The Superkids Activity Guide to Conquering Every Day: Awesome Games and Crafts to Master Your Moods, Boost Focus, Hack Mealtimes and Help Grownups Understand Why You Do the Things You Do

The Superkids Activity Guide to Conquering Every Day: Awesome Games and Crafts to Master Your Moods, Boost Focus, Hack Mealtimes and Help Grownups Understand Why You Do the Things You Do

by Dayna Abraham
The Superkids Activity Guide to Conquering Every Day: Awesome Games and Crafts to Master Your Moods, Boost Focus, Hack Mealtimes and Help Grownups Understand Why You Do the Things You Do

The Superkids Activity Guide to Conquering Every Day: Awesome Games and Crafts to Master Your Moods, Boost Focus, Hack Mealtimes and Help Grownups Understand Why You Do the Things You Do

by Dayna Abraham


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Help Your Kids Stay Calm, Be Happy and Make Every Day Amazing

Do kids’ behaviors leave you confused and frustrated? Dayna Abraham is teaching the world there’s a better way.

She, too, was baffled by her son’s behaviors until she realized the power of using science and child development to see him for the superkid he already was. In this revolutionary book, Dayna bridges the gap between kids and the adults who love them by empowering kids to be their own problem solvers and helping adults understand what kids really need to succeed. As a teacher, writer and mother, she explains that undesirable behaviors are really a cry for help. Kids have a need, but lack the tools and skills to express it. In this book, she gives kids fun projects and tools that boost their ability to control their behaviors, explain how they’re feeling and gain confidence.

Each of the 75 unique sensory-rich projects in The Superkids Activity Guide to Conquering Every Day will help kids navigate the most challenging times of day. Whether they struggle to get out the door in the morning or hate to sit for homework, this is the book for you. Kids will be begging to clean their room, their dinner plates and more with exciting activities such as:

· Magnetic Morning Routines to help kids visualize their time and tasks to stay on track
· Race to the Finish Dinnertime Gameboard to help even the pickiest eater find foods they like
· Seated Silly Busters so even the wiggliest kid can get their work done
· Weighted Snake Lap Buddies to calms fidgety legs and minds
· Calming Glitter Slime to squash big worries
· No-Sew Weighted Blanket to ensure a good night’s rest
· … and so much more

The Superkids Activity Guide to Conquering Every Day puts the power into kids’ hands to understand themselves, discover their superpowers and have an awesome day, every day.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781624144158
Publisher: Page Street Publishing
Publication date: 08/15/2017
Pages: 208
Sales rank: 1,115,904
Product dimensions: 7.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)
Age Range: 5 - 12 Years

About the Author

Dayna Abraham is a mom, teacher and writer, but before all that she was a misunderstood superkid herself. She’s written The Superkids Activity Guide to Conquering Every Day so superkids and parents can learn to understand each other and get along better. She is the founder of the website Lemon Lime Adventures, and she’s a co-author of STEAM Kids, Sensory Processing 101 and The Unoficcial Guide to Learning with LEGO®. Before she was a writer, she was an award-winning National Board Certified teacher. She lives outside Chicago, Illinois.

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Mornings can make or break your day. Getting up on the wrong side of the bed, not having enough energy or being full of worry can make it seem like the world's biggest villains are out to get you. However, if you can learn to harness your superpowers first thing in the morning, you will skyrocket through your day! These activities will help everyone have an argument-free morning. From getting dressed to squashing those big nasty worries before you start your day, these activities will get you energized, organized and ready for an awesome day!

Alerting Activities

Waking Up with Animal Walks Hello Mr. Sunshine Morning Stretches

Calming Activities

Calm, Cool and Collected: Breathing Games to Start the Morning Right Clean Detectives Wizardly Worry Stones Feelings Masks

Time-Saving Anytime Activities

What's in Your Backpack Shrinky Dink® Zipper Charms Anti–Time Warp Timers Magnetic Morning Routines Chart Weekday Rock Star Wardrobe Organizer

Hygiene Habit–Making Activities

Wonder Wiperoos Flick 'n' Floss


Have you ever noticed some of your biggest arguments with your adults happen during the morning rush? Some days it might even feel like your grown-up is around every corner, yelling for you to hurry up, do this and do that. I want to let you in on a little secret. Your grown-up hates this tension just as much as you do, and he or she would give anything to send you off each day with a hug and a kiss and a smile on everyone's face. My number one tip for helping everyone have the perfect morning is to slow down. While it seems counterproductive when mornings are busy and rushing, slowing down to take a deep breath or breaking your routines into small chunks will save everyone the headache of a morning fight.


