The Twelve Universal Laws of Success: Super Achiever Edition

The Twelve Universal Laws of Success: Super Achiever Edition

by Herbert Harris
The Twelve Universal Laws of Success: Super Achiever Edition

The Twelve Universal Laws of Success: Super Achiever Edition

by Herbert Harris


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21st Century version of Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich. Organizes success principles into twelve universal action laws. Each law is presented with biblical/metaphysical foundations while demonstrating step-by-step action-techniques for applying the law and getting desired results. The "Super Achiever Edition" contains comments and testimonials from 30 persons who have used the Twelve Universal Laws of Success to change their lives. This book puts concepts in “The Secret” into action. Perfect for readers of all ages who want to master the secrets of success and change their lives.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780974836287
Publisher: LifeSkill Institute, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/15/2017
Edition description: Enhanced
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 122,421
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Dr. Herbert Harris is a retired attorney and author of numerous books including How to Make Money in Music, a highly popular guide book to the music industry published by Arco/Prentice Hall and Power Thoughts for Your Success. Herbert’s most popular book, The Twelve Universal Laws of Success, provides an organized, straight forward, step-by-step approach to basic success principles and the laws of the universe under which they operate. This easy-to-read empowerment guide has been expanded into a second edition, The Twelve Universal Laws of Success 2nd edition that has attracted worldwide attention. Translations have been published in Canada, China, Czechoslovakia, India, Italy, Mexico, Romania and Saudi Arabia. Dr. Harris, a graduate of Columbia University in New York City, is committed to lifelong learning. His knowledge pursuits have taken him all over the world and help him relate to audiences of all ages, cultural backgrounds, and educational levels. After a stint at Time Magazine in New York City, Herbert launched a free lance writing career that eventually evolved into a nationally syndicated newspaper column called Thoughts for Success. Dr. Harris practiced law for many years and retired from his law practice to pursue a full-time writing and speaking career. Herbert studied under Dr. Frederick Eikerenkoetter (Rev. Ike) and became the Director of the Science of Living Institute in New York City. A former National Marketing Director with NSA, Herbert is a much sought after Marketing and Wealth Building expert. Presently Dr. Herbert Harris resides in North Carolina and is very active as a transformational speaker/coach at churches, community centers, universities, and corporations. He is a popular guest on radio and television programs. He is a Director of the LifeSkill Institute and a Professional Marketing Master and Elite Trainer in the Network Marketing industry. Herbert hosts and maintains the weekly “Millionaire Mentorship” international conference call and webinar.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents Dedication and Acknowledgments Introduction For Whom This Book Is Written Using This Book Most Effectively The SQ3R Study Method The Truth About Success Nine Rules For Becoming A Success Levels of Consciousness The Four Stages of Life Four Types of People in the World Super Achiever Comments Chapter I: The Universal Law of Thought Self-Image Five Signals of a Poor Self-Image Twelve Ways To Improve Your Self-Image Chapter II: The Universal Law of Change Fundamental Aspects of the Universal Law of Change Obstacles To Change Chapter III: The Universal Law of Vision Two Aspects of the Universal Law of Vision Goals Types of Goals Six Qualities Every Goal Should Have Purpose Imagination Types of Imagination How to Develop your Creative Imagination Chapter IV: The Universal Law of Command The Universal Law of Affirmation The Law of Command works positively or negatively Twelve Affirmations To Live By Chapter V: The Universal Law of Human Magnetism Attitude The Six Basic Fears Worry Enthusiasm Types of Enthusiasm VI: The Universal Law of Focus The Power of Focus How to Overcome Lack of Focus VII: The Universal Law of Action Right Work Success Planning Nine Step Method to Make a Success Plan Writing Your Success Plan Formula For Achieving Your Goals Universal Law of Value Four Aspects of the Universal Law of Value Time Thoughts Actions Money The Four Principles of Wealth Mastering the Riddle of Survival How to Create Wealth Compound Interest Projection Table Network Marketing Overview Super Achiever Comments The Universal Law of Relationships The Four Basic Relationships Harmonic Relationship with God Harmonic Relationship with Yourself Harmonic Relationship with Other People Nine Ways to Improve Your Relationship With Other People Words and Phrases to help develop positive relationships The Master Mind Principle Conducting a Mastermind Session Eight Steps of the Master Mind Process Harmonic Relationship With Things Chapter X: The Universal Law of Supply Opportunity Is Always Right Where You Are Super Achiever Comments Chapter XI: The Universal Law of Persistence I AM. I WILL. Obstacles to Persistence How To Overcome Procrastination Eight Ways To Develop The Habit Of Persistence Super Achiever Comments Chapter XII: The Universal Law of Truth The Nine Elements Of Truth Mastering The Power Of Truth Truth Principles The principle of perfection The principle of prayer The principle of forgiveness The principle of motive The principle of right judgment The principle of discernment The Law of Cause and Effect Super Achiever Comments

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