The Wisconsin Story: 150 People, Places, and Turning Points that Shaped the Badger State

The Wisconsin Story: 150 People, Places, and Turning Points that Shaped the Badger State

by Dennis McCann

Paperback(Second Edition)

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The Wisconsin Story: 150 People, Places, and Turning Points that Shaped the Badger State offers readers engaging vignettes about everything Wisconsin. From portraits of significant figures like Robert and Belle La Follette, Golda Meir, and Edna Ferber, to stories of important events like the Black Hawk War, 1960s campus protests, and oleo smuggling, The Wisconsin Story takes readers on a fun and informative ride all across the Badger State. Where was Calvin Coolidge’s summer White House? What was the “anti-corset resolution?” And why was a cow named Ollie milked on an airplane? Award-winning newspaper columnist Dennis McCann’s talent for distilling complex subjects into brief stories that pack a punch makes this collection the perfect answer to the question “what makes Wisconsin, Wisconsin?”

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ISBN-13: 9780870209314
Publisher: Wisconsin Historical Society
Publication date: 09/20/2019
Edition description: Second Edition
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 200,299
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.00(d)
Age Range: 3 Months to 18 Years

About the Author

Dennis McCann spent most of his professional life traveling Wisconsin and the Midwest for the Milwaukee Journal  and Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin- Madison, he is the author of Badger Boneyards, This Superior Place, and This Storied River:Legend &Lore of teh Upper Mississippi. 

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Asaph Whittlesey, Ashland's Snowshoe Legislator 5

