The Total Cat Manual: 2020 Paperback Gifts For Cat Lovers Pet Owners Adopt-A-Pet Endorsed

The Total Cat Manual: 2020 Paperback Gifts For Cat Lovers Pet Owners Adopt-A-Pet Endorsed

by Weldon Owen


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New for 2020, this paperback edition of The Total Cat Manual brings over 200 invaluable tips from David Meyer, Abbie Moore and Dr Pia Stalk, operators of, the world's largest non-profit pet adoption website.

Whether a long time or first time Cat owner, this 224 page guide will walk you through how to prepare your home, yourself and your family for your new best friend. Get ready to welcome a new bundle of furry feline fun into your home and your heart!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781681886572
Publisher: Weldon Owen
Publication date: 11/03/2020
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 465,652
Product dimensions: 6.73(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.60(d)

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Table of Contents

Introduction from



001 Enjoy the Benefits of Being a Pet Parent

002 Meet Kitty-Your New Boss!

003 Teach Kids Care Basics

Fact or Fiction? Cats Steal Babies' Breath

004 Get the Timing Right

005 Prepare for Cuddles!

006 Remember: Forever Means Forever!

007 Have the Talk with Humans

008 Explore Family Health Issues

009 Make It Work with Allergies!

010 Reduce Your Reactions

011 Know the Pet Rules Where You Live

012 Prepare for Your New Arrival

013 Create Kitty's Space

014 Set Up a Safe Zone

015 Remove Choking Hazards

016 Stow Away Toxins

017 Stock Safe Snacks

018 Avoid the Dangers

019 Stock Up on Supplies

020 Provide Entertainment

021 Get the Toys!

022 Use Litter Box Logic

023 Explore Your Options

024 Catproof Your Furniture

025 Keep Scratching at Bay

026 Get Alerted!

027 Go to Bed

028 Plan for Travel

029 Figure Out Basic Costs

030 Factor in Unexpected Expenses

031 Price Pet Sitters Up Front

032 Consider an Indoor Cat

033 Prepare for the Great Outdoors

034 Keep Cows in Barns and Cats on Couches

035 Don't Shop-Adopt!

036 Check Your Local Shelter

037 Start Online

038 Adopt from Friends or Family

039 If So Smitten, Choose a Kitten

040 Cater to a Kitten

041 Understand Trap-Neuter-Return

042 Save a Lost Kitten

043 Care for the Baby

044 Cook Up a Substitute

045 Be a Bottle Baby Expert

046 Take Tinkle Time

047 Sleep Soundly

048 Bring Home an Adult (or Two!)

049 Adopt a Senior in Need

050 Make a Stray's Day!

051 Understand Feral Cats

052 Know Your Basic Breeds

053 Pick a Personality

054 Refine Your Choice

055 Pick the Right Gender

056 Provide a Temporary Home

057 Inherit a Kitty, Happily

058 Find a Cat a New Home

059 Don't Declaw!

060 Meet a Cat on Her Terms

061 Teach Kids Kitty 101

062 Prepare the Pet Family

063 Introduce Your New Cat Slowly

064 Take It a Step Further

065 Let Your Furry Friend Hide a While

066 Spay or Neuter to Save Lives!

067 Get a Chip on Your Cat's Shoulder

068 Collar Your Critter

069 Let the Collar Shine

070 Let Cats Eat Cat Food

071 Have a Happy Holiday with Kitty

072 Protect Decorations from Your Cat


073 Cuddle Kindly

074 Appreciate Food Burial

075 Understand the Dirt Roll

076 Say Hello to Kitty

077 Learn About Requests

078 Notice Needs

079 Join in the Chatter

080 Listen to Yowls

081 Interpret Growls

082 Teach Your Kitty Key Phrases

083 Learn How Cats Purr

084 Discover Why Cats Knead

On the Catwalk: Grumpy Cat

085 Describe a Cat Face

086 Surrender Your Sweater

087 Watch for Pain

088 Accept It: They're Mind Readers

089 Cope with Food Refusal

090 Give Kitty What She Wants