Every sleepyhead knows getting going in the morning can be the absolute pits. What if I told you that walking like an animal would get your brain and your body ready for an amazing day? Pretty cool, right? Jumping quickly like a kangaroo will give your brain and body the boost of energy it needs if you're feeling too sleepy. Crawling slowly like a crab will help you calm down if you wake up with too much energy. No matter which animal tickles your fancy, your body will thank you for pushing all the right buttons with a "just right" attitude to guide your day.

Superpowers balance, strength, self-regulation

Sensory Systems movement, body awareness, hearing, touch

Energy Scale

What You Need

Your body

How to Do This Activity

Find an open space in your room or somewhere fun in your house with lots of space. Pick three of your favorite animals and spend a few minutes walking, hopping and moving like those animals. If it is a lovely day outside, you can even do these in your front yard or in the school parking lot.

Animal Walks to Get You Started

Elephant: With your head and arms hanging down, bend forward at your waist and squeeze your hands together tightly. As you walk with your feet far apart, swing your arms back and forth like an elephant's trunk.

Kangaroo: Stand with your heels touching and your hands up to your chest. Try taking gigantic hops while keeping your heels together the whole time.

Snake: Lie on the ground and reach as far in front of you as you can. Try to slither across the room on your stomach, staying stretched out like a snake.

How to Use This Tool

Animal walks and moves are the perfect way to calm your body or perk up your energy level. If you are looking for something to wake you up and get you moving, try being animals that jump and spin. If you need to calm down and focus, try being an animal that crawls, slithers or pushes on the ground.


What animals can you mimic that aren't listed? Can you move like every animal of the alphabet?

Play a game with your family or friends at school. See if they can guess the animal you are moving like.


These activities are known as heavy work because they give your bones, muscles and joints pressure. This is very important for your proprioceptive (say: proh-pree-uh-sep-tiv) sensory system of body awareness. Since this activity can be either energizing or calming when you need it, it's great to suggest to your adult when he or she starts to get frustrated at you for jumping on the furniture, running around the house or acting grumpy, and it's the perfect antidote for after-school attitude.


Are you tired of forgetting everything you need in your desk? Forgetting things can make you feel downright lowly, but you will never forget your folder again after you make these awesome Shrinky Dink® zipper pulls. It's pretty amazing what happens when we give our brains a visual reminder of the things that are most important. Never again have an adult call you lazy or disorganized.

Superpowers organization, attention to detail, working memory

Sensory Systems sight, touch

Energy Scale

What You Need

Pictures of items you carry in your backpack (see here)
How to Make Ahead

Start by tracing or copying the images from hereonto your Shrinky Dinks® paper and then coloring in your pictures with colored pencils or permanent marker. You don't need to copy each image, but make sure you get all the things you usually put in your backpack each day.

Cut out your images and use your hole puncher to put a hole at the top of your picture. Place each of your pictures on a cookie sheet and, with adult supervision, bake them in the oven for 1 to 3 minutes at 325°F (163°C). As soon as they flatten out, remove them from the oven and let them cool. You can use a spatula to flatten your charms even more if they curl on the edges.

Once your charms are cooled off, add a small connector ring before adding them to your keyring. Finally, attach your charms to the zipper pull on your backpack.

How to Use This Tool

Never forget another thing with these zipper charms. Now when you head off to school, check everything you need off the list by thumbing through your charms. When you start to head back home, make sure you have all your belongings by doing a quick double check of your charms.


Have a project where you need to remember facts? Make a set of charms to help you remember everything you need to know. Can you make a charm of the water cycle or the life cycle of frogs?


