The Song of David

The Song of David

by Amy Harmon


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ISBN-13: 9781514185018
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/01/2015
Pages: 262
Sales rank: 461,885
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Amy Harmon is the New York Times bestselling author of A Different Blue, Making Faces, and the Purgatory series. Amy has been a motivational speaker, a teacher, a home school mom, and a member of the Grammy Award-winning Saints Unified Voices Choir. Visit her at

Zachary Webber is an actor from Fort Worth, Texas. He has narrated over twenty audiobook titles and has appeared in numerous feature-length and short films, including In a Relationship, Shut Up and Drive, and Ithaca. He is a member of Sasquatch Comedy, a sketch comedy group based in Los Angeles.

J. D. Jackson is a theater professor, aspiring stage director, and award-winning audiobook narrator. A classically trained actor, his television and film credits include roles on House, ER, and Law & Order. J. D. was named one of AudioFile magazine's Best Voices of the Year for 2012 and 2013.

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The Song of David 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I truly loved this painfully beautiful book. I loved Tag, Millie, Moses, and all the rest. This book and all others written by Amy Harmon cause you to think outside of the box. She makes you look beyond what is obvious to possibilities that you dare not believe because they make you question everything that you have been taught. But i love her books because i like to ask questions.
ShannonOS More than 1 year ago
I've never m̶e̶t̶ read an Amy Harmon book I haven't l̶i̶k̶e̶d̶ loved. So magically lovely, so profoundly realistic, so heart-rending. Reading her novels is always an emotionally intense and spiritually rewarding experience.
feather_lashes More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Always beautifully written. I enjoyed all of ger books.
Mylene32 More than 1 year ago
une superbe histoire qui nous prend aux tripes et qui nous fait vivre un maelstrom de sentiments. Des rires, de la joie, des larmes, de la peine, on passe quasi instantanément d'un état à l'autre sans s'en rendre compte. C'est parfois un peu trop dur mais on vit les évènements avec les personnages, on les aime de la première à la dernière page et on les quitte à regret, espérant que ce que l'on a compris au travers des mots soit la réalité de leurs vies.
Dianne-CG More than 1 year ago
A beautiful and unique story of love. Made me cry, laughed, believed, and fell in love again. This story will also encourage you to love. And live your life to the fullest.
NicolaJB More than 1 year ago
BEST COMPANION EVER! I am so happy right now and still can't get over it! In fact I still haven't picked up another book yet because I'm still stuck with The song of David!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Amy Harmon Is such an amazing writer . She never disappoints. I love this book and highly recommend it. I wold definitely read The Law of Moses first though. Can't wait for the next book. !!!!!
AMorgan721 More than 1 year ago
Amy Harmon makes it difficult to write a normal review, because I’m afraid if I share any littlest detail from the book I’m bound to give something away. The teasers that were put out for the book were intimate scenes, and yet were probably the safest words to put out to the world in order to entice without giving things away. I had this same trouble with Law of Moses, and I wasn’t 100 percent happy with my review because I still felt like I was leaking information from seams I’d prefer to keep shut so that the reader can find out the information themselves. I’m just like that – I hate spoilers, and I hate to spoil, too. I will say that Song of David is another emotional roller coaster brought to you by Ms Amy Harmon; this seems to be her forte. While the overall feel of the book was bittersweet, woven in the details of Tag and Millie’s story is joy, love, laughter, fun, happiness, frustration, confusion, and anger fueled by love. Every single emotion is out there for you to latch on to and experience yourself within the pages of this book as you fall into this dance with Tag and Millie. What I Loved: David (Tag) and Amelie (Millie). I loved their story front, center and end. I loved Millie’s brother, Henry, and his way of communication – sometimes he was the most profound character in the chapter. I loved still “seeing” Moses and Georgia and their baby! I love how Amy chose to tell this story (yet another secret that you must find out on your own). I loved that Tag is both the nice guy, and the bad guy; and yet he’s the perfect guy! Not So Much: I’m not big on ambiguous – I’ll say that and leave it alone. Rated: PG-13 - some cussing, and this book has sensuality, and a black out scene. Rating: 5 Stars – Stellar writing, Awesome story.
Book_Sojourner More than 1 year ago
5+ STARS!! Wow!! I absolutely, completely, positively loved The Song of David!! My first recommendation: AVOID SPOILERS! Seriously, trust me. Go into this read blind and just engulf yourself in the journey. And I loved the journey this story took me on. I loved that I didn't know what to expect. And it was unexpected. An unexpected, beautiful journey. A love story. A life story. A story of friendship and love, of the fantastic and the challenging, of the fight and the frenzy and the everything in-between. I knew just from the Prologue alone that this story would be special, and boy was I right. This journey grabbed me, shook me, hugged me, moved me, and didn't let me go until the very last sentence. My second recommendation: Read 'The Law of Moses.' I would recommend reading it first, because this book is riddled with spoilers from that story, as Moses plays a significant part in this book. But even if you don't read it first, read it next. Because if you love David, you'll love Moses, and vice versa. These boys. I love these boys. And I love the stories created for Moses and David. And you will too. My last recommendation: Read this book! Read it! I am in love with Amy Harmon's enchanting way of weaving a story, intermingling prose that is near poetic. She creates characters that are incredible in all their depths, and you'll wish they were real. 'The Song of David' in particular is as gorgeous as it is surprising, as lovely as it is enriching, as endearing as it is humbling, as brave as it is beautiful. David and Millie, Moses and Georgia, Henry and Tag Team -- I loved them all, was inspired by them all, rooted for their journey, and didn't want to let them go. This story filled my heart with love, and these are characters I will cherish.
