The Secret to Selling Yourself Anytime, Anywhere: Start Bragging!

The Secret to Selling Yourself Anytime, Anywhere: Start Bragging!

by Jeannette L Seibly
The Secret to Selling Yourself Anytime, Anywhere: Start Bragging!

The Secret to Selling Yourself Anytime, Anywhere: Start Bragging!

by Jeannette L Seibly
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Get Your Brag On and Win the Job Offer

Let's get real. Hope is not a strategy when interviewing for a new position and winning the job offer.

While you may love winging it or only doing minimal planning for the all-important interview, is a great way to miss out on the right job....and future opportunities too!

The good news is this: Bragging in a business savvy manner creates confidence for the job seeker. It provides clarity on how to wow the recruiter or future new boss. They love it and hope you can deliver at least half of the accomplishments you've shared.

Bridging the gaps between writing your resume, planning for interviews, and receiving job offers is not hard. But it does take focused effort. When done right, you feel good and are amazed by other new job opportunities too.

In 5 simple steps you will brag like the business professional that you are! This book, "The Secret to Selling Yourself Anytime, Anywhere: Start Bragging!" has helped 100s of professionals win the job and negotiate bigger pay checks and awards!
  • "This book helps me sound as awesome as I am." Debbie S., business professional, printing/graphic industry
  • "What a wonderful book! I have learned a lot. Thank you!" V.M., executive job seeker, non-profit
  • "I am still getting comments on how this book helped build confidence and focus for employees' next career steps."
    Colleen C., Manager, Fortune 100 company
Once you've created your will be able to:
  • Uncover the hidden job market with ease
  • Conduct real network meetings
  • Discover the truth beyond the job description and job posting
  • Clarify the real challenges and opportunities in the company
  • Write a powerful LinkedIn profile and get better job referrals
  • Write a resume that AI systems forward on to recruiters
  • Get past the gate-keepers and talk with the new boss directly
  • Develop the natural confidence that future bosses want to hire
You can achieve this by learning the 5 simple steps to bragging...which is the foundation to building a strong career pathway for success.

Not only will these brags steps help you now...they are great skills to develop for future opportunities.

When my oldest daughter called to say she had an interview the next day and wanted to practice what to say, I got out "the brag" book. We went through the brag statements, came up with some for her and then went through the interview questions to learn how to use them. She felt very confident going into the interview. The next day she got the job! More money, better hours and potential to advance! Yay! -Mary G., business coach and mom

Bragging gets you on track to enjoy an amazing career and paycheck so you can have more time, money, and energy to pursue other life goals.

When you are focused and doing well in your job, new and other exciting opportunities appear too...along with more money too!
Are you ready to pursue your dream job with confidence and certainty?

Grab The Secret to Selling Yourself Anytime, Anywhere: Start Bragging! today!

PS: What are you waiting for? Showcase your value today by bragging and winning the job offer!

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