The Ten Principles from El Cantare: Ryuho Okawa's First Lectures on His Wish to Save the World/Humankind

The Ten Principles from El Cantare: Ryuho Okawa's First Lectures on His Wish to Save the World/Humankind

by Ryuho Okawa
The Ten Principles from El Cantare: Ryuho Okawa's First Lectures on His Wish to Save the World/Humankind

The Ten Principles from El Cantare: Ryuho Okawa's First Lectures on His Wish to Save the World/Humankind

by Ryuho Okawa


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A sequel to The Ten Principles from El Cantare Volume I. This book contains the latter five of the Ten Principles of Happy Science of the author, Ryuho Okawa, who is revered as World Teacher. Okawa established Happy Science in October 1986 and built many Head Temples, local temples, and missionary centers around the world, with members in more than 160 countries around the globe. These principles serve to integrate all religion, philosophy, and academic study.

You will learn the essence of Ryuho Okawa’s teachings and the secret behind the rapid growth of the Happy Science movement in simple language.

Volume II reveals the Creator’s three major inventions; the secret of the creation of human souls, the meaning of time, and ‘happiness’ as life’s purpose.

By reading this book, you can not only improve yourself but learn how to make differences in society and create an ideal, utopian world.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781942125860
Publisher: Continental Sales, Inc.
Publication date: 05/03/2022
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 5.42(w) x 8.01(h) x 0.71(d)

About the Author

Ryuho Okawa is World Teacher, Master and CEO of Happy Science Group (a global utopian movement), and international best-selling author with a simple goal: to help people find true happiness and create a better world. Okawa’s deep compassion and sense of responsibility for the happiness of each individual has prompted him to publish over 2,800 titles of religious, spiritual, and self-development teachings, covering a broad range of topics including how our thoughts influence reality, the nature of love and the path to enlightenment. Okawa also writes on topics of management, the economy, and the relationship between religion and politics in a global context. Okawa’s books have been translated into 31 languages, and many of them have become best-selling titles, with over 100 million copies sold worldwide.

Table of Contents

Preface to the newly revised second volume of The Ten Principles from El Cantare 11

Preface to The Principle of Enlightenment 13

Preface to The Principle of Utopia 14

Chapter 1 The Principle of Wisdom

1 The Basic Attitude toward Learning

A spiritual discipline suitable for people living today 16

Persistent attitude of "I will never think I understood something until I am fully convinced" 19

Get rid of all vanity 24

2 The Key to Unlocking Life's Problems

God gave us learning as a way to develop ourselves 29

Insight is the key to solving your problems 31

Your level of insight is your spiritual level 35

3 The Developmental Stages of Wisdom 39

1) "Continuing to seek for something higher" and "learning as an end" 39

2) Building up unshakable confidence in your wisdom 45

3) The wisdom of service 48

4) Fundamental thoughts in human history 51

Chapter 2 The Principle of Utopia

1 Facing the Age of Crisis 54

2 The Three Guiding Principles to Realize Utopia 58

The first principle-establishing the age of spirituality 58

The second principle-reforming economic principles 61

The third principle-establishing and mastering major principles for action 65

3 The Principle for Action to Create Utopia

> To create a Utopia in your mind <

1) Build the desire to change yourself 67

2) Accumulation and missionary activity of Truth 73

3) Experience the true nature of the spiritual world 78


Chapter 3 The Principle of Salvation

1 Be Creative and Make Discoveries and Inventions 86

2 Live a Highly Efficient and Fulfilling Life 92

3 Earth Is a Training Ground for Your Soul 95

4 The Splitting of Souls and God's Will 101

5 God's Three Great Inventions

Creation of the world through will 106

Creation of time 107

Creation of "the direction of happiness or progress" 108

6 Gratitude for God's Inventions 110

Gratitude for the "creation of the world through will" 111

Gratitude for the "creation of time" 113

Gratitude for the "creation of the direction of happiness or progress" 115

7 The Reincarnation of Stars and Planets 117

8 The Words for Saving 121

Human beings were created by God 121

The meaning of time 123

Happiness as our goal 125

Chapter 4 The Principle of Self-Reflection

1 The Meaning of Self-Reflection 128

2 Ra Mu's Threefold Path 132

3 Manifest Your Divine Nature Within 136

4 The True Eightfold Path

1) Right View 141

2) Right Speech 143

3) Right Living 145

4) Right Action 147

5) Right Thought 149

6) Right Effort 151

7) Right Will 152

8) Right Meditation 154

Chapter 5 The Principle of Prayer

1 Building a Bridge to God 158

2 Be Pure in Heart

Self-reflection and prayer 161

The rules of prayer 163

Experiencing oneness with God 165

3 The Meaning of True Prayer

A passion to bring happiness to all humankind 167

Angels are standing beyond the gate of prayer 169

Being reborn through prayer 171

4 Filling Your Heart with Love for God

What happens to misguided prayers? 174

The resolution to be reborn 175

5 Self-Power and Other-Power 178

6 Three Conditions for Prayer

The first condition-beauty 181

The second condition-goodness 182

The third condition-love 183

7 The Power of Prayer 186

Prayer for Creating Utopia 187

Afterword to The Principle of Enlightenment 188

Afterword to The Principle of Utopia 189

Afterword to the newly revised second volume of The Ten Principles from El Cantare 190

About the Author 193

What Is EI Cantare? 194

About Happy Science 196

Contact Information 198

About Happiness Realization Party 200

Happy Science Academy Junior and Senior High School 201

Happy Science University 202

About IRH Press USA 204

Books Ryuho Okawa 205

Music Ryuho Okawa 215

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