The Phoenix, the Tiger, and the Rose

The Phoenix, the Tiger, and the Rose

by Jennifer Battershill
The Phoenix, the Tiger, and the Rose

The Phoenix, the Tiger, and the Rose

by Jennifer Battershill


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In the summer of 1982, an innocent young girl named Veronica began having recurring dreams of a strange man. A man she's never known in her waking life, but it feels as if they've always known one another. A deep friendship begins, which blossoms into a long-term love affair in her sleeping world. Several months after the dreams started, she saw his face on a record sleeve and was stunned.

Alan Runner, the lead singer of a famous British pop/rock band that had become a worldwide sensation, and the chances of meeting him outside the dream world were nearly impossible. Accompanying the dreams came the strangest of coincidences, such as a book falling off a shelf and opening to a poem, finding clues in song lyrics and music videos that he's been dreaming of someone like she has.

"Are they dreaming of one another?"

To a young girl and her best friend, Carol, the word impossible did not mean they could not try. There were answers they were seeking. And while their first scheme failed, another opportunity arose a few years later, but it was too late by then. The man in her dreams married a supermodel. Despite a broken heart and feeling like she could never compare, she still wanted to meet him. And she did on four separate occasions, each with a tale of their own.

They recognized one another, but not all dreams become happily ever after. Life isn't a fairytale, and this is a true story about soulmates finding one another despite impossible odds and the cruel universe that keeps them apart while being guided to write everything down, especially the pain. She found refuge in the dreamworld wrapped in her lover's arms and even heard her name in a song. But Alan could not help her when she fell on hard times. She, alone, had to find the strength to pick herself back up.

Time moved on, and one day, she came across a card that stood out from the rest. Inside were the same lines as that poem. That card moved with her to England, where she remarried a man named Leo and moved back to the states after giving birth to her first child. She carried on writing while raising her children. When she heard a song called "Dreams," she realized that too much time had already passed and took that card out of storage. An opportunity arose to see him. She took it. However, that darkness was still there. It wanted to deter her, but not even the devil himself would get in her way.

She left Alan with his card and a note one evening in October 2017. Afterward, many things came to light, none of it good. And while she used to wish Alan Runner could have saved her many times over, it's the other way around. She needs to lead him into the light, and her book might be her last chance to do just that.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781666212921
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press
Publication date: 12/03/2020
Pages: 400
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.82(d)

About the Author

Jennifer Battershill lives in northern New Jersey with her husband and children. She has spent most of her life with one foot in the supernatural realm and began experiencing paranormal events at a young age. She bought her first Tarot card deck with the money she earned from babysitting and would spend hours at the library just like the character in her book. She has had contact from the beyond in various ways and sees writing as a magical outlet, the same for any creative endeavor. And if she is skipping out on doing the laundry or cleaning, you can find her outside with a camera. She sees soul orbs in the daytime, which is unusual, but then again, New Jersey has a popular magazine dedicated to strange phenomena such as this and so much more.
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