The Story Behind: The Extraordinary History Behind Ordinary Objects

The Story Behind: The Extraordinary History Behind Ordinary Objects

by Emily Prokop


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ISBN-13: 9781633538283
Publisher: Mango Media
Publication date: 10/15/2018
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 364,349
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 6.80(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Emily Peck Prokop received her B.S. in Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University, and is currently a podcast producer and editor. When she discovered podcasting as a hobby, she finally found an outlet for the random information she collected that she loved to randomly bring up in conversations. While she never considered herself a history buff, she found it was easier to remember when put into the context of fascinating stories related to things that came about in today’s world. She’s been featured in numerous podcasts and enjoys getting behind the mic whenever she can. She lives in Connecticut with her husband, two kids, and two cats -- all of whom get tired of hearing her start sentences with “I learned on a podcast …”

Table of Contents

SAMPLE ENTRIES (plus much more!)

1. Peanut Butter​ - Used as a source of protein during World War II, and soldiers popularized it when they came back from the war. 2. The Treadmill​ - Originally used for prisoners to generate energy and as a form of punishment, and now we pay money to use them. 3. The Lollipop​ - Started with ancient Egyptians eating honey on sticks. 4. The Lead Pipe​ (from The Clue Series in which every episode in the series was based on one of the six original weapons of the game Clue) - Even in ancient times, people were aware of the dangers of lead. 5. Podcasts ​- The controversy surrounding who actually invented them and/or the technology needed for them. 6. Comic Sans​ - Originally designed to be used in a learning computer game, now used on school fliers, to the chagrin of graphic designers everywhere. 7. The Theremin​ - The creepy instrument popularized in sci-fi movies was actually brought over to America from Russia as part of a spy mission.

8. Lullabies ​- How lullabies are used in different civilizations and how certain beat patterns are used in lullabies to mimic rocking. 9. Mad Hatters​ - Even though they aren’t around anymore because we now know the dangers of mercury, find out why we say the phrase “mad as a hatter,” and who Lewis Carroll’s character was supposedly based on. 10.Gunpowder ​- Originally invented by alchemists looking to create gold, used as fireworks, then as a powerful weapon, and part of a plot in England by Guy Fawkes to blow up Parliament in 1605.

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From the Publisher

"There's something so fascinating about looking into the history and stories behind the everyday, mundane, and ordinary. Emily's book will perfectly scratch the itch of curiosity you have for thing you see everyday!"
- Patrick Foote, Author of The Origin of Names, Words and Everything in Between

Emily Prokop’s The Story Behind takes a holistic look at American and world culture through the everyday items we take for granted. It is in this perspective that we’ll grow to wonder about the other items that surround us on a daily basis, and what fantastic and controversial stories are hidden within them. The Story Behind is a spark of curiosity that will burn long after you’ve turned the final page.
-Josh Hallmark, Host & Producer of Our Americana podcast

"Packed full of information you didn't know you wanted to know, Emily's book will make you look at the ordinary objects that surround you in a completely different way." — Mark Des Cotes, Host of the Resourceful Designer podcast

"Emily magically weaves a vibrant history of simple every day objects we often take for granted. The Story Behind will surprise and delight, encouraging you to give everything a second look." - Deana Marie, Creator & Host of the Twisted Philly podcast

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