The Queen's Ball

The Queen's Ball

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BN ID: 2940161565094
Publisher: Mirror Press, LLC
Publication date: 10/09/2018
Series: Timeless Victorian Collection , #4
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 104,249
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The Queen's Ball 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Austen-Heyer-fan 3 months ago
The Queen’s Ball - (4 stars) As with all of the ‘Timeless’ anthologies, this is well edited-no grammatical errors-and fun new authors to discover! Waltzed by Anthea Larson (3 stars) I love fairy tale retelling and this one is of Cinderella during the Victorian Era. It was very true to the fairy tale with a few adjustments made to fit the era. A light, clean, enjoyable read. A Love To Claim by Rebecca Connolly (3 1/2 stars) A very believable reason for the H and h to have romantic tension and a very un-believable ending. (Some actions and attitudes are a bit too modern for my taste, but if I suspend disbelief, then it’s all great!) Loved the anonymous love letters (a very nice touch) and loved that the H didn’t stop trying to woo his true love. Clean and light and romantic. Coming Home by Jennifer Moore (4 1/2 stars) I LOVED this story! There were little facts about India and expat life there that were woven expertly into the narrative. The H and h fell in love rather quickly, but they also seemed well-suited in personality and both experienced a change of opinions as they learned about one another and what each valued. The details about the Isle of Wight were reminiscent of Anne of Green Gables; so delightful! The ending did feel a bit rushed and an epilogue would have been wonderful-but those wishes reflect the fact I would have loved this to be a full-length novel! *poor, **ok, ***good, ****very good, *****something special
amybooksy 4 months ago
The Queen's Ball is the fourth installment from the Timeless Victorian Collection. It includes three stories: Waltzed by Anthea Lawson A Love to Claim by Rebecca Connolly Coming Home by Jennifer Moore I enjoyed all three of them. If I could choose one, it would have to be Jennifer Moore's Coming Home. I give this collection four and a half stars.
momisreading 5 months ago
Another great Timeless Collection!! I loved all three stories! Waltzed by Anthea Lawson - This was wonderful Cinderella re-telling, with a stepmother that was easy to hate, an eccentric godmother, a heroine worth rooting for and a hero to swoon over. And don't forget an orange coach. So fun! A Love to Claim by Rebecca Connolly - Our heroine has a secret admirer in this book. So romantic! Oh, those letters! *sigh* The ending was so sweet. Coming Home by Jennifer Moore - Clara and Grant both have such giving hearts. It was easy to want these two to find happiness. I loved the descriptions of the beautiful island. I received a complimentary copy of the book, which I voluntarily reviewed. I have given my honest opinion.
mara1108 6 months ago
I continue to love these collections and the themes that are chosen. The theme for this one isn't just any ball, but The Queen's Ball for Queen Victoria so we have three completely different stories about this wonderful occasion. WALTZED by Anthea Lawson: A delightful re-telling of Cinderella. Eleanor Tremont (Ellie) has basically become a servant to her stepmother and stepsisters after her father's death. Her childhood friend Lord Christopher Newland "Kit" comes to visit from India. He's looking to wed to help save his family's plantation in India. Ellie gets permission to attend the upcoming Queen's ball but she has to make her own gown, if she can only find the time since her step-family's keeping her oh so busy. Of course her gown is ruined as the family's leaving for the ball, but Ellie gets a great surprise from her godmother, the Baroness Merriweather, complete with a pumpkin colored carriage. I thoroughly enjoyed this retelling of the classic fairytale. This one didn't involve magic but it did involve childhood friendship that turned into love and a surprise ending for Ellie and Kit, and of course the greedy, self-serving stepmother got what she deserved. A LOVE TO CLAIM by Rebecca Connolly: Abigail Sterling is not at all happy to see Matthew Weber-Grey is back in London. She hasn't seen him since he chose to wed another three years ago. Matthew wants a chance to explain and to renew their friendship, but Abigail wants to protect her heart from being betrayed by him again. While Matthew tries to renew their friendship, Abigail starts receiving lovely letters from a secret admirer. When she starts to fall for Matthew's charms again, she's torn between the two men. This story had me feeling so many things--sad for Abigail, mad at Matthew for what he'd done to her, then sorry for Matthew after learning his wife and baby had died in childbirth. I loved how Abigail's family rallied around her to protect her if need be. Those letters sent by the secret admirer were certainly swoon worthy. No wonder Abigail read them over and over. I loved the proposal at the Queen's ball. COMING HOME by Jennifer Moore: Clara Brightly is a shy young woman just arrived to the small town on the Isle of Wight to live with relatives she doesn't know. Her father died while they were on a trip and she couldn't make the return trip to India alone. Not only is she shy she's also homesick for her home and friends in India. Grant Mason, who's grown up on the Isle of Wight and knows everyone mistakes Clara's shyness as being standoffish and aloof. He's not very happy when he's asked to help her lead the children's choir in a competition. Grant starts to see Clara in a different light and decides to tell her how he feels at the Queen's ball. Before he can do so, a couple of Clara's friends from India come upon them and she finds out that her friends are returning to India in two days!! Will Clara return to India with her friends or has her time spent with Grant and the other residents of the Isle made her realize what "home" really is? As usual, while reading a story by Jennifer Moore I can picture all the places she describes. I'm so glad Grant realized Clara was just shy and not a snob. She's been through a lot and everything on the Isle was new and so vastly different than in India. I loved the part where she went visiting with some of the women from church and ended up making friends with the crotchety, blind guy. All of these are clean romances.
AE2 6 months ago
Waltzed by Anthea Lawson In this Cinderella re-telling, Kit Newland returns to England from India to find a wife in order to save his family's finances. He pays a visit to his old friend Ellie and is saddened to see the once-vibrant girl is now missing her spark and being mistreated by her step-family. Although her lack of a dowry means he can't consider her as a potential spouse, he does hope he can bring a little cheer into her life. This was a sweet story, and I think it was my favorite of the three. The friendship-to-romance theme was believable, and I always love seeing the villains in a story get a bit of a comeuppance. A Love to Claim by Rebecca Connelly Abigail Sterling thought she and Matthew Weber-Gray would marry, so when he married someone else instead, it broke her heart. Three years later, Matthew appears before her and asks for a chance to explain. While part of her wants nothing to do with him, she does ultimately decide to let him explain. For his part, Matthew, a widower, is determined that this time, he isn't going to mess things up and that he will wait as long as it takes to win Abigail's heart again. This was a nice story about second chances, and the emotions were believable, as Abigail's feelings were very conflicted and powerful. Coming Home by Jennifer Moore Grant Mason loves his home on the Isle of Wright. When Clara Brightly comes to stay with distant relatives, he initially thinks she's snobbish, but he quickly realizes she's painfully shy and homesick for India, where she lived prior to her father's death. As he sets out to make her fall in love with his home, he finds himself falling for her. I wish the romance had been developed a little more--it seemed to happen very quickly--but at the same time, I really loved the characters. Clara is shy and wounded and Grant is just one of those good guys you can't help but love. Their story was very sweet and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Each of these stories features a scene at the Queen's Ball, and it was neat to see how that was worked into each story--and how that played out differently in each story. This is a satisfying collection of romances, great for those who like clean, well-written historical romances. I read an ARC via the publisher. All opinions are my own.