The secrets behind

The secrets behind "the secret": What you need to know about the law of attraction and dream manifestation

by Daniel Marques


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Much has been said about the law of attraction and some have called it "the secret". However, this topic is only a secret for those that didn't know it yet as it has been mentioned and used for thousands of years.Most of the information is kept under the cover of faith and religious believe, and many have used this knowledge to control people and lead them within political agendas; others have used it for personal gaining while hiding it from everyone else.Whatsoever is the case there's still plenty to learn about the law of attraction or the law of dream manifestation.Most books discussing it will show strategies, techniques and methods to obtain what we wish for in our life but they still hide the main secrets.These Authors show us what to do but not how it works, why it works or the purpose of its existence.After decades of personal studies on spirituality, a simplification within a specific theory was possible to explain more than anyone ever said about this issue.This book doesn't intend to represent any religious dogma in particular and was written based on the insights from several spiritual believes, ancient and modern, as well as known and secret to the public.Religion promotes a life philosophy and, although very misleading, also talks about universal truth.This paradigm is being noticed by modern science, which in some fields attests the dogma and in others reveals its fallacy.We're now much closer to know what is true, false or merely half-true.Quantum Physics, for example, is still at its starting point but much has explained already.Willing to describe a more complete understanding matching all these subjects, the Author will here reveal what he knows with a reasonable and humble perspective based on personal experiences.This book will not make any promises regarding becoming a millionaire or famous and none of the theories here exposed are immune to failure.Instead, it will explain how personal and spiritual growth matches the law of attraction and how we can understand life and the changes in our reality better while applying the necessary responsibility we must have as the spiritual beings that we are.The following chapters are supported by the Author's background and studies in Religious Societies, Greek Philosophy, Chinese Philosophy, Modern Psychology and Psychopedagogy, related to the mechanism of life and the anatomy of the spirit, as well as these sources' acknowledgement in what can be applied to the law of attraction.The theory presented is complete, flexible, simple and practical, allowing an easy assimilation to any lifestyle.With this knowledge the reader will have the power to change reality and manifest his own desires, while understanding all the dynamics involved in such process.The major success of the first edition wasn't expected but the Author took into consideration all kind opinions and uplifting reviews to improve this second edition and make it even more powerful and accessible to anyone.You have now in your hands a book that has been recommended by famous Entrepreneurs as being in the same level as Napoleon Hill "Think and Grow Rich" and Wallace D. Wattles "The Science of Getting Rich", both books that inspired the movie "The Secret" and all the speakers in it. But also a book that climbed rapidly into the Bestsellers list of Amazon soon after being published for the first time.This is truly the most revealing book about the Secrets behind "The Secret".

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ISBN-13: 9781463585853
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/10/2011
Pages: 86
Sales rank: 333,047
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.18(d)

About the Author

Daniel Marques is the Author of over 120 Books (51 Bestsellers) on Taoism, Zen Buddhism, Spirituality, Education, Business, Health, Relationships, Music, Martial Arts, Poetry and Children's Literature, but also a Polymath, Public Speaker and Researcher, featured on Voice of America, Amazon, MTV Music Television, Galaxy Radio, RCP Radio and more.
His background includes being a Professor in 5 Universities for subjects related to Business, Human Resources Management, Entrepreneurship, E-Commerce, Academic Writing & Research, Foreign Language & Culture, as well as Teaching Methodologies, but also a Business Consultant, Director of Multinational Training Companies, Director of a Private University, Psychopedagogist (Specialized in Learning Disabilities), Translator, Designer (Award-winning), Students Union President, Primary School Teacher and High School Teacher for Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Mathematics, Science, History, Sports and 4 Languages.
In the Spiritual field, was an active member of different Religious Societies, working closely with their highest and most senior members, having access to confidential knowledge shared in close-door meetings, translating and being a Fortune-teller as well as Spiritual Adviser.

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