The Two But Rule: Turn Negative Thinking Into Positive Solutions

The Two But Rule: Turn Negative Thinking Into Positive Solutions

by John Wolpert
The Two But Rule: Turn Negative Thinking Into Positive Solutions

The Two But Rule: Turn Negative Thinking Into Positive Solutions

by John Wolpert


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Revitalize your team's creativity and overcome negativity with this inspiring guide to building unstoppable momentum for your transformative ideas

In today's high-stakes world of R&D and innovation, the difference between a groundbreaking idea and a stagnant project often rests on your team's approach to criticism and opposition. John Wolpert, a seasoned tech innovator, brings you The Two But Rule: Turn Negative Thinking Into Positive Solutions, a revolutionary guide to turning skepticism into a powerful catalyst for innovation.

In The Two But Rule veteran tech innovator John Wolpert delivers an exciting, hands-on guide to using the principles of Momentum Thinking to get you—and your organization—unstuck. You'll learn how to build unstoppable velocity for your big idea, product, or strategy as you blast through the endless objections and counterarguments that bedevil every innovator and changemaker. Momentum Thinking offers a lifeline for leaders whose teams are trapped in counterproductive criticism cycles, offering a refreshing, easy-to-understand, and engaging alternative to the toxic positivity that plagues so many organizations.

You'll discover how to address criticisms like "But that’s too expensive" or "But that won’t work" and use them to refine your idea and polish it into a gem worthy of attention and implementation.  In the book, you'll also find:

  • Innovative Problem-Solving Strategies: Learn how to convert team criticism into innovative solutions and opportunities.
  • Tips for Countering Toxic Positivity: Navigate beyond blind optimism to embrace diverse perspectives, enhancing problem-solving.
  • Engaging and Practical Advice: Implement the intoxicatingly fun "Two But Rule" for immediate positive impact on your team dynamics.
  • Ways to Encourage Innovation at Any Level: Foster a culture of positive contribution and creative momentum whether you're managing a small team or leading a large organization.
Designed for managers seeking to enhance their team's creative processes, executives navigating complex challenges, or any team member striving to contribute positively without being sidelined, The Two But Rule will fundamentally change your approach to teamwork and innovation, transform your team's dynamics, and pave the way for breakthrough success in your organization.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781394221080
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 01/24/2024
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 1,057,399
Product dimensions: 9.10(w) x 6.20(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

JOHN WOLPERT has founded companies, R&D consortia, and open source organizations in his decades-long career, from the early days of the Web to the rise of artificial intelligence. John has served as a CEO, a product executive, and a writer featured in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and the popular newsletter and podcast, But the title that describes him best is Seeker of Awesomeness. It’s a role that taught him not to ignore obstacles or hide from problems but to embrace them.

Table of Contents

Introduction xi

Part 1 Momentum Thinking Essentials 1

Chapter 1 Embracing Your But 3

Our Broken Buts 5

Two But Basics 7

Stating the 1But 9

Stating the Because 11

Stating the 2But 12

Elon Musk’s Fuzzy But 13

Chapter 2 No Buts Allowed 17

The Tragic Buts of Facebook and Lehman Brothers 18

The No- Buts Policy Makes Dumb Ideas Stupid: Ask Coke 19

Spanx, Adobe, and the 1But Winner 20

We Need Bolder Buts 22

Building Braver Buts 24

The Science of Buts 26

Waiting for the Quantum But 27

Saving But- Head 28

Rescuing 1But- Guy 30

Chapter 3 This Book Saved My But 31

Chapter 4 Getting Your But in Shape 35

The Pain in Your But 36

What’s Behind Your But 38

Best Buy’s Big Buts 39

Uber’s Bigger Buts 41

Chapter 5 Advanced Butology 45

Gnarly Buts 45

Chain of Buts 48

Rediscovering Your But 53

Proteins Got a Brand New But 54

Hidden Buts 56

Chapter 6 Bad Buts 59

Lewis and Clark’s Historic Buts 60

Cheating Buts 63

Volkswagen’s Gassy But 64

Don’t Be a Lazy But 66

Don’t Argue with Your But 66

Part 2 The Two But Rule in Practice 69

Chapter 7 The Social Life of Buts 71

Drunken Buts 72

The Gaps in Your But 73

Exposing Your But 75

Wolpert221080_ftoc.indd 8 16-11-2023 14:22:08

Chapter 8 Playing with Your But 79

Timing Your But 82

Butting In 84

The Odious But 85

The Empathetic But 86

The But of an Ass 87

Chapter 9 Old Buts and New Buts 89

Airbnb and Paul Graham’s Old But Breakthrough 90

Runaway Buts 92

The End of Buts 95

Chapter 10 Putting Your But to Work 97

Leaning Into Your But 99

Five Buts 101

The Two But Retrospective 103

Chapter 11 Managing Your But 105

2But Tools 106

Two But Notation 107

Artificial Buts 107

Two-But Buddy 109

Protecting Your Buts 111

Teaching AI to Embrace Its But 112

Part 3 Life’s Big Buts 113

Chapter 12 You and Your But 115

Everyday Buts 116

Fixing the Fan 117

Surviving Parenting Purgatory 118

Changing Careers 120

Wolpert221080_ftoc.indd 9 16-11-2023 14:22:08

Chapter 13 Business Buts 129

Running a Small Business Is a Pain in the But 129

Calendly and the Many Buts of Starting a Business 133

Where to Sit Your Buts 138

Chapter 14 Product and Technology Buts 145

The 2B Product Review 146

Who Owns Your But Online? 146

Product Feature Creep 151

Regulating AI 155

Chapter 15 Buts in Conflict 163

Solon, Father of Buts 163

Big Government’s Budget Buts 168

Chapter 16 Saving the World…with Your But 175

Windy Buts 176

Plastic Buts 178

Chapter 17 The Rear End 193

The Buts We Leave Behind 194

Embrace Yourself 194

All Your Wonderful Buts 195

Acknowledgments 197

About the Author 199

Index 201

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