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The Way of Mastery, Pathway of Enlightenment: Jeshua, The Early Years: Volume I

The Way of Mastery, Pathway of Enlightenment: Jeshua, The Early Years: Volume I

by Jeshua Ben Joseph


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The Way of Mastery: The Early Years (volumes I & II) transcriptions of these gatherings, originally recorded live, capture what Jeshua taught us all in these beautiful gatherings. The wisdom, guidance, and sheer brilliance of them is astounding; there is so much in these pages, dear reader, that will help you grow in understanding, support you to truly heal into peace, and more!

You might like to know this as well. Jeshua shared that while this mystical alchemy I was undergoing was part of my studentship, it was also His learning curve in acclimating to ‘my’ body, as well as merging with and learning to utilize the language structure of its ‘brain-mind.’

Indeed, the first phases of this period would find Him often communicating in a slow, monotone voice, with no movement of the body at all. Gradually, over time, He could animate it, and seemed to enjoy using my American idioms that He has accessed through this process as well!

Our interactions were varied and amusing. I would often feel His presence as I, for example, watched a bit of television, and he would make comments of the shows and even commercials. He said He was learning of my world through the part of my soul fixated, and operating through, the body, that tiny thing which I was still mistakenly thinking to be ‘me’!

The Early Years are filled with ancient wisdom, timeless Love, and even prophecy. In opening to this wonderful trove of material from Jeshua, may you enjoy these jewels that He has given us all!

Blessings to you,


January, 2019

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