Your brain is naturally working overtime with everything you have to remember. Remembering your folder, library books or even your lunch can completely slip your mind. Retrain adults to see that you are not being lazy. Instead, you need help with your working memory and building the brain muscles that help you stay organized. By giving you a visual to rely on, your grown-up will be able to throw the nagging away and save the chatter in the morning for reminding you how much they care about you.


Do you feel like you never have enough time? Or do you get in trouble for not using your time wisely? Have no fear! Not only is this handy timer super fun to make, but it is also exactly what every superhero needs to keep on track to avoid getting sucked into a time warp. Turn this bad boy over and watch the seconds move along as you knock things off your to-do list faster than a speeding bullet.

Superpowers independence, time management, emotional regulation

Sensory Systems internal cues, sight

Energy Scale

What You Need

2 recycled plastic bottles of the same size Superglue Duct tape
How to Make Ahead

Start by removing the labels and lids from your plastic bottles and setting the bottles to the side for later. Use superglue to attach the lids to each other and let them dry overnight before covering the outside of the lids with duct tape.

With the help of your adult, cut 2 holes the same size as your straws in the middle of your lids and slide the straws through the holes.

Your straws should be placed so that there is one straw sticking out on each side of the lid. The opposite side of the straw should only be as long as the lid. Add silicone or waterproof glue around the straws and let them sit overnight to dry.

Now you are ready to fill one bottle with water and a few drops of food coloring all the way to the top. Put your new straw lid on top of your bottle and set to the side.

Fill your second bottle with baby oil to the top. Over a sink, gently tip the two bottles together and screw the lids on tight.

How to Use This Tool

Have you ever seen those super mesmerizing oil timers where the drops of color slowly drip through ramps and wheels? This tool is a homemade version that all your friends will want! As you turn the bottles over, the colored liquid will magically swap places with clear oil in the bottom through the tiny straws. After you have your timer just perfect, flip it over for its first magic countdown and time how long it takes for the liquids to swap places (this will be different depending on the size of the bottles you use).

The next time your grown-ups tell you to hurry up and get moving in the morning, flip over your timer and race against the clock. Can you get dressed before the timer is up? This timer also comes in super handy when you feel frustrated or upset. Simply watch as the time passes and reset your brain so you can get ready for more awesomeness!


Is your grown-up always hounding you to hurry up? What adults don't know is that time is a very abstract thing for a superhero like yourself. Your brain actually needs a visual reminder (a concrete example) so you can literally see the time moving along. Teaching your adult to give you a visual (say: vizh-oo-uhl) tool and a warning is a great way to make both of you happy as you transition from one activity to another.


Every rock star knows it takes a lot to get ready for the stage. Your morning routines can be just as overwhelming. This is no fault of your own. This magnetic routine chart is great for perfecting your mornings and reducing the nagging from your adults. Have your grown-up help you brainstorm all the things you need to get done to get out the door in the morning so you can make the perfect chart. Who knows, they might want to make one for themselves when they see how well it works!

Superpowers working memory, time management, organization, planning and prioritizing

Sensory Systems sight

Energy Scale

What You Need

Routine icons here Markers Glue stick Clean metal bottle caps Magnets Hot glue (with adult supervision)
How to Make Ahead

Cut or copy the morning routines you use each day from here. Using a glue stick, attach one image to the top of each of your bottle caps and set to the side to dry. With adult supervision, use hot glue to attach one magnet to the back of each bottle cap once they are dry.

With your craft tape, make a T shape on your cookie sheet. One side will be for routines you need "To Do" and the other side will be for "Done."

Add all of your magnets to your cookie sheet and place it next to your bed so you are ready to be awesome tomorrow morning.

How to Use This Tool

As you complete each activity (get dressed, brush hair, brush teeth, eat breakfast, etc.), you can move your magnet to the "Done" column.

Since the chart is super portable, you can take it with you as you move through the house to keep you on track and on a roll.


Need a routine chart for other times of your day? Use the blank routines here to make a chart for any time of your day that needs more reminders.


Does your grown-up get frustrated in the morning when you get distracted? I bet most times you don't even realize you still have things to finish. Everyone's brain uses executive functions (say: egg-zek-yuh-tiv fuhngk-shuhnz), steps and processes that help you plan, manage and monitor your tasks. This chart is the perfect brain trainer because it breaks down your morning routine and helps you plan and manage time as you move your pieces from one side to the other! Now, you can get your morning routines done and have time for the things you want to do.


