The Real Exorcist: Attain Wisdom to Conquer Evil

The Real Exorcist: Attain Wisdom to Conquer Evil

by Ryuho Okawa
The Real Exorcist: Attain Wisdom to Conquer Evil

The Real Exorcist: Attain Wisdom to Conquer Evil

by Ryuho Okawa


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The Real Exorcist: Attain Wisdom to Conquer Evil is a profound spiritual text backed by the author’s nearly forty years of real-life experience with spiritual phenomenon. Since attaining Great Enlightenment in 1981, Ryuho Okawa has scribed a vast library of spiritual revelations from both Heaven and Hell, which endures today. Through diligent observation and discovery, Okawa correlated that the anomaly of spiritual disturbance is intimately tied with our state of mind – specifically the quality of happiness. With this insight, Okawa sought to teach how we may discern and overcome our negative tendencies, by acquiring the right knowledge, mindset and lifestyle.

The Real Exorcist unveils the truth behind spiritual disturbance, which according to Okawa, is a common occurrence that can be quelled with proper guidance. The initial chapter presents the general characteristics of malignant spirits and the mindset to fall under their sphere of influence. The chapter further explores the rite of exorcism, framed by the ritual used by Happy Science. In the following chapter, Okawa dissects the mechanism of spiritual disturbance and how to recognize subtle hints of control. These examples are juxtaposed with references to dramatized depictions of exorcism and possession in popular media. Okawa concludes the chapter by illustrating the ideal lifestyle to hinder opportunistic spirits. Chapter three introduces a taxonomy of diverse spiritual beings – from animal spirits to demons - that prey on weakened states of mind, with curated advice on how subdue them. Chapter four is a compilation of questions from readers with verbatim responses by Okawa pertaining to spiritual manifestations. Okawa outlines the diverse levels of faith and teaches how to gauge our awareness and strive for continuous spiritual progress.

Okawa underscores that anyone can overcome undesirable states of fate attributed to negative spiritual influences. By acquiring the correct understanding of the spiritual Truth, and putting it into practice, we can channel heavenly guidance and confidently persevere the milestone moments of our life.

Discover the most powerful method to vanquish evil and protect your happiness!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781942125679
Publisher: Irh Press
Publication date: 06/15/2020
Pages: 208
Sales rank: 1,157,127
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

Preface 11

Chapter 1 The Modern Exorcist

1 What are Devils?

The notion of devils is familiar in Western society 14

Devils appear in different religions 15

Distance yourself from an organization influenced by evil spirits 20

2 The Origin of Evil Spirits and Devils

When lost spirits repeatedly do evil, they become evil spirits 22

People in leadership positions can easily become devils 24

Desires open the way to becoming a devil 28

3 Religious Value Systems are the Exact Opposite of Those of Devils

Religion purposely teaches giving love and egolessness 33

The spirit of crucifixion is the same as the philosophy of egolessness 36

The teachings of impermanence and egolessness are an antithesis to devils 40

4 Fight Against Devils with Reason and Wisdom

Devils target people's desires 43

Weaker problem-solving abilities create worries, which devils use to find their way in 45

People in the core positions of religion are apt to be the target of devils' attacks 49

5 A Sacred Rite for Exorcising Devils: "El Cantare Fight"

Create a spiritual screen by using the will of many 53

The spiritual meaning of the cross and star 55

Perform rituals with the light of El Cantare 57

Have a strong determination to allow no more evil 58

6 Strengthen the Light Rather than Focusing on Evil 62

Chapter 2 Basic Measures to Overcome Spiritual Disturbance: From Basic Knowledge to Practical Application

1 How to Identify Spiritual Disturbance

Everyone experiences spiritual disturbance multiple times 66

Some newly formed religious groups or sects have become nests of evil spirits 68

It is not easy to distinguish mental illness from spiritual disturbance 70

2 Basic Knowledge Needed When Fighting Devils

Devils attack the weakest person of the targets closest relationships 73

Appropriate measures for earth-bound spirits 75

What exorcists learn in the Vatican 78

Various traits of possession by devils 80

The differences between American and Japanese horror movies 83

3 Practical Knowledge on Exorcising Devils

Listening to or watching Happy Science lectures 86

Reading the books of Truth aloud 88

Going to a local branch of Happy Science 89

Listening to the CD of ray recitation of The True Words Spoken By Buddha 91

Countermeasures for people who cannot practice self-reflection 93

Tendencies of people whose souls originally came from outer space 95

4 The Techniques of Deceit Used by Devils and Misguided Religions

Only truly spiritually awakened people can identify devils 100

Mistakes of religions that emphasize ancestral memorial service 102

Deceit used by religions that teach Light-Only Thinking 104

5 Checkpoints for Preventing Oneself from Coming under Spiritual Disturbance

The basic approach is correcting your mind and your lifestyle 106

Change your mind to be completely free of spiritual possession 108

Chapter 3 The Real Exorcist: The Power to Ultimately Win Against the Devil

1 Not Many People Can Teach Real Exorcism

Many people need to awaken to the right path 112

2 Places Where Lost Spirits are Likely to Appear

Lost spirits will cause disturbance the longer they linger on earth 115

Lost spirits wander around particular places or family 116

Spirits involved in the Ouija board game 119

3 The Principle of Spiritual Possession and Its Real Situations

Spirits in hell will possess those with a similar tendency of the mind 121

The reason spirits in hell possess people on earth 122

The spiritual influence behind some criminal cases 124

The difficulty of judging people under spiritual influence 125

4 Exorcism 1: Drastic Measures that Come with Risk

Scary cases of the Vatican-style exorcism 127

In the case of devils speaking in tongues 128

5 Exorcism 2: Defensive Measures with Gradual Effects

A way to safeguard yourself against constant attacks from evil spirits and devils 131

The danger of impairment of reasoning caused by alcohol and drugs 132

Know your "unguarded areas" and try to solve your problems 134

Do not blame others or the environment, but strive to increase your ability to judge good and bad 136

Humility will provide protection 138

6 Through Faith, Become One with God

The power to ultimately win against strong devils 140

The importance of building up small successes 142

Love can sometimes create unguarded areas in one's mind 144

Those who do not practice teachings cannot be protected 147

Chapter 4 Exorcists as Religious Professionals: Q&A Session on "The Real Exorcist"

Q1 How to Check One's Faith

Small mistakes would not be allowed when one's social position rises 152

The required level of faith will also change with the rise in one's position 154

Faith has real power 156

Worldly value systems must not be brought into the world of religion 158

Jealousy and a sense of rivalry seen in Christ's disciples 159

The difficulty of having a pure heart in the world of religion 161

You cannot protect yourself without an established faith 163

Spiritual messages conducted by Happy Science have gained social credibility 164

Q2 How to Maintain a Good State of Mind

The law of inertia works for mental states 168

The Apostle Paul awakened to his mission through a mystical experience 171

When the light reaches into the depth of one's mind 173

Know that some people can be saved while others cannot 175

Afterword 179

About the Author 183

What is El Cantare? 184

What is a Spiritual Message? 186

About Happy Science 188

Contact Information 191

Social Contributions 194

Happiness Realization Party 196

Happy Science Academy Junior and Senior High School 197

Happy Science University 198

Movies 200

About IRH Press USA 202

Books Ryuho Okawa 203

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