The Return of a Champion

The Return of a Champion


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The Return of a Champion by George Man

Sandra and her beloved Australian cattle dog, Blue, have grown up together, facing both tragedy and glory. They'd met in the Australian Outback and had returned to her homeland of Holland for a few years, when they got the surprising news that her father had to go back to work at the research station, Mitchell, in Outback Australia.

When they were last in Mitchell, Sandra was with Blue every second of the day because she could attend the School of the Air. Now that she was in high school, she had to go to boarding school in Sydney and would be far away from everyone she knew and loved.

Sandra and Blue missed each other greatly and looked forward to the school holidays when they were, once again, inseparable. Sandra would always be number one to Blue, but while she was away, Blue found a precious companion in Honey, a little female cattle dog who was almost fully blind. Blue took it upon himself to care for the little dog and soon they became a happy family with four gorgeous puppies! Of course, Sandra was over the moon.

Over the years, Sandra successfully completed high school, while Blue remained the hero of the Outback town of Mitchell. Once again, it was time to make a life-changing decision. Sandra was offered the opportunity of a lifetime to study art at Sorbonne University in Paris.

And so, Sandra and Blue, with their new companion, Honey, packed their bags again and were headed off to France.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780648476245
Publisher: George Man
Publication date: 02/01/2019
Series: Blue , #3
Pages: 134
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.35(d)
Age Range: 6 - 12 Years

Table of Contents

  1. A Contented Blue and A Successful Art Show Pg 1
  2. Blue Teaches and Travels Cross-Country Pg 5
  3. Maria is Not Allowed to go Near The Ducklings! Pg 9
  4. Changes Pg 13
  5. The Last School Year in Holland and An Amazing Trip Pg 15
  6. Blue and The Gypsy Pg 17
  7. A Promise and Vienna is Beautiful Pg 19
  8. Stanislav Takes a Journey Pg 21
  9. Blue Disappears and A Sudden Attack Pg 23
  10. Blue Recognises a Voice and Repays a Good Deed Pg 27
  11. A Gypsy Party and A Special Farewell Pg 31
  12. A Night in France and The Return to Mitchell Pg 33
  13. A Welcome Barbeque and Meeting Old Friends Pg 37
  14. Summer Leaves a Lasting Impression Pg 39
  15. A Sad and Lonely Time Pg 43
  16. At School in Australia Pg 45
  17. A Reunion Pg 47
  18. Blue Meets Honey Pg 49
  19. An Australian Christmas and An Unexpected Event Pg 51
  20. A New School Year and Blue Goes Visiting Pg 55
  21. Blue’s Strange Behaviour Pg 57
  22. Inspector Blue Pg 59
  23. Do No Hurt My Family or My Friends Pg 63
  24. A Celebration and Blue Falls in Love Pg 67
  25. Holidays, Christmas and Fireworks Pg 71
  26. Violent Storms Cause Extensive Damage Pg 75
  27. The Champion Pg 79
  28. A Speedy Recovery and A Proud Family Pg 81
  29. A Hectic School Year and A Visitor Pg 83
  30. Horserides in the Country and Heidi Finds Silver Pg 87
  31. A Sad Farewell and A Wonderful Present Pg 91
  32. Blue Goes on a Cattle Drive Pg 95
  33. Sandra and Blue Accept a Generous Offer Pg 99
  34. A Different Christmas Dinner Pg 103
  35. The Round-Up Pg 107
  36. Disaster Pg 111
  37. A Sad Homecoming and A Desperate Search Pg 113
  38. The Return of a Champion Pg 115
  39. An Unexpected Turn of Events Pg 119

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