091 Boost Cat Confidence

092 Avoid Aggression Triggers

093 Play Nice!

094 Be Alert to Alpha Behavior

095 Let Kitty Be King (or Queen)

096 Break Up a Brawl!

Fact or Fiction? A Cat that Scratches Is Mean

097 Applaud the Pounce

098 Accept Kitty's Inner Lion

099 Manage Kitty's Vermin Fascination

100 Protect Wild Birds

101 Shield Pet Birds

102 Take Care of Clawing

103 Reward Good Behavior

104 Don't Toy with Trust

105 Address Problem Behavior

106 Crack Kitty's Codes

107 Decipher Full-Body Language

108 See into These Eyes

109 Follow the Ears

110 Tell Tales

111 Pay Attention to Panting

112 Help Dogs and Cats Be Friends

113 Pause the Paperwork

114 Walk Your Cat (Maybe)

115 Make a New Start

116 Establish Trust Gradually

117 Take It Slow

118 Get on His Level

119 Keep it Simple

120 Pick the Moment

121 Make a Cat-Safe Fence for Your Outdoor Kitty

122 Let Kitty Groom

123 Control Those Tumbleweeds!

124 Keep Your Home Smelling Good

125 Handle the Holidays 125

126 Test Your Kitty IQ

127 Distinguish Body Types


128 Vet Your Vet

129 Prepare for Vet Trips

130 Minimize Carrier Terror

Fact or Fiction? Cats are Loners

131 Spice It Up

132 Know what Kitty Needs

133 Make It Balance

134 Count the Calories

135 Be Wary of Home Cooking

136 Keep Paws Clean

137 Keep Kitty Well Watered

138 Earn Your Stripes

139 Spot the Symptoms

140 Know Common Ailments

141 Keep Tabs on the Kidneys

142 Address Serious Illness Calmly

143 Tend to Arthritis

144 Head Off Herpes

145 Stop Stomatitis ASAP

146 Treat Respiratory Diseases

147 Fight Urinary Tract Attack!

148 Be Smart About Infectious Diseases

149 Stand Against FIV and FeLV

150 Get Through Chemo

151 Keep Up with Vaccines

152 Consider Hospital Care

153 Manage Care Costs

154 Investigate Insurance

155 Review Your Medication Options

156 Administer Liquid Medicine with Ease

157 Give a Cat a Pill (and Live!)

158 Explore Holistic Medicine

159 Make Fleas Flee!

160 Lick Those Ticks!

On the Catwalk: Double-O Cat

161 Take Care of Your Elders

162 Give Space and Love

163 Expand Your Knowledge

164 Resolve Food Dilemmas

165 Make Sure Kitty Eats

166 Cool Your Cat

167 Recycle Cardboard

168 Amaze Your Cat

169 Pep Up Playtime

170 Craft a Cat Tent

171 Provide Nip Between Naps!

172 Take Care of Travel Basics

173 Set Up Safe Car Trips

174 Kit Out Your Car

175 Scout Out Hotels

176 Fly Fearlessly

177 Take Kitty with You

178 Avoid the Hold

179 Find Your Perfect Pet Sitter

180 Check Sitter References

181 Negotiate with the Sitter

Fact or Fiction? Cats Only Purr when They're Happy

182 Go with Your Gut

183 Put Your Cat First

184 Review the Backup Plan

185 Do Your Paperwork

On the Catwalk: Nyan Cat

186 Find a Missing Cat

187 Start a Search

188 Create a Flyer

189 Call, Ssearch, Feed, and Wait

190 Leave No Stone Unturned

191 Give Kitty an Opening

192 Get the Word Out

193 Use All Your Resources

194 Place an Ad, with Care

195 Set a Humane Trap

196 Don't Give Up

197 Approach an Injured Cat

198 Groom for Health

199 Coif Your Cat

200 Bathe or Not?

201 Work Those Claws

202 Give a Paw-dicure

203 Weatherproof Your Furry Friend

204 Provide Kitty Perches

205 Consider a Caterrarium

206 Brush Those Gnashers

207 Say Ahh!

208 Follow Another Dental Routine

209 Launder Those Lugs

210 Let Music Soothe the Beast

211 Watch Kitty Watching TV

212 Put Your Knowledge to the Test

213 Purfect Your Portraits

214 Care for Your Old-Timer

215 Face End-of-Life Care

216 Give the Greatest Gift

217 Memorialize Your Friend

218 Mend Your Broken Heart

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