H. H. Bennett and the Wisconsin Dells 7

"Fighting Bob" Ushered in the Progressive Era 10

The Christmas Tree Ship Disaster 12

W. D. Hoard, the Dairy Cow's Friend 14

One Last Toast Greeted Prohibition 16

How Dry We Aren't-the End of the "Noble Experiment" 19

Super Bowl I Went to Titletown 22

The Siege at Gresham 24

August Derleth and the Wisconsin River 27

The Shooting of Teddy Roosevelt 30

John Deitz and the Battle of Cameron Dam 33

High on Milk-the Saga of Elm Farm Ollie 36

Dr. Kate, the Angel on Snowshoes 38

Jesse James Strang, Wisconsin's Own King 40

The Hodag and the Hoaxer-Eugene Shepard 42

Margarethe Schurz and the First Kindergarten 45

Laura Ingalls Wilder and the Wisconsin Frontier 47

First Snowmobile Born in Sayner 50

Pearling in Wisconsin 52

Louis Harvey, the Governor Lost in War 54

The Utopian Experiment at Ceresco 56

Aldo Leopold, Father of Conservation 58

Daniel Hale Williams, First Heart Surgeon 61

Legal Oleo Ended Wisconsin's Smuggling Era 63

Putting the Fight in "On, Wisconsin!" 65

Alex Raineri and Hurley's Last Gasp 67

Spring Storm Unearthed a Mastodon 69

Father Mazzuchelli, Church Builder 71

The Capitol Fire of 1904 73

Victor Berger, Socialist Champion 76

Leading the Way in Unemployment Pay 78

UW-Yes, UW-Won Basketball Crown 80

Joshua Glover and Sherman Booth 83

Belle Boyd, Confederate Spy 85

The Death of the Death Penalty 87

Golda Meir's Milwaukee Memories 89

Mary Ann Van Hoof's Vision of the Virgin 91

Cream Citys Brought Baseball to Milwaukee 94

Christopher Sholes and the Typewriter 97

Old Abe, the Eagle that Went to War 100

Hamlin Garland and the Middle Border 103

When Lead Was King in Wisconsin 105

The Klan, Briefly, Rose Again 108

Wisconsin and the Columbian Exposition 110

Gaylord Nelson, the Father of Earth Day 113

Manitowoc's Submarines Went to War 115

Ezekiel Gillespie's Fight to Vote 118

The Evolution of the Horicon Marsh 120

The Other Return of Douglas MacArthur 122

John Dillinger and Little Bohemia 125

The Ringling Brothers Put on a Show 127

Senator Teasdale and Wisconsin Vice 129

Hammerin' Hank's Eau Claire Days 131

Edna Ferber Found Her Voice 133

Billy Mitchell Earned His Wings 135

Dust Bowl Days in the Central Sands 138

Patriotism Grew in Victory Gardens 140

When Communists Came to Mosinee 143

The Menominee-Sovereign Nation and County 145

Pleasant Life Found at Pleasant Ridge 148

Comets Brought Awe, Tickets to Ride 151

Long Fight Led to Women's Suffrage 153

Good-Road Movement Paved the Way 155

The Deadliest Tornado of All 157

Clarence Darrow and the Oshkosh Strike 160

Calvin Coolidge's Summer White House 162

Mitchell Red Cloud's Medal of Honor 165

Underground Railroad Went through Milton 167

Battleship Wisconsin's Storied Past 169

Sam Tripp, Notorious Horse Thief 172

Lone Rock's Uranium Heyday 174

Life in a Lumber Camp 177

The Burning of the War Eagle 180

Carry Nation and the Boys at the Bar 183

John Muir's Environmental Roots 185

John Till, Somerset's Plaster Doctor 187

Wisconsin and the Plan for Peace 189

Great Chief Buffalo Went to Washington 191

When the White Pine Was Limitless 193

Diamonds in Wisconsin's Rough 196

Jens Jensen, Landscape Artist 198

Karl Paul Link Found the Cure 201

The War to Win a College 203

Kohler, a Community Divided 206

The Sovereign State of Winneconne 209

Ripon Threw a Grand Old Party 211

The Faithful Foundation of St. Nazianz 214

Robert's Rules Ordered the Day 216

Lucky Lindy-from Dropout to Hero 218

Civil Rights Grew from Racial Wrongs 220

Richard Bong, Ace of Aces 222

The Slickster Who Sold Oil City 225

Pecks Bad Boy Made It Good 227

The CCC, America's Peacetime Army 229

The Stockbridge Bible Came Home 232

Galesville, Our Garden of Eden 234

Curds and Whey Came to Wisconsin 236

Civil War Cost Wisconsin Dearly 238

First Cars Brought First Car Race 240

All-American Girls Played Ball 243

Henry Dagget's Corset Campaign 246

Mexican Immigrants Found Hope in Wisconsin 248

The Idea Behind the Wisconsin Idea 250

The Sinking of the Lady Elgin 252

Houdini Couldn't Escape Edna Ferber 255

Washburn's Boom Times 257

The Lights Went On in Appleton 259

The Bilious Mans Friend Cures All 261

When Abe Lincoln Slept Here 263

Why It's Called Pabst Blue Ribbon 265

James Groppi and the Assembly Sit-in 267

George Poage Ran to Glory 270

Father Marquette's Roughest Journey 272

Braves Baseball Filled Streets with Joy 275

When Murrow Took Down McCarthy 278

John Savage, Dam Builder to the World 280

Hasenfus Fell into Iran-Contra Mess 282

Unfounded Panic on the Frontier 284

When Fire Raged in Peshtigo 286

Frances Willard, Temperance Crusader 289

Belle La Follette Was a Fighter, Too 291

Ground Observers Kept Eyes on Skies 293

Frank Lloyd Wright's Spring Green Days 296

Morgan and Elizabeth Martin, Green Bay Pioneers 298

Anger in the Milk House 301

Justice for the Workers 303

History Was Key to Reuben Gold Thwaites 305

Iron Brigade Was Story of Valor, Loss 307

First Train Had Rocky Ride 309

When Fond du Lac Snubbed the President 312

World War I Met with Resistance 314

Black Hawk's Tragic Last Stand 316

State Slogan Grew from Civil War Gamble 318

Carl Schurz Had Lincoln's Ear 320

The "Merci" Train Came to Wisconsin 322

"Bowie Knife" Duel Never Drew Blood 324

Watertown's Delectable Stuffed Geese 326

Janesville Tankers' Cruel Death March 328

Increase Lapham, Weather Pioneer 330

Goodell Won Women Right to Practice Law 332

Dreamers Wanted Canals, Not Railroads 334

Nelson Dewey, Wisconsin's First Governor 336

The Gubernatorial Showdown of 1856 338

"Julius the Just" Was Dairy Defender 340

Peace in Europe Brought Joy to Streets 343

Chester Thordarson's Icelandic Retreat 346

When Protest Came to Campus 349

Strange Bedfellows, and Hogs in the Basement 351

When Ice Came in from the Cold 353

Index 355

About the Author 364

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