The PE Diet

The PE Diet

The PE Diet

The PE Diet


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The only difference between the HEALTHIEST people on earth, and the LEAST HEALTHY?


All of us WANT to achieve optimum wellness, but not all of us know how.

There are some basic levers that drive health in one of two directions: towards perfection, or towards chronic degenerative disease.

If you understand the principles that govern your physiology, you can achieve complete mastery over your own body composition and become the best possible version of yourself.

The P:E Diet is the SIMPLEST and MOST PRACTICAL diet and exercise book ever written. Once you understand the core tenets of your biology, you will know HOW to increase your lean mass while decreasing your fat mass-and you will know WHY it works.

The P:E Diet breaks down every single dietary strategy into one incredibly simple metric:


The protein to energy ratio explains EVERY SINGLE DIET PHENOMENON. The P:E Diet breaks down the cause of the obesity epidemic and the solution using this one powerful weapon. This is not 'paleo' or 'keto' or 'low carb' or 'low fat' or 'plants versus animals' or 'calorie counting'-instead this is one MASTER CONCEPT that explains the success of EVERY SINGLE DIETARY STRATEGY out there. This book completely TRANSCENDS ALL OF THE DIET CAMPS and explains why they ALL offer some value-and once you understand this underlying principle, you unlock EVERY DIET.

The P:E Diet explains EXACTLY why FOOD CHOICE is everything - once you choose WHAT to eat, your body will tell you HOW MUCH to eat. This approach teaches you how to eat INTUITIVELY to achieve your goals, without unnecessary tracking or micromanaging quantity.

The exercise portion of this book is just as revelatory: all you need for the optimum adaptive response to exercise is to generate MAXIMUM TENSION in your muscles for the MAXIMUM TIME possible. All exercise can be broken down into three exercise motions: PUSH, PULL, and LEGS. This requires NO EQUIPMENT WHATSOEVER and can be accomplished with bodyweight only. By maximizing INTENSITY and FREQUENCY you can build muscle with absolute MINIMUM TIME.

Packed with hundreds of photos and illustrations, The P:E Diet is a life-changing knowledge bomb that absolutely anyone and everyone should read.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780578688176
Publisher: Pe Diet
Publication date: 06/10/2020
Pages: 330
Sales rank: 213,382
Product dimensions: 11.00(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.00(d)
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