The Stonewall Riots: A Documentary History

The Stonewall Riots: A Documentary History

by Marc Stein (Editor)


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On the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary, the most important moment in LGBTQ history—depicted by the people who influenced, recorded, and reacted to it.

June 28, 1969, Greenwich Village: The New York City Police Department, fueled by bigoted liquor licensing practices and an omnipresent backdrop of homophobia and transphobia, raided the Stonewall Inn, a neighborhood gay bar, in the middle of the night. The raid was met with a series of responses that would go down in history as the most galvanizing period in this country's fight for sexual and gender liberation: a riotous reaction from the bar's patrons and surrounding community, followed by six days of protests.

Across 200 documents, Marc Stein presents a unique record of the lessons and legacies of Stonewall. Drawing from sources that include mainstream, alternative, and LGBTQ media, gay-bar guide listings, state court decisions, political fliers, first-person accounts, song lyrics, and photographs, Stein paints an indelible portrait of this pivotal moment in the LGBT movement. In The Stonewall Riots, Stein does not construct a neatly quilted, streamlined narrative of Greenwich Village, its people, and its protests; instead, he allows multiple truths to find their voices and speak to one another, much like the conversations you'd expect to overhear in your neighborhood bar.

Published on the fiftieth anniversary of the moment the first brick (or shot glass?) was thrown, The Stonewall Riots allows readers to take stock of how LGBTQ life has changed in the US, and how it has stayed the same. It offers campy stories of queer resistance, courageous accounts of movements and protests, powerful narratives of police repression, and lesser-known stories otherwise buried in the historical record, from an account of ball culture in the mid-sixties to a letter by Black Panther Huey P. Newton addressed to his brothers and sisters in the resistance. For anyone committed to political activism and social justice, The Stonewall Riots provides a much-needed resource for renewal and empowerment.

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ISBN-13: 9781479816859
Publisher: New York University Press
Publication date: 05/07/2019
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 1,151,280
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About the Author

Marc Stein is the Jamie and Phyllis Pasker Professor of History at San Francisco State University. He is the author of Rethinking the Gay and Lesbian Movement (2012), Sexual Injustice: Supreme Court Decisions from Griswold to Roe (2010), and City of Sisterly and Brotherly Loves: Lesbian and Gay Philadelphia (2000), and the editor of the Encyclopedia of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender History in America (2003).

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Part I Before Stonewall, 1965-1969

1 Gay Bars and Antigay Policing 27

1 "Bridge to Understanding," Eastern Mattachine Magazine 28

2 "On Gay Bars," Drum 29

3 "After the Ball," The Ladder 31

4 "A Brief of Injustices," ONE 33

5 "L.A. Cops, Gay Groups Seek Peace," The Los Angeles Advocate 35

6 Editorial, Daughters of Bilitis Philadelphia Newsletter 36

7 "Anatomy of a Raid," The Los Angeles Advocate 37

8 "Bathhouse Raided," Mattachine Society of New York Newsletter 41

9 "Grim Reapings-Coast to Coast," Mattachine Society of New York Newsletter 42

10 "Gay Party at Police Station," Mattachine Society of New York Newsletter 43

11 "The Wicker Report," Eastern Mattachine Magazine 45

12 "Cross-Currents," The Ladder 46

13 "Entrapment Attacked," The Ladder 47

14 "Mafia Control of Gay Bars," The New York Hymnal 48

15 "Editorial: You're an Accomplice!," The Los Angeles Advocate 49

16 Inman v. Miami 50

17 One Eleven Wines & Liquors v. Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control 50

18 In the Matter of Kerma Restaurant Corporation v. State Liquor Authority 54

2 Activist Agendas and Visions Before Stonewall 56

19 "The Year Ahead: A Forecast," Mattachine Review 57

20 "Does Research into Homosexuality Matter?," The Ladder 59

21 "Research Is Here to Stay," The Ladder 60

22 "Positive Policy," Eastern Mattachine Magazine 60

23 "Editorial: On Picketing," Eastern Mattachine Magazine 61

24 East Coast Homophile Organizations, July Fourth demonstration flier 62

25 Editorial, ONE 64

26 "Interview with Ernestine," The Ladder 65

27 "The Homophile Puzzle," Drum 66

28 "Finding defects … "Janus Society Newsletter 67

29 "President's Corner," Vector 68

30 "A Challenge to San Francisco," The Ladder 69

31 "Homosexual Bill of Rights," The Los Angeles Advocate 70

32 "What Concrete Steps Can Be Taken to Further the Homophile Movement?," The Ladder 71

