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by de de Cox


by de de Cox


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Winter knew she could not turn away. This was the man she was in love with. This was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

They made their way through the crowd. Nick needed to stop to say goodbye to Silver. Silver would be gone for the next three weeks training staff and doctors at another hospital in Florida. Technology was always changing, and so was Pioneer Children’s Hospital. The love that all had for these children and to find a cure was the reason Nick and Silver had remained for so many years. Winter walked beside Nick, and when Nick approached Silver, Silver had the biggest smile. “I knew it,” Silver told Nick. “I knew you would find her.”

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ISBN-13: 9781949873252
Publisher: Beyond Publishing
Publication date: 09/19/2019
Pages: 74
Sales rank: 1,149,046
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.01(h) x 0.20(d)

About the Author

de de was raised on a farm in Deatsville/Rooster Run, Kentucky,
Deanna's grandparents had a lasting impression. This was the upbringing that brought forward the meaning of volunteering and helping your neighbors. Many memories were made with
BeaBea, her grandmother who always made sure that if there was a need, the need was met. Buttered pies, hankies, socks and washcloths were always ready to find a home for church friends, neighbors and acquaintances. BeaBea exhibited kindness, caring and compassion - the Three Cs is what she called them. Even though, we all knew kindness did not begin with a "C", BeaBea assured Deanna that it did because BeaBea had captured her attention to inquire of the "C" and that's what was being done by volunteering and giving back to those less fortunate. BeaBea saw the need and instilled that need of empathy for others in Deanna.

Deanna grew up with a sister who had a way with words.
She was the debater in the family, not Deanna. Her sister,
at an early age, had an influence on the dream of becoming a romance writer. Many weekends, Deanna and her sister,
de de Cox

would sit and read for hours and discuss how they would one day become romance writers. The discussions were intense and humorous. Deanna's sister is still her best friend. They work together and still share dreams.
As time marches on, Deanna married her best friend from high school. She proposed, because she knew he would not.
He tells friends "Deanna caught me in a weak moment". The weak moment has turned into 34 years of marriage. Deanna has one child, a son. His heart is one of compassion. There is no greater joy than to receive the gift of life - a child for whom you have prayed for.

When the book became an idea, it was at an age when the stars were aligning. Deanna began writing at the age of 34. But the book took a backseat due to life and the birth of her son.
Life as it is now consists of a husband, a son, a one-eyed cat
(rescue), a foster fail bulldog, adopted now, and another foster bulldog, full time job (with her sister, of course), volunteering and serving with many charities, pageants and NOW a romance writer.

Deanna has always been known as de de (the designated driver). And yes, it is spelled correctly. Of course, that is also to capture your attention. The 3Cs have played an important role in de de's life and continues. The memory of that conversation with BeaBea has never been forgotten and is being handed down to the future. The journey is but a step toward the path that God has opened. As you take the turns and twists, remember all those who have met you along the way and continue the journey.

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