Livlovesbooks More than 1 year ago
‘No one fights alone.’ Tag *** Minor spoilers alert! *** I loved getting to know more about David ‘Tag’ Taggert, Moses’ best friend from Author Amy Harmon’s previous novel, The Law of Moses. We learned what drove him. And he learned how being vulnerable, being weak and having to lean on those who loved him would not diminish his powerful personality. And Amelie Anderson (aka Millie) was the perfect woman to come into his life and show him exactly how. “The most intimate thing we can do is to allow the people we love most to see us at our worst. At our lowest. At our weakest. True intimacy happens whennothing is perfect.” Amelie Moses, Henry (Amelie’s 15-year old brother), and his friends who comprised Tag Team were also pivotal in Tag’s personal growth. “I’m part of the team.” It was my turn to nod. Tag had assembled an amazing group of guys. And the coolest thing about them was how they all treated Henry. “There is no 'i' in team,” Henry said suddenly, seriously, as if repeating something he’d heard at a school pep rally. Or maybe he’d heard it in the gym. “Nope.” “There is no ‘i’ in Tag Team either,” he added. “Nope. There isn’t,” I agreed. “Are we Tag’s team?” he asked. I started explain what Tag Team was, the label, the fighters, the gym. And then I stopped myself. “Yeah. We are. We’re Tag’s team” “Because we love him?” “Yeah,” I said, getting choked up all over again. ~ Henry & Moses 12 Things I really, really loved: 1. Tag and Amelie’s slow yet sweet getting to know each other moments 2. Whenever Tag would tease Amelie. I loved his monikers “Bad Tag and Silly Millie” 3. Tag and Millie's “you don’t want to meet Bad Tag”conversation 4. The driving scene on their way back to Salt Lake City from Georgia and Moses’ place 5. Their first kiss 6. Henry’s proposal to Tag 7. The silly Song of David that Tag came up with at Millie’s request 8. The humorous and sometimes poignant moments that both Tag and Moses had with Henry 9. The alternating Tag and Moses’ POVs 10. The bromance between Tag and Moses 11. Tag’s ‘I was relevant. I was significant’ self realization moment. His theory about how we transition was really cool to me because it’s something I’ve thought could be true for many years now. Neither of us is in a hurry to get confirmation of that fact though, lol! 12. Millie’s strength and determination to live and love as fully as possible, not ever letting her physical limitation prohibit her in doing so in any way ‘When Millie made love she actually made love. She created it, drew it, coaxed it into being. I’d always hated that term and preferred a little baser description, maybe because it felt more honest. But with Millie, nothing else fit. And she didn’t just make love, she made me love. She made me listen. She made me feel. She made me pay attention. I didn’t hurry or take. I didn’t rush or push. I closed my eyes and loved the same way she did, with the tips of my fingers and the palms of my hands, and I saw her so clearly that my eyes burned behind my closed lids. She was confident in a way she shouldn’t have been, confident in a way that is born from knowing you are loved, and I revealed in that.’ Tag There were just so many wonderfully funny, beautiful and emotional beats in Tag and Millie’s story. And the epilogue took us forty years down the road which I loved. I’m really hoping that some day we will get a standalone novel about Dr. Andelin who first appeared in The Law of Moses as Moses.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
TerrydTD More than 1 year ago
What a beautiful story!!  TSoD is a stand-alone book, but I recommend you read The Law of Moses before picking up this beauty.   Approximately 260 pages, you may want to make sure you have a few hours to spare and some tissues, as once you start, you may not want to put down until you are finished. Amy has such a way with words, they wrap around you like a slow dance. This was such a unique way to tell Tag's story.  The characters come to life and you become part of their world.   I loved Millie's character.  She was resilient, unwavering, and compassionate.  And Henry, oh Henry!, Amy, this character was perfection! Amy gives strength to those you may think are weak.  This is true for any of her books, and when I see it, I am always pleasantly surprise. But this time, she hit it out of the park! I don't want to say too much about the story, because I don't want to give anything away.  I think this is by far my favorite book.  Amy made me cry and laugh and feel, oh did she make me FEEL!......   If you haven't yet read TSoD I urge you pick this book up ASAP, and if you have, I hope you enjoyed as much as I did.  " can't escape yourself. You can run, hide, or die. But wherever you go, there you'll be....." "Whenever you start feeling trapped or helpless, just close your eyes, and you have more space than you'll ever need." "Mohammed Ali practiced abstinence up to six weeks before his fights" "The most intimate thing we can do is allow the people we love the most to see us at our worst. At our lowest. At our weakest. True intimacy happens when nothing is perfect"