Sometimes Mr. Sunshine wakes up long before you do and you need a little help greeting your day with a happy attitude. These simple yoga stretches will wake up your inner super-stretchy attitude and help you be more flexible in your thinking the next time a villain appears.

Superpowers emotional regulation, strength, balance, self-calming, focus

Sensory Systems internal cues, body awareness, movement

Energy Scale

What You Need

Your body Calm music (optional)

How to Use This Tool

All you need is your own body and plenty of space to get your morning started right. As soon as you hop out of bed, train your body and mind to get focused on the day with a few of the following stretches.

Child's pose: Kneel on the floor and bend your head over to the floor. Place your hands above your head or beside your body. Picture yourself as a stepping stone or a boulder that can't be moved by the troubles of your day.

Downward dog: Place your feet flat on the floor, bend forward and put your hands on the floor in front of you. You should look like an upside down V. Take some deep breaths as you look toward your belly button.

Feet up a wall: Just lie on your back on a bed or the floor and put your feet up against the wall to make a 90-degree angle with your body and legs.

The best part about these stretches is that they take almost no time at all to be effective. Start by spending 30 to 60 seconds on each stretch and build up stamina and strength by adding more stretches to your morning routine or by trying to hold each pose for longer periods of time. Your brain will thank you later.


Stretching and focusing is a healthy mindfulness habit. Mindfulness is the act of paying attention to your surroundings and freeing your mind so good thoughts can carry you through your day. By stretching your body, you are adding oxygen to your brain stem (which is the center for emotional control). Adding oxygen to your brain through morning stretches will not only prepare you for an amazing day, it will reduce your stress and worries in under 5 minutes a day. And, if you stretch with your grown-up, you'll be helping them have an awesome day, too!


Breathing Games to Start the Morning Right

Adults love to tell you to "just breathe." It's one of those phrases they are trained to use in adult academy. There's a reason, too. Breathing can be your number one defense against enemies (even your internal enemies) and can shut down any tantrum or meltdown in a flash. The problem is that even the coolest kids on the block don't naturally know how to breathe correctly. That's why these awesome breathing games are perfect for starting your day and loading your toolkit for any obstacle you might face.

Superpowers self-calming, emotional regulation, focus

Sensory Systems internal cues, body awareness, oral motor

Energy Scale

What You Need

Your body Stuffed animal Pom-poms Straws Balloons Pinwheels

How to Use This Tool

Learning how to breath when the going gets rough is not as easy as it sounds. It takes lots of practice but I know if you try these simple breathing exercises and games, you will be on track to battle the yuck.

Rise and Fall: This game is played by lying on your back with your favorite stuffed animal on your stomach. Close your eyes and think of something happy (a new toy, ice cream sundaes, a day at the park, etc.). Begin to focus on your breathing. Don't take a big deep breath or breathe forcefully. Instead, simply focus on your natural breathing.

Inhale through your nose slowly and feel your belly rise. You should see your stuffed animal rise as your belly fills with air. As you are inhaling the breath, count slowly to three. Now, slowly exhale the breath and feel your belly release the oxygen and return to its original size. Do this for a few minutes, really focusing on your breath and your belly going in and out and in again.


Now, mix it up a bit. Using the different props (pom-poms, straws, balloons and pinwheels) try to do the same breathing game. Try to make your stuffed animal rise and fall while blowing up a balloon, spinning a pinwheel or keeping a pom-pom in the air with a straw.


Excerpted from "The Superkids Activity Guide To Conquering Everyday"
by .
Copyright © 2017 Dayna Abraham.
Excerpted by permission of Page Street Publishing Co..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents

Title Page,
Copyright Notice,
The Superkids Manifesto,
How to Use This Book,
To Start Your Day in an Awesome Mood,
Even Picky Eaters Will Love,
For Smooth and Easy Transitions,
To Make You a Rock-Star Learner,
That Boost Independence and Friendship,
For a Perfect End to Your Day,
Awesome Resources to Be Even More Awesome,
Superkids Templates,
About the Author,

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