33 "The Lesbian's Majority Status," The Ladder 72

34 "The Masculine-Feminine Mystique," Daughters of Bilitis Philadelphia Newsletter 73

35 "The Views of Vanguard," Cruise News & World Report 74

36 "Bisexuality," Vanguard 75

37 "Purpose of Transvestia," Transvestia 77

38 "I Hate Men," The Ladder 77

39 "Homophile Movement Policy Statement," Vector 78

40 "The Expression of Femininity in the Male," Journal of Sex Research 79

41 "Purposes and Progress," Erickson Educational Foundation Newsletter 80

42 "Hymnal Makes Bow," The New York Hymnal 81

43 "Happiness Is a Button," The Insider 82

44 "Gay Revolution," Vector 82

45 "Gay Power's Invincible Rise," Berkeley Barb 83

3 Political Protests Before Stonewall 85

48 "Cross-Currents." The Ladder 86

47 Mattachine Society of Washington, D.C, Rules for Picketing 87

48 "News: Philadelphia," Drum 87

49 "The objectives … "Janus Society Newsletter 88

50 "Homosexuals Picket in Washington and Philadelphia," Eastern Mattachine Magazine 89

51 "A Brief of Injustices," The Ladder 90

52 "Young Homos Picket Compton's Restaurant," Cruise News & World Report 91

53 "History of Christopher Street West-S.E," Gc7y Pride-San Francisco 92

54 "Three Homosexuals in Search of a Drink," Village Voice 93

55 "Protest on Wheels," Tangents 94

56 "Sweep-In," Vanguard 95

57 "Homophile Freedom Song," Homosexual Citizen 96

58 Mattachine Midwest, "Why Are Homosexuals Demonstrating?" 97

59 "Raid!," Tangents 98

60 "Sir Lady Java Fights Fuzz-y Rule Nine," The Los Angeles Advocate 101

61 Columbia University Student Homophile League, "We Protest the Kolb Panel." 102

62 "Cross Currents," The Ladder 103

63 "Homosexuals Call for Completion of the American Revolution," Vector 104

64 "'Patch' Raids Police Station," The Los Angeles Advocate 105

65 "Homo Revolt Blasting Off on Two Fronts," Berkeley Barb 107

66 "Homo Death: Group Will Act," Berkeley Barb 108

67 "Gays Get Tougher," Berkeley Barb 109

Part II Stonewall

4 The Stonewall Inn 113

68 International Guild Guide: Gay Listings '69 114

69 New York City Gay Scene Guide: Complete 1969 Edition 117

70 The Homosexual Handbook 121

71 "Mafia on the Spot," The New York Hymnal 123

72 "Gay Bar Closed," Mattachine Society of New York Newsletter 125

5 The Stonewall Riots 126

73 "Village Raid Stirs Melee," New York Post 127

74 "3 Cops Hurt as Bar Raid Riles Crowd," New York Daily News 127

75 "4 Policemen Hurt in 'Village' Raid," New York Times 129

76 Homophile Youth Movement, "Get the Mafia and the Cops Out of Gay Bars." 129

77 Mattachine Society of New York, "Where Were You during the Christopher St. Riots?" 130

78 "The Hairpin Drop Heard around the World," Mattachine Society of New York Newsletter 132

79 "Gay Riots," Mattachine Society of New York Newsletter 135

80 "Police Again Rout 'Village' Youths," New York Times 137

81 "Gay Power Comes to Sheridan Square," Village Voice 138

82 "View from Inside," Village Voice 143

83 "Hostile Crowd Dispersed near Sheridan Square," New York Times 146

84 "Gays Hit NY Cops," Berkeley Barb 148

85 "Homo Nest Raided, Queen Bees Are Stinging Mad," New York Daily News 149

86 "The Gay Anger behind the Riots," New York Post 152

87 "Stonewall Incident," East Village Other 153

88 "Queen Power: Fags against Pigs in Stonewall Bust," Rat 156

89 Letters to the editor, Village Voice 158

90 "Last Call: Too Much My Dear," Village Voice 160

91 Letter to the editor, New York Post 162

92 "Homosexuals Harassed in New York," National Guardian 162

93 "Lady Inspectors," Berkeley Barb 164

94 "Mafia in the Middle," Berkeley Tribe 165

95 "Pampered Perverts," Screw 166

96 "Gay Riots in the Village," Mattachine Society of New York Newsletter 169

97 "The Stonewall Riots: The Police Story," Mattachine Society of New York Newsletter 172

