The PK Cookbook: Go Paleo-Ketogenic and Get the Best of Both Worlds

The PK Cookbook: Go Paleo-Ketogenic and Get the Best of Both Worlds

by Sarah Myhill, Craig Robinson


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ISBN-13: 9781781611289
Publisher: Hammersmith Books Limited
Publication date: 03/19/2018
Pages: 168
Sales rank: 834,582
Product dimensions: 6.70(w) x 8.60(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Dr. Sarah Myhill qualified in medicine (with Honours) from Middlesex Hospital Medical School in 1981 and has since focused tirelessly on identifying and treating the underlying causes of health problems, especially the “diseases of civilisation” with which we are beset in the West. She has worked in NHS and private practice and for seventeen years was the Hon Secretary of the British Society for Ecological Medicine (renamed from the British Society for Allergy, Environmental and Nutritional Medicine), a medical society interested in looking at causes of disease and treating through diet, vitamins and minerals, and through avoiding toxic stress. She helps to run and lectures at the Society’s training courses and also lectures regularly on organophosphate poisoning, the problems of silicone, and chronic fatigue syndrome. She has made many appearances on TV and radio. Visit her website at

Craig Robinson took a first in Mathematics at Oxford University in 1985. He then joined Price Waterhouse and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1988, after which he worked as a lecturer in the private sector, and also in The City of London, primarily in financial sector regulation roles. Craig met Dr. Sarah Myhill in 2001 as a patient for the treatment of his CFS, and since then he has worked with her on a number of projects, contributing his knowledge of chronic illness and expertise as a writer.

Table of Contents

Introduction - What is the PK diet? ix

Chapter 1 Why we should all be eating a PK diet 1

Chapter 2 Meals for those challenged by energy, time and/or inclination - meals that require no cooking or preparation 11

Chapter 3 PK bread 21

Chapter 4 PK 'dairy' products 27

Chapter 5 PK breakfasts 37

Chapter 6 PK starters 45

Chapter 7 PK main courses - soups, stews and roasts 49

Chapter 8 PK salads 57

Chapter 9 Lard, dripping and fat 61

Chapter 10 Sweeteners 67

Chapter 11 Herbs and spices 73

Chapter 12 Fermented foods 83

Chapter 13 Sunshine minerals - Salts for the PK diet 93

Chapter 14 PK water 103

Appendix 1 Good fats and bad fats 109

Appendix 2 Essential equipment for the PK kitchen 113

Appendix 3 Carb values for vegetables, salads, fruits, berries, nuts and seeds 115

Appendix 4 Nutritional supplements for the PK diet 121

Appendix 5 Seven-day meal plan 125

Appendix 6 Recommended products and suppliers 137

References 139

Index 145

Postscript 151

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