The Republic

The Republic

The Republic

The Republic


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Without doubt the greatest and most provocative work of political philosophy ever produced in the West, The Republic is here presented in the stately and melodious Jowett translation-a perfect mirror of the beauty of Plato's style.

Beginning as an inquiry into justice as it operates in individuals, The Republic soon becomes an inquiry into the problems of constructing the perfect state. Are the masses really qualified to choose virtuous leaders? Should the rulers of a state receive a special education to prepare them to exercise power virtuously? What should such an education consist of? Should artists who do not use their gifts in a morally responsible way still be allowed a place in society? The Republic's answers to these and related questions make up a utopian (or, perhaps, dystopian) program that challenges many of the modern world's most dearly held assumptions-and leads us to reexamine and better understand those assumptions.

Author Biography:
Plato (c. 427-347 B.C.) was born into a wealthy and prominent family, and grew up during the conflict between Athens and the Peloponnesian states. The execution of his mentor, Socrates, in 399 B.C. on charges of irreligion and corrupting the young, necessitated Plato's leaving Athens. He traveled to Egypt as well as to southern Italy, where he became conversant with Pythagorean philosophy. Plato returned to Athens c. 387 B.C. and founded the Academy, an early forerunner of the modern university. Aristotle was among his students.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781957990347
Publisher: Ancient Wisdom Publications
Publication date: 02/24/2024
Pages: 522
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.05(d)

About the Author

Plato was the most famous of the Greek philosophers, aside from his teacher Socrates. He founded the Academy in Athens, written dialogue, political philosophy, epistemology, the concept of religion, and many other crucial elements of thought. All were attributed to Plato, which laid the framework for Western philosophy as we know it. He was also credited for famed protégé Aristotle, whose contributions to philosophy and thought are often deemed of equal or greater importance.

Simon Blackburn is a British American philosopher. He has been a professor at University of Cambridge and currently teaches at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is a former editor of the journal The Mind and is the author of Plato’s Republic: A Biography.

Read an Excerpt

Socrates: I went down yesterday to Piraeus with Glaucon, Ariston’s son, to pray to the goddess, wanting at the same time also to see the way they were going to hold the festival, since they were now conducting it for the first time. The parade of the local residents seemed to me to be beautiful, while the one that the Thracians put on looked no less appropriate. And having prayed and having seen, we went off toward the city. Spotting us from a distance then as we headed home, Polemarchus, Cephalus’s son, ordered his slave to run and order us to wait for him. And grabbing me from behind by my cloak, the slave said “Polemarchus orders you to wait.” And I turned around and asked him where the man himself was. “He’s coming along from behind,” he said. “Just wait.” “Certainly we’ll wait” said Glaucon.

Table of Contents

Introduction, p. 1
The Republic, p. 17
Book I (327A-354C), p. 17
Book II (357A-383C), p. 49
Book III (386A-417B), p. 77
Book IV (419A-445E), p. 112
Book V (449A-480A), p. 142
Book VI (484A-511E), p. 179
Book VII (514A-541B), p. 210
Book VIII (543A-569C), p. 240
Book IX (571A-592B), p. 269
Book X (595A-621D), p. 294
Afterword (Imitation, by John White), p. 323
Glossary, p. 347
Index, p. 353

What People are Saying About This

John Cooper

"Its increased accessibility promises to make it the number-one choice for undergraduate courses."
Princeton University

Lloyd P. Gerson

"Loving attention to detail and deep familiarity with Plato's thought are evident on every page."
University of Toronto


Joe Sachs's translation of Plato's Republic is for students studying philosophy at the college level, as well as for the general reader interested in the major works of western civilization.

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