98 "The Stonewall Riots: The Gay View," Mattachine Society of New York Newsletter 175

99 "Give Me Liberty Or…," Homophile Action League Newsletter 177

100 "In June of 1969 …," The Insider 179

101 "Cross Currents," The Ladder 181

102 "Reflections on the N.Y. Riots," The Los Angeles Advocate 182

Part III After Stonewall, 1869-1873

6 Activist Agendas and Visions After Stonewall 187

103 "Gay Revolution Conies Out," Rat 188

104 "A Radical Manifesto," Gay Power 189

105 Preamble, Gay Activists Alliance Constitution 190

106 "Refugees from Amerika: A Gay Manifesto," San Francisco Free Press 191

107 "Gay Is Good," Rat 197

100 "Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!," Philadelphia Free Press 199

109 "The Woman-Identified Woman," Come Out! 200

110 "Lesbian Demands: Panther Constitution Convention," Come Out! 204

111 "'If That's All There Is,'" The Advocate 205

112 "Open Letter to a Black Sister," The Ladder 207

113 "Lesbian Feminism & the Fourth Demand," Gay Liberator 210

114 "Transvesrite and Transsexual Liberation," Gay Dealer 211

115 "Queens Liberation Front…What Is It?," Drag 212

116 "Transvestites: Your Half Sisters and Half Brothers of the Revolution," Come Out! 213

117 "Rapping with a Street Transvestite Revolutionary," Out of the Closets 214

118 "A Letter from Huey to the Revolutionary Brothers and Sisters," Black Panther 215

110 "We Demand," Come Out! 217

120 "The Oppressed Shall Not Become the Oppressor," Come Out! 218

121 "16 Point Platform and Program," Come Out! 219

122 "Black and Lavender: The Black Lesbian," Lavender Woman 223

7 Political Protests After Stonewall 225

123 "A spirited CHF picket line …," Committee for Homosexual Freedom Newsletter 226

124 "The Second Largest Minority," Homophile Action League Newsletter 226

125 "Cross Currents," The Ladder 227

126 "Kew Gardens Rally," Mattachine Society of New York Newsletter 228

127 "The Summer of Gay Power and the Village Voice Exposed!" Come Out! 229

128 "S.F. Cops Arrest 12 Pickets after Melee at Examiner," The Los Angeles Advocate 231

129 "Happy Homos Hit Harpers," Gay Flames 232

130 "TV Show Sets Off Storm," The Advocate 233

131 "Activists in Lather over NBC Slurs," The Advocate 233

132 "Lesbians Zap Dick Cavett," Lesbian Tide 234

133 "Raiders Pull Quick Opener on Cronkite," The Advocate 235

134 "Gay Liberation Movement," Berkeley' Barb 236

135 "Sacramento State Students Sue to Get Okay for Gay Group," The Los Angeles Advocate 236

136 "Gays Protest Brutality in N.Y.C. Prisons," The Advocate 237

137 " Women Hit Jail Treatment," The Advocate 237

138 "Gay Liberation Peace March," Gay Power 238

139 "Thousands Protest War: Activists Turn Out in D.C.," The Advocate 238

140 "'Not Afraid Any More': Rev. Perry Leads 200 in Protest against Sex Laws," The Los Angeles Advocate 239

