to get too close. Will she be able to open herself to trust and depend on others or will it cause her downfall? Throughout most of the story, Shamira is her own worst enemy and continually blames herself for everything that happens. She is also a bit explosive and does things without thinking of the consequences. Despite all of this, her friends are always there for her. Her love for her family can never be called into question. She will fight for them even to her own death if necessary. Valens is a really cool guy who is totally devoted to her and loves her despite her shortcomings. The story line is well executed and flows nicely from the first book in the series. If you like YA reads or are just into action packed stories with lots of adventure, I highly recommend this book. You won't be disappointed. Disclosure: I was provided a copy for reading and reviewing purposes.
dbduell More than 1 year ago
This is for the kindle edition! Although I haven’t read the first in the series it was easy to catch up on what had happened in the first book The Pack. I found it easy follow along with the background for all of the characters whose stories were presented previously. Shamira, our heroine was blind for most of her life and just recently regained her eyesight. She is now part of an elite group of soldiers who are in training to reduce threats to the people who are living on Mars. In this second book Shamira and her team are being threatened again by the group they had taken down in the first book, however, this time the threats seem to be focused on Shamira, her chief officer and her team. Shamira has friends and a boyfriend, Vallen, for the first time ever and she will not be thwarted in eliminating the threat against them all. To complicate matters she is under suspicion herself. I enjoyed how the characters were portrayed. The story is fast paced with a satisfactory ending. In my opinion it successfully ties all components of the story together, in other words, I didn’t feel as if I were left wondering what was going on / what happened.
melodieB More than 1 year ago
The Pack: Retribution This book is totally amazing. I read it without having any knowledge that it was a sequel in a series. This book can stand on its own without having to read the first one in the series. The main character, Shamira is tough but she loves her friends as if they were a family. Her love interest, Valens is a great match for her as he is a strong male who, I feel is totally in love with her. He is a strong, and the creative geek guy of the group, credited with creating all the slick gadgets that the team of teen police use while training. The other strong characters was her best friend Hedi, who was a good friend to her and Anthony who was the brute of the group. It was fun reading this book and i simply could not put it down. It constantly kept me on my toes. The end of the mystery was quite shocking, but it did end well.
tiffanydavis2 More than 1 year ago
The Pack, by L M Preston, is a Young Adult/Science Fiction book. It follows a character named Shamira, who is training to become part of an elite security squad. During their final test, they are attacked by an enemy group, forcing Shamira to put her feelings for Valens aside, while they and the rest of their group hunt down the enemies. Preston does a great job at making you grow attached to the characters in the story. This book is the 2nd in the series, which I did not know. I now really want to go back and read the 1st book. This book is a great attention grabber and it does a great job at making you want to read more. I was completely blown away by the ending, seriously did not see it coming. This is a great Young Adult novel that I would highly recommend to anyone. I look forward to reading the 1st book, as well as any continuations in this series!
KenishaP More than 1 year ago
Admittedly I was a bit confused at the beginning of the story. I got the gist of what was happening and became familiarized with the characters after a few chapters. Shamira and her team are in training to become security elite. During their last training mission, which was supposed to be a simple research assignment, they're attacked by enemies that somehow avoid detection, even with their enhanced senses. Needless to say, this incident throws Shamira into a search for the people responsible. The bureaucratic security force and some of its nastier members impede her progress. There's a lot of conspiracies, spying, and two-timing in both the security force and the seedy underbelly of Mars. Shamira is a strong, capable lead character. She and Valens, her boyfriend, can put aside the canoodling and do their jobs. Her friends serve as good complements, and it's apparent that they trust one another and work well together. The rest of her team feels less developed; perhaps most of their development was in the first book since in this one they are an established, cohesive group. Despite this, there were some issues. Descriptions were sometimes sparse and vague. I didn't get a good feeling for the surroundings, and indeed I did not notice they were on another planet until it was mentioned directly. Some sentences read a little awkwardly as well: That said, I think this was an enjoyable read. I liked it mostly for the characters, but there's a decent amount of action as well.
