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The Rise of Mystery Babylon - The Tower of Babel (Part 2): Discovering Parallels Between Early Genesis and Today (Volume 2)

The Rise of Mystery Babylon - The Tower of Babel (Part 2): Discovering Parallels Between Early Genesis and Today (Volume 2)

by Brett Lee Thomas
The Rise of Mystery Babylon - The Tower of Babel (Part 2): Discovering Parallels Between Early Genesis and Today (Volume 2)

The Rise of Mystery Babylon - The Tower of Babel (Part 2): Discovering Parallels Between Early Genesis and Today (Volume 2)

by Brett Lee Thomas
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From Genesis to Revelation, the name Babylon seems to come up, again and again, throughout the Holy Scriptures. In these volumes, we'll begin to discover just what Mystery Babylon was, how it survived, and into what various thought-forms it had morphed, all throughout the centuries. Over the ages, these Babylonian systems were able to flourish, manipulating a lot of what we see and hear... even today, slowly bringing us away from God, and towards the evil one. There may, also, be a "parallel of existences," here: the time around Noah's Flood and the times of today. Jesus, after all, was the one who said: "As the days of Noe (Noah) were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be" (Mat. 24:37). Could one side of this parallel have taken place in these early days of Genesis? Could the other side be the times we are facing now? Can we look to Genesis as an indicator of what will bring on the "end times" as we know it? Once we begin to see the parallels pan out, we'll also discover that Mystery Babylon is the "thought-machine" responsible for bringing it all back to us, on so many levels.

These volumes provide a great deal of information to allow for the reinterpretation of many important Genesis stories, in ways that are not usually considered even plausible anymore, or in ways that may have been suppressed. The author spent decades researching a vast amount of complementary literary texts - ancient to modern - to allow us a better way to look at our world, and understand what we really may have been missing, all these years. The powers and principalities originally supporting these "mystery" systems of Babylon have worked hard to disallow the populous from understanding the real truths of the Bible. There are those who wanted, and still want, to destroy this connection for one fundamental reason: it could help undermine - even expose - the "thought machine" they had developed, and built upon, over time! Why? Because they thrive through a continued misinterpretation of these early Genesis accounts. These volumes are not your typical look at Biblical prophecy, with attempts to interpret the future via the Book of Revelation. No. There is so much more needed to understand it all - namely, understanding early Genesis, as well. The modern interpretations of early Genesis, however, often leaves the typical seeker scratching their head.

These volumes enlighten with answers to many common questions: Who was Esau (the father of the Edomites), and what significance did he, and his descendants, have to the development of the Israeli nation? What's about Esau and Jacob, and their birthright struggle? Can Edom really be connected to Rome, and the Roman Empire? What is the "Seven-Headed Beast" of Revelation? Who are the Biblical tares? How has paganism corrupted true Christianity? Who were the Lost 10 Tribes of Israel, and how did they become lost? Where did they go, and who might they be, today? Why have there been so many attempts to hide their present-day existence? What ideologies are out there, attempting to destroy the true church of God, and who are the ones facilitating such efforts? What's the psychology behind a lot of their sacrilegious motivations? What could "fornication" and "coveting" really mean, what's so important about them both, in today's day and age, and why have most religious authorities twisted their meanings? How does the enemy really work, in present-day society, to bring down followers of God? What is the true meaning of Antichrist, and what will help facilitate his rise to power? Knowing all of this helps to expose the darkened underbelly of Mystery Babylon, and how it continually brings people to these same depravities that were introduced, so long ago.

This volume is chock-full of relevant information, covering all of the above - on a scale rarely seen, today. The answers are out there!

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ISBN-13: 9780999525722
Publisher: Parallel World Books
Publication date: 02/01/2018
Series: Rise of Mystery Babylon , #4
Pages: 454
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.92(d)

About the Author

The death of his father led then 24-year-old BRETT LEE THOMAS on a lifelong spiritual quest for answers, beginning with the typical questions about life which confounded him, during these hard times. After facing thoughts such as "why do bad things happen to good people," Brett eventually trained his focus towards the spiritual, or esoteric, elements of our existence - especially the darker secrets of our existence the world might have once hid away, and still has.
As one question would, seemingly, be answered, another question would soon take its place. Over many years of transcribing these question-and-answer sessions onto paper, the impetus of Brett's focus concluded with a collaboration of topics he has in "The Rise of Mystery Babylon" series. After well over a decade of research, his major task, now, involves continually finding ways to assemble the rest of what he's discovered into some sensible means of reader/listener comprehension.
Brett has dedicated his career to fully understand, and pass on, all of what he researches, leaving no theological stone unturned. He hopes others will begin to adopt the same elements of spiritual passion and quests for knowledge that he has. He also wants the reader to understand the huge ramifications these topics once had and still have in our world.
Lastly, he considers the volumes a fitting tribute to the man who, unbeknownst to him in his early years of researching, was also pursuing some of these same answers, just before his tragic departure from our planet... his father.
Brett hopes these volumes end up in the hands of any discerning individual (like his father): one who might foster feelings of not really getting "the whole story;" one who just feels in their heart that something's "not right," in regards to the world they live in; and so on. The theme of these books are to help the reader stand up, take notice, and ask "why," regarding some of the more questionable elements of politics, religion, and culture in our everyday lives - those which, seemingly, are being forced upon us... every single day.

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