The Stars of the Magdalene: Extended Chapter From The Secret Dossier of a Knight Templar of the Sangreal

The Stars of the Magdalene: Extended Chapter From The Secret Dossier of a Knight Templar of the Sangreal

by Gretchen Cornwall


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The Stars of the Magdalene is a richly expanded chapter from The Secret Dossier of a Knight Templar of the Sangreal: Relaunched as a Revised Edition to include discoveries & images.

The author wanted to give those who own the 1st Edition the opportunity to read all the new content. Readers who are new to Gretchen Cornwall's work can sample the booklet prior to reading the larger volume.

The booklet includes the Introduction, Forward by the Comte de Mattinat de Medici, Table of Contents and the New Epilogue from the larger and Revised Edition -

Photos taken by the author from Germany to England, paintings from Renaissance masters and rich imagery fill the booklet with romance & spirituality. Content that is visually spellbinding & information that is transformational.

The wild breadth of information reaches from King Arthur in Cumbria, the bloodline of Mary Magdalene & Jesus to new observations on Bernard de Clairvaux. The man who put swords in the hands of Cistercian monks and created the most enigmatic chivalrous Order of all time -

The author was given an energetic map of the world which correlates with the Ordnance Survey National Grid of Great Britain and includes historic and modern Templar sites! The Matrix Map of the World is explored in great detail through the lens of Quantum Physics. It is a portal to understanding the ethos behind the current generation of Knights Templar and a wide angle lens as to their thoughts on the future of humanity.

The descendants of the Templars thrive in Cumbria, a landscape steeped in the mysteries of the Dragon Tradition found in the lore of Camelot.

Conversations with the Templar representative are woven into the authors own research.

A star chart from 1627 portrays Mary Magdalene as the new Queen of Heaven. The new engravings and exciting revelations were added to the chapter: The Stars of the Magdalene. Filled with codes & beautiful imagery, revealing how this fascinating woman was venerated down through the centuries.

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher

Cornwall’s range of research is breathtaking and her book is the fruition of a lifetime’s dedication. It encompasses the numerous areas of study that have fascinated succeeding generations of spiritual seekers who resonate with the mystical revelations of enlightenment inherent within the history of the Sangreal.

Mary Magdalene and the mystery of her association with France, the Knights Templar (custodians of her secrets), and their link with the luminous figure of Bernard of Clairvaux, the Cathars, Nostradamus, the Black Madonna, Rosslyn, Quetzalcoatl and the Feathered Serpents, Oak Island, Atlantis, signs and signals in the architecture of the cathedrals and paintings of the Masters of the Renaissance, Saint Kentigern and the mysteries of Orval Abbey – the scope is impressive and extensive.

Throughout the rich fabric of this history (imbued with fresh material such as the surprise revelation that the poet Wordsworth was gifted with the alchemical substance ‘Kendal Black’ by the Cumbrian Templars to help him intensify his poetic sensibilities!) Cornwall weaves a distinct thread. She examines the significance of sacred geometry, linking its revelations with recent discoveries in the field of quantum physics and chaos theory.

The Comte provided her with a hitherto unknown Templar map of the world, his gift to our times, which is included and discussed. The map is replete with secrets and was put into Cornwall’s hands as a puzzle whose resolution is pregnant with breakthrough revelations and inspiring possibilities. It is intended to help us cross the threshold into a new golden era of peace and enlightenment, and in fact, the Comte mentioned the surprise felt by his Order that no-one so far has discovered even a hint of its revolutionary potentialities

The above excerpt appeared in Issue 97 of Caduceus Magazine

I wish to thank author Claire Nahmed for her generous review. She has written 27 books on esoteric subjects including the Holy Grail, Mary Magdalene, the secret significance of St John and the hidden links between Rosslyn and Iona.

I'd like to also thank Simon Best, Editor of Caduceus Magazine, a journal & authority on Healing & Spirituality since 1987

Author Sandra S. Gallimore: One of the most famous books in the world may have had its beginning in what you will read in Cornwall's well written, researched, and presented in this Secret Dossier. Step back in time for a visit with a Count-but not just any count. You are sure to recognize historical, royal, and religious people as she touches on their lives, and information about their mysteries that are not merely interesting and informative, but exciting to those of us who have a keen fascination with all the missing pieces of the puzzles that so intrigue us. Cornwall fits together many puzzles and secrets in this grand adventure of historical research. The author lists her sources chapter to chapter, so you have a read-along rather than paging through the end of the book. I found this a big plus because it gives the reader other further reading on what most interests them as they read along.You'll see theories in other books on these subjects in a new light, perhaps. You'll discover, in addition to a book that can't be put down, how a good research book compels other writers to write historically based stories centered around the material we trust to use. A volume that you will read and refer to many times, this book is a great story within a mystery, wrapped up in history. Kudos to its author for her obvious efforts and inroads in the subject matter. Completely captivating.

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