The Shepherd of the Stars

The Shepherd of the Stars

by Tricia D Wagner
The Shepherd of the Stars

The Shepherd of the Stars

by Tricia D Wagner


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A boy spellbound by a labyrinthine forest. A brotherhood shaken by pain. What wind might be caught on night waters, where nothing feels constant but starlight?

Swift Kingsley, at merely fourteen, finds himself on the brink of adulthood. The trauma of surviving a boating accident has destroyed his boyhood illusions. No longer can he believe that the people he loves will stay safe from the currents of change.

Reaching the shores of recovery won't be easy. With each day that passes, Swift's family seems to drift further away. And the accident's aftermath threatens to divide him from a cherished hope that he might one day practice medicine.

The accident has wreaked damage on more than Swift's body-it has crushed his ability to focus, making studying his medical texts almost impossible. And the trauma has all but dismembered his passion for sea legends, despite that he has ventured so near to deciphering the mythical Star of Atlantis.

A retreat to the beauty of the Pembrokeshire coast, on the brink of the magnificent Wentletrap Forest, seems to promise healing. And in its wilds, Swift even discovers a book with hidden text-secrets that might hold the key to his healing.

But on the Welsh coast there also waits a museum curator who won't rest until he has claimed the relics and knowledge Swift has won.

But for all that Swift has lost, for all that he might lose, he has gained something priceless-an old friend who, like a holdfast, seems strong enough to steady Swift in the storm. And the mystical Wentletrap Forest, despite its rumors of terrors and ghosts, offers insights through its legends, its piercing starlight, its strong, ancient trees.

But even the mightiest ship can break in rough waters. To salvage his dreams and to guard all that's precious to him, Swift must regain his ability to read and to learn. And in struggling to recover his confidence, his skill, Swift must face the question of whether change can be bridled to bring restoration, or if it might usher in only an ending of worlds.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781961921061
Publisher: Lyridae Books
Publication date: 11/12/2022
Series: The Star of Atlantis , #3
Pages: 426
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.95(d)
Age Range: 13 - 18 Years

About the Author

As a young reader, writers were like gods and goddesses to now author Tricia D. Wagner. She never could have imagined weaving tales like her favorite storytellers, until a fateful April dinner conversation with her husband about a lecture he attended got her mind whirling. By the end of that summer, she'd written 400,000 words: a speculative fiction trilogy. Wagner felt as if she'd emerged from a chrysalis as some new sort of creature. She was hooked.It was important to Tricia to sharpen her skills, and she immersed herself in workshops, guides, and writing communities, learning from editors how to hone her craft. She did this for years, and the result is her a growing collection of published novels, novelettes, and poetry collections. She found writing to be a method for becoming the person she felt she was born to be. In writing her stories, Wagner was surprised and delighted to discover how real the characters become to an author; that for many writers, their characters end up as their most treasured friends. She loves to delve into them to mine their natures, secrets, and desires-to tell their stories with the legitimacy they deserve. In studying her characters, she finds she has the opportunity to shape herself, inching closer to the person she wants to become.Wagner hopes her readers feel enchanted when they read her stories. This is exactly how she feels when she finishes writing a story. She hopes that her writing might expand their minds, spirits, and worlds, and she hopes they fall in love with her characters and are moved by her artistry of language. When she isn't writing poignant works of literary fiction, Wagner works as a Director in Higher Education. In her spare time she enjoys refining her writing craft to discover new angles and landscapes that might enrich her writing palette. One such example is a recent course she took in learning to read ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, something that's sure to end up in a story at some point. Wagner lives in Rockford, Illinois, with her husband and darling cats.
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