141 "Hail to Queens," New York Mattachine Times 240

142 "At Least 2500 March on N.Y. State Capitol," The Advocate 241

143 "To Cross-Dressers Everywhere," Drag 242

144 "Cross-Dressing OK," Gay Liberator 242

145 "Activist Invites D.C. Officials to Have Sex with Him," The Advocate 243

146 "Gays Picket ABC Station," The Los Angeles Advocate 243

147 "Barneys Turns Gay," Gay Power 244

148 "S.F. Gays Picket Macy's over Busts," The Advocate 244

149 "GLF Hits Exploitation," Los Angeles Free Press 245

150 "Bull from the Bar," Chicago Gay Liberation Newsletter 246

151 "Zapping the Zephyr," Gay Dealer 247

152 "Snooper's Office Invaded," The Advocate 248

153 "'Syndicate' Lesbian Bar Zapped by N.Y. DOB," The Advocate 249

154 "Sisters Take a Stand," Ain't I a Woman 249

155 "The Lavender Menace Strikes," Come Out! 250

156 "LFL Zaps Museum of Natural History," The Lesbian Feminist 251

157 "First Nat'l Lesbian Kiss-In," Lesbian Tide 251

158 "Gay 'Pope' Steps Up Campaign," GAY 253

159 "Vatican Rags at Grace Cathedral," Gay Sunshine 253

160 "DOB Pickets St. Patrick's," The Advocate 254

161 "500 Angry Homosexuals Protest Raid," GAY 254

162 "Gays Plan Marches, Leather Sunday," Los Angeles Free Press 256

163 "New Gay Riots Erupt in Greenwich Village," GAY 257

164 "New Orleans Mayor Sees Irate Gays," The Advocate 258

165 "GAA Confronts Lindsay at Museum," GAY 259

166 "Intro 475 Controversy," The Advocate 260

167 "S.F. Hiring Law Goes into Effect," The Advocate 261

168 "Two Men Ask Minnesota License for First Legal U.S. Gay Marriage," The Los Angeles Advocate 261

169 "Two L.A. Girls Attempt First Legal Gay Marriage," The Los Angeles Advocate 262

170 "Gay Couples Celebrate Engagement at Marriage License Bureau," GAY 262

171 "Federal Building 'Work-In" Protests U.S. Hiring Policy," The Advocate 264

172 "GAA Protests Rocky's Silence," GAY 265

173 "McCarthy, Kennedy Support Gay Rights; Muskie Reneges," Gay Activist 266

174 "A New National Gay Rights Platform," The Advocate 267

175 "Democratic Convention Airs Gay Lib Proposals," GAY 269

176 "Activists Invade McGovern Hqtrs.," GAY 270

177 "Target Was Nixon: He's Angry," The Advocate 271

178 "GLF and Women's Lib Zap Shrinks," GAY 272

179 "Gay Raiders Seize Stage at D.C. Psychiatric Meet," The Advocate 272

180 "Shrinks Asked to Join Gay Liberation," GAY 273

181 "Psychiatric Association May Drop 'Sickness' Label," GAY 274

182 "Sick No More," The Advocate 274

8 Pride Marches and Parades 276

183 "In the Movement," Homopbile Action League Newsletter 277

184 "Thousands Take Part in Gay Marches," GAY 277

185 "1200 Parade in Hollywood," The Advocate 279

188 "Gay Pride Week, 1970," Mattachine Midwest Newsletter 280

187 "Drag Queens Demonstrate," Drag 281

188 "Gay Pride '71: New York," The Advocate 282

189 "Gay Pride '71.: Hollywood," The Advocate 284

190 "Long, "Well-Rounded Entry Clouds Parade Aftermath," The Advocate 285

191 "Gay Pride '71: Chicago," The Advocate 286

192 "Thousands Parade under Sunny Skies in Damp New York," The Advocate 287

193 "San Francisco Hosts Gay Parade," GAY 288

194 "C.S.W. Fracas (Round 1)," Gay Sunshine 290

195 "Chicago Parade Draws Wide Support," The Advocate 292

196 "Turnout Exceeds Expectations," Gay Alternative 292

197 "Color, Joy in San Francisco," The Advocate 293

198 "Gays Pour through New York," The Advocate 294

199 "3000 Brave Heat tor Chicago Pride Parade," The Advocate 297

200 "The Alternative Rap," Gay Alternative 298

Acknowledgments 301

Copyright Acknowledgments 303

Appendix: Suggestions for Additional Reading 307

Notes 321

Index 331

About the Author 341

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The Stonewall Riots: A Documentary History 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
GayleT00000 More than 1 year ago
This is an exhaustive look at what happened before Stonewall, during that time and afterward, through the eyes of the police, politicians, citizens, columnists and even the clergy. The bulk of this book is in the form of columns from "Mattachine", "The Ladder" and from the newspapers of the day, statements from police and citizens. It's easy to overlook the activists, columnists and the everyday customers of bars and restaurants who resisted daily, when so much attention is focused on The Stonewall, but these regular citizens were the ones who came before the rioters at Stonewall. They are the ones who paved the way for Stonewall and they're the ones who started the resistance so that bars could stop paying the police and the Mafia for "protection", so they wouldn't be raided as often. This book looks at white v. black homosexuals, males v. females, lesbian invisibility, bars, businesses, demands of the community to the straight world, religion, anti-discrimination laws and how they changed over the years, psychology and psychiatry, the military and really every possible walk of life during the struggle for equality and inclusion. The book is divided into basically three parts: before Stonewall, during Stonewall and after Stonewall. No detail is left out and the understanding of these decades is the purpose and the result of this book. Excellent for those who want to know to whole story and for scholars of this time in history.