The Psychology of Attitudes and Attitude Change

The Psychology of Attitudes and Attitude Change

Paperback(Third Edition)

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ISBN-13: 9781526425843
Publisher: SAGE Publications
Publication date: 12/10/2018
Edition description: Third Edition
Pages: 400
Product dimensions: 7.32(w) x 9.13(h) x (d)

About the Author

Professor of Psychology, Cardiff University

I have a number of interests within the study of attitudes, including the role of affective and cognitive processes in attitudes, the impact on mindfulness on attitudes and attitude change, how individual differences influence attitude processes, and how reading persuasive material in different media formats influences attitudes and attitude change. Other research helps to understand how social values get translated into action.

Professor of Social Psychology at the University of Bath.

My research is in the broader domain of attitudes and attitude-behavior relations. I have a particular interst in habits (both behavioral and mental habits), values, the self, and self-regulation. I apply these interests in areas such as health, consumer and environmental behavior.

Table of Contents

Preface ix

Section 1 Why Do Attitudes Matter? 1

1 What are Attitudes and How are They Measured? 3

What is an Attitude? 3

A Short History of Attitudes Research 5

How are Attitudes Measured? 10

2 The Three Witches of Attitudes 24

The First Witch - Attitude Content 24

The Second Witch - Attitude Structure 34

The Third Witch - Attitude Functions 38

Making a Better Brew: Linking Attitude Content, Structure, and Function 41

Section 2 What Do Attitudes Do? 45

3 The influence of Attitudes on Information Processing and Behavior 47

The Influence of Attitudes on Information Processing 48

The Influence of Attitudes on Behavior 55

4 How Do Attitudes Influence Behavior? 67

The Theory of Reasoned Action and the Theory of Planned Behavior 68

Issues Relevant to the Reasoned Action Framework 70

The "MODE" Model 77

The Composite Attitude-Behavior Model 82

Section 3 What Shapes Attitudes? 87

5 Cognitive Influences on Attitudes 89

The Close Connection Between Beliefs and Attitudes 90

Incentives to Change 91

Processing Stages 92

Cognitive Responses 94

Different Processes: To Think or Not to Think 96

One Process or Two? 105

Meta-Cognitions 106

6 Affective Influences on Attitudes 111

The Close Connection Between Feeling and Attitudes 112

Exposure 112

Emotion Learning 117

Mood Effects on Attitude Judgments 123

Emotion Effects on Attitude Judgments 127

7 Behavioral Influences on Attitudes 131

Why Did I Do That? 132

Behavioral Exploration 133

Role Playing 134

Self-Perception 135

Cognitive Dissonance 139

8 Basic Principles in How Attitudes are Shaped 153

Difficulty in Identifying the Basic Principles of Persuasion 154

Principle 1: Influence by Silly Things 154

Principle 2: Influence by Motivation and Ability 156

Principle 3: Influence by a Common Language 158

Principle 4: Influence by the Unknown 163

Other Potential Principles 165

Principles from Another Point of View 168

Section 4 What More Is There To Learn? 171

9 The Internal World 173

Implicit Windows into Attitudes 174

Let's Get Physical: The Effects of Body Movements on Attitudes 175

Revealing the Biological Underpinnings of Attitudes 179

Nuerological Processes Underlying Attitudes 184

Attitudes over the Lifespan 189

10 The External World 193

Time 194

Relationships 198

Groups 203

Culture 210

The External World: An Aerial View 213

11 Adding to the Witches' Brew 215

The Three Witches Revisited 216

Potions Relevant to All Three Witches 223

General Issues 225

Stirring the Brew 229

References 231

Subject Index 266

Author Index 271

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