The Universe Revisited

The Universe Revisited

by John Dalessio

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John Alessi built the space ship Seeker. John’s son, Eric a professor at M.I.T. invented a revolutionary engine that would allow the Seeker to travel through space at the speed of light. The magnetronic drive harnessed magnetism and the gravity of planets as propulsion for his ship. John was able to travel to the far reaches of the Universe in mere days instead of years or a lifetime.

On his maiden voyage to Mars, John discovered life on the planet. The Martians lived under a sealed dome in the huge mountain of Olympus Mons. There he met Kimi, a beautiful Martian woman and fell in love. She became his mate and traveled with him aboard the Seeker. Together they discovered sentient beings on other planets in unexplored reaches of the Universe never seen by man.

Their travels took them through wormholes and galaxies to several planets in the Universe. On these planets John and Kimi discovered humanoids. They interacted with the inhabitants and found their cultures to be similar to those on planet Earth.

Throughout their travel and interaction with the various cultures of those planets, John and Kimi could not fathom how these beings could all have such striking similarities with the cultures of Earth in appearance, foods, language, and religion.

The revelation came after John and Kimi left the sixth planet they visited. After leaving the planet and returning to deep space, they met a fiery glow of seemingly hundreds of suns where a booming voice resonated from space into their minds. The thoughts resounded loudly, “I am your one true god. I am all that there is. I am the Creator. The Universe, the planets, the galaxies, the stars are all that I am.” The Creator explained in detail how it was the Universe and created planets and initiated the creation of Earth and evolution of mankind. John and Kimi accepted the Creator’s story as it made perfect sense. After all, the Universe is totally endless, infinitely powerful and most of it is still beyond human comprehension.

Following their revelation meeting with the Creator, John invited Kimi to start a new life with him on planet Earth. She happily accepted. They returned to Earth and Kimi quickly assimilated into the society of her new world. A while after their return to Earth, a nagging thought occurred to John. He discussed with Kimi about how all the beings on the planets they discovered were entirely peaceful and friendly. None exhibited a “dark side” such as existed on Earth with its documented history of violence, greed and envy.

After discussing the differences between the peaceful beings they encountered and the inhabitants of Earth, they became determined to find the reason for the ‘duality’ of mankind and the origins of good and evil.

John and Kimi determined the answers might only be found by returning to space . . . .

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Publisher: John Dalessio
Publication date: 11/25/2016
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About the Author

John Dalessio, a Brigantine, NJ resident, has always had a desire to be a writer. John was formerly a successful Ford-Lincoln-Mercury dealer with 45 years in the automobile industry. Currently in retirement and at age 77, Dalessio has fulfilled his desire to write by having authored and published his first Science Fiction adventure novel, “The Seeker.” He just completed and has published his second novel, a sequel, "The Universe Revisited." When John isn't writing, you can find him in Brigantine, NJ with his fiance, riding his Harley, playing men's tennis doubles or boating.

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The Universe Revisited 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book kept my interest from beginning to end. A very easy read. Throughout the book I kept asking 'why are John and his mate Kimi not spending more time with the beings they discover on each planet? But the final chapter answers the question and sums up the journey of the space travelers. We're all part of the same entity... An enjoyable read and highly recommended!- - Tony Monzo
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Normally science fiction wouldn't intrigue me, but this book sparked my curiosity. Each chapter left me in anticipation of the next. Seeking answers to the age old question... is there a uniting force, consciousness, or being that lies behind all creation? This book gives one perspective on settling the conundrum. . .Lisa A
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A fun and creative read that will open your eyes to an imaginative journey through the universe. John and Kimi accomplish the unimaginable on their journey. A fun, creative read that will open your eyes to the possibilities that lie in the unknown! - - Laura Kanaan
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
An artful articulation of the personal insight of our universe, woven through the adventures in space explorations to other Planets and Galaxies hoping to seek out the truth of the "duality of man" and the origins of 'good and evil'. The reader will glide smoothly through this creative, coherent, and well developed story line. Entertain your imagination while you journey with John & Kimi aboard the Seeker."-- D. Fontana
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I highly recommend your new book, a sequel to "The Seeker". Your new book spins a brand new web of intrigue. It is a beautiful work of fiction that engulfs the reader in a space adventure that is definitely "a page-turner" Thank you for providing me with some delightful entertainment… B. Hoffman
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
By Ray Braccia Thinking of someone, then receiving a phone call from them is something many people have experienced. This phenomenon is explored in “The Universe Revisited.” Sightings of UFO’s by American aviators have been noted. The novel’s main theme is day to day life of mankind taken to heights unimaginable, yet intriguing. Edgar Cayce, the “sleeping prophet,” as far back as the 1920’s proved the power of the mind. While in his “trances” he could see future events, yet have no recollection when he became conscious. This caused him to employ an aide to question and record his visions and from this state came his “readings.” The main characters of this novel, John and Kimi, his Martian mate, travel through time and space discovering and meeting cultures of various planets populated by “The Creator.” To most people there is only one Creator as written in our Bible. To agnostics this story makes make sense. To reinforce your ideology, I recommend you read this book!