LRaven More than 1 year ago
I haven’t struggled this much with a book in quite some time. It was even a struggle to decide a proper rating. In some areas, the book is very good. However, the good—no matter how present—is quickly overshadowed by what I can only call sloppy execution. My chief problem with this book was that it felt a little discombobulated. The clues that lead to the real killer are too convenient and the large cast of characters can be difficult to distinguish, especially in scenes with a lot of dialogue. Now initially I had no idea that this book was actually a sequel to another(The Pack), so some of my initial confusion really can’t be blamed on Preston. Instead, I blame the way it’s marketed. Nothing in the summary claims that this book is in fact a sequel, so naturally would-be readers who are interested by the story’s premise would not think twice about purchasing/borrowing it. Once again, this really isn’t Preston’s fault and, while I was a little confused at first, the narrative is kind enough to inform any late comers to the series of the events of the previous book. Because I have not read this book’s predecessor, I cannot comment regarding its superiority or inferiority in comparison, so keep in mind while reading this review that I’m viewing this story as an independent body rather than a continuation. A few small issues that hindered my enjoyment of this book had to do with typographical errors and formatting. In fact, The Pack is one of three e-books I’ve read to be plagued by two of the same mishaps: unnecessary hyphens and random insertions of the author’s name or story title in the middle of a paragraph. For example, words like smashing and swallowing are turned into swallow-ing and smash-ing. As I’ve seen both of these errors in two other e-books, I assume that something must be going array with whatever software the authors(or their publishers) are using to transform their books into an e-book format. None the less, these errors are distracting and serve to sever the connection the reader has with the world within the story. There were also a few typos here and there, but nothing too terrible. Aside from format errors, TPR has a rather irritating habit of telling readers what characters feel instead of showing us through interactions. So and so loves so and so, so and so feels mad etc…The story also repeats certain statements over and over again. For instance, I counted four separate moments in which readers are reminded that the main character Shamira has excellent hearing because she used to be blind. And readers are constantly informed about Shamira’s struggle at letting people get close—even though she seems to let quite a few people close—and how intense affection frightens her. Yes, Preseton I get it. She can hear well and has a fear of intimacy. None the less, I still did enjoy parts of the story. The basic premise of a drug that can help cure criminals of their impulse to commit crime is really fascinating. Additionally, the strange power that Shamira possesses which was born out of a brush with death was very intriguing and begged for more explanation(though, never have read the first book, I have no idea if better explanation was given). The nano skins that protect elite officers is something I haven seen in science fiction before. Can you imagine a comic book series based around people with that technology? It sounds like it would be pretty awesome to me. I suppose part of reason why this book confused me so much might have to do with the way the story is told—which is kind of like an action comic. I’ve nothing against comics, believe me—but the writing needed to tell a story in both mediums is different. I mean, would you want to read a comic written like a book? But really I am crossing into the realm of nitpickery here, so I’ll end this review by saying that the writing could have been better but the story and the environment in which the story takes place is really interesting.
MarthaM More than 1 year ago
I came into this series in Book Two, yet it was easy to pick up on what had happened in the first book and to learn the back story for all of the characters. I think that young adults who like science fiction would really enjoy this book. Shamira, a beautiful girl who had been blind for most of her life has regained her eyesight and is part of a young and elite group of soldiers who are being trained to police and reduce threats to the people who are living on Mars. In the first book, Shamira and her friends shut down a drug and slavery ring, saved many children who, along with Shamira, were then adopted into families. In this book, threats from the group they had destroyed surface and are directed at Shamira, her chief officer and friends. Shamira has friends and a boyfriend for the first time in her life and she will stop at nothing to save them - despite being under suspicion herself. I particularly liked that the characters behaved in ways that were appropriate for their ages. Shamira's mistakes are those that an impulsive protective teenager would make. The story moves very quickly, and the ending is really good, tying together all of the elements of the plot and subplots.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As a certified teacher, I’ve had a lot of experience with books and children. This is definitely one that will appeal to junior high and high school students. It has a strong main character – Shamira. Her love interest, Valens, is equally strong. He’ll catch the attention of boys reading the story, and girls will be interested in seeing how the romance progresses. Add in action and revenge; LM has a winning novel! Not to mention that the cover is certainly eye-catching. It would do great on a classroom shelf.