The Path of God

The Path of God


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Carol Ruth Know was one of the front-runners in New Age spiritual thinking. The chapters in this book are a series of talks that she gave sequentially at Unity of Walnut Creek from January to March 1986.

Reverend Carol Ruth Knox built Unity of Walnut Creek from a 20-person-Sunday-morning congregation into a center of three Sunday services with 450 people attending. Her secret: she saw God in flowers and trees, in dogs and birds, in the desert and the ocean, and in the affluent and the indigent. God included every-thing both the animate and inanimate. And everything in God's Creation created an opportunity for spiritual growth.

Each Sunday she shared how she had encountered God in the past week and the lessons she had learned. Reverend Knox challenged her audience with quantum physics, philosophy, Eastern Religions, and whatever subject that caught her interest.

She possessed the unique gift of being able to explain the most complex ideas so that people could understand; and, she expected her congregation to be sophisticated and to accept responsibility to understand. She never 'talked down' to those attending her church. As a result, each Sunday attendees would leave with tools to help them in their daily lives.

Tragically in 1987, Carol Ruth Knox was murdered by an intruder in her home. But her powerful and truly relevant messages still resonate today and can help one achieve a life of meaning, of service and of spiritual mastery by embracing The Path of God.

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