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Teachers College Press
The Power of Protocols: An Educator's Guide to Better Practice, THIRD EDITION / Edition 3

The Power of Protocols: An Educator's Guide to Better Practice, THIRD EDITION / Edition 3

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The use of protocols has quickly spread from conferences and workshops to everyday school and university settings. Now in its third edition, this perennial bestseller features substantial updates that take into account recent developments in the field of facilitative leadership. The authors have also added eleven totally new protocols, including the “Peer Review Protocol” and “Looking at Student Work with Equity in Mind.” This essential teaching and professional development tool includes:

  • Step-by-step descriptions of how educators can use protocols to study together, work on problems of practice, teach well, and explore students’ work.
  • Explanations of the particular purpose for each protocol, discussions of the value that educators have found in using them, and helpful tips for facilitators.
  • A free supplement on the Teachers College Press website with “Abbreviated Protocols” that can be downloaded and customized to suit each facilitator’s needs.

“My practice is continuously strengthened by The Power of Protocols, so I greedily picked up this new edition to find out what's new. If you are new to the use of Protocols, this book will encourage you to use protocols purposefully. If you have been using protocols for a while, this book will enlarge your thinking about how protocols can help you with change management and issues of equity.”
Bena Kallick, Co-Director for the Institute for Habits of Mind and Program Director for Eduplanet21

“Educators who use data wisely bring three habits of mind to their work: shared commitment to action, assessment, and adjustment; intentional collaboration; and a relentless focus on evidence. The protocols in this book provide the key to cultivating these habits. This is one of a handful of books that I keep right on my desk. There is so much wisdom within these pages, and the authors have made it eminently accessible to anyone willing to open to the power of protocols.”
Kathryn Boudett, Director of the Data Wise Project, Harvard Graduate School of Education

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ISBN-13: 9780807754597
Publisher: Teachers College Press
Publication date: 09/15/2013
Series: 0
Edition description: 3
Pages: 41502
Sales rank: 96,752
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Table of Contents

Preface to the Third Edition ix

Acknowledgments xiii

1 Basic Practices 1

Learning Through Constraints 1

Educating Ourselves 4

Learning from Close Textual Analysis 5

Practicing Transparency 7

What the Research Says 8

2 Facilitating 11

Significance of The Facilitator's Core Tasks 11

The Facilitator's Moves 14

Brief Protocols 17

Postcards 17

All-Purpose Go-Round 17

Clearing 78

Pair-Share 18

Reflection on a Word 18

Longer Openers 19

Fears and Hopes 19

Protocol for Setting Norms 21

Provocative Prompts 23

Marvin's Model 25

3 Working on Practice 27

Tuning Protocol 28

Consultancy 31

Descriptive Consultancy 32

Issaquah Coaching Protocol 34

Peeling the Onion 37

Success Analysis Protocol 38

Stuff and Vision Protocol 40

Peer Review Protocol (Online) 43

4 Working for Change 48

What Comes Up 49

Standards in Practice 51

Minnesota Slice 54

Shadow Protocol 59

Do What You Mean to Do 63

New Design Protocol 66

School Visit Protocol 69

What Do We Know? What Do We Suspect? What Do We Need to Find Out? 71

5 Working with Texts 75

Collaborative Assessment Conference 75

Final Word 79

Jigsaw Protocol 82

Panel Protocol 84

Mars/Venus Protocol 87

Text Rendering Protocol (Video Version) 88

Art Feedback Protocols 91

Rich Text Protocol 93

6 Working Toward Equity 97

Diversity Rounds 99

Constructivist Listening Dyad 101

Cosmopolitan Protocol 104

The Paseo or Circles of Identity 106

Looking at Data Protocol 108

Equity Protocol 110

Looking at Student Work (with Equity in Mind) 112

Conclusion: Jumping In 114

Ways to Get Started 114

Things That Make It Easier 115

References 116

Index 120

About the Authors 129

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