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The Seduction Force Multiplier 3- PUA Routines Memory Transplant Package

The Seduction Force Multiplier 3- PUA Routines Memory Transplant Package

by Jack N. Raven
The Seduction Force Multiplier 3- PUA Routines Memory Transplant Package

The Seduction Force Multiplier 3- PUA Routines Memory Transplant Package

by Jack N. Raven


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This is book #3 that includes nearly 2 hours of audio. A one of a kind system that allows you to easily memorize about

700 routines and lines from book #2, in just days!

Imagine the dramatic improvements in your game, if you can internalize hundreds of routines! Routines you wont have a

problem summoning. All on muscle memory, reflexive, ready to go, just automatically flows out of your mouth without

effort in the field!

After completing the course, you'll learn how the Pros do it. Not even PUAs, but memorization experts, using the most

advanced developments in memory management, will let you to practically store your brain with thousands more of your own

routines, lines, trivia, comedy routines, and whatever you feel will blow up your game to the stratosphere!

Simply put, nothing else exists like this anywhere else! This book could very well change your game forever! Not just

the actual routines stored in your memory banks, but the new way of thinking and the realization that you can STEAL any

lines you encounter in movies, in the field, from your buddies, from forums etc.

How many PUAs do you know even know a hundred powerful routines? Let alone 700? Let alone the potential to store

THOUSANDS! The reason why there is the natural game movement is due to the fact, its impossible for mere mortals to

internalize a high number of gambits and routines, to make a dent in their game. So they give up, and sell out to the


Easy comes at a price.
You're flapping your mouth, everyday reinventing the wheel with unproven material. And if you happen to invent something

good in the moment? You lose it forever!

All this power is easily acquired within days, not months, not years, but days!

And the best part is, you can do this while playing or working. Its fun too!

As we know, once something is deeply transplanted in your brain? It no longer feels like you're doing a routine. You'll

literally feel so easy, you yourself wont notice the high level of routines you put in your game, because its been


No one can accuse you of being a social robot, because you are not trying to force anything on anyone. You are just

flowing naturally, free to say whatever you please. Except when you feel the routines are the best, most effective lines

to use? You'll use them.
And if you happen to encounter or invent a powerful routine on the spot? You'll permanently preserve them in your memory

too, as its so damn easy!

Regardless of your style, whether youre the lazy type, the structured gamer, you just cant go wrong with internalizing

700 and more routines in your back pocket. Use them or not, you'll always be prepared to deal with the most complex

situations in the best possible way, all of the time.

Book 2 can be found here:

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781492718499
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/12/2013
Series: Seduction Force Multiplier , #3
Pages: 138
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.30(d)

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