The Wrong Game

The Wrong Game

by Kandi Steiner


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ISBN-13: 9781727775754
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/06/2018
Pages: 392
Sales rank: 172,380
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.87(d)

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The Wrong Game 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
FS_Meurinne 3 months ago
This is my first book by Kandi Steiner, and now I know it won’t be the last. The Wrong Game had everything I wanted in a book. Gemma and Zach’s story is on I totally recommend for everyone to read. Gemma has suffered a lot, Zach tries to help Gemma, but the connection and bonding they form is impossible to not notice and do something about it.
Lisa-Lou 7 months ago
The Wrong Game by Kandi Steiner is a contemporary standalone romance that is part second chance part friends to lovers and a little original Kandi mixed in. This is only the second book I have read by Kandi Steiner, Revelry being the other, but she is definitely in with my favorite authors. She writes real emotion and embraces true character damage without prettying it up. The pain I felt when reading about the betrayal Gemma suffered hurt my heart too. The level of openness in Zach's family was admirable. The whole story was awesome to the max. Gemma has a plan. As a list writing, plan making, single woman she is going to take her tragedy and make use of it. Dip her toes back in the dating scene by way of one night dates (or stands) with guys she can meet at the favorite football teams home games thanks to the season tickets she bought for her now-dead cheating husband. Go Bears! Zach feels an instant pull to the beautiful Gemma and suggests she take him to the first game as a "practice" run. She has a lot of fun with Zach but anything more than that one game is NOT what she planned. And she MUST stick to the plan. Zach decides to do all he can to convince her that her plan sucks and the story builds from there. You will become frustrated with the characters. Wonder why Gemma can't get out of her own head. Feel bad for Zach and wonder why he just doesn't move on. It's soooo real! I loved every page - every gut wrenching moment - every emotional breakthrough - every word! Enjoy!
SBeeReviews 7 months ago
~A most genius plan ~ Gemma thought she had her life all figured out, until she was hit with a double whammy, both having to do with her husband. Only now when she was trying to move on and live her life again thanks to support from her boss and BFF Belle with a proposal to sample the dating scene via an app and her season Bears tickets, she gives it a real try but when her first practice date with Zach, the sexy bartender makes her feel more than she bargains for, will she brave enough to go through with her very bold plan to get what she thinks she needs or dare to risk her really OCD heart and give him a break and a chance? Enjoyed the banter and fun they had before things grew serious between them, with Gemma ending up getting cold feet and feeling out of control with the whole plan over her growing feelings for Zach, and Zach, who knew pretty much what was missing in his life from their very first “practice” date that she would be the perfect football buddy for life. Also enjoyed Belle’s character and hope to see more of her and the pediatrician!
c_concus 7 months ago
I really liked this book, I will admit that I read it slowly so that I could savor every word written. Gemma thought she had the dream life until it all turned out to be a sham. She however is fun, sexy and a really cute lovable character. Another amazing factor is that she loves everything football, mainly the Chicago Bears. Zach is such an amazing character. He is the sexy bartender that will do anything to help those around him and especially his family. The chemistry between these two is off the chart hot. The only thing is that Gemma has made a promise to herself, however will she let herself break this promise to have a chance at what she thought she already had?
shabbyarora 7 months ago
Sensitive portrayal of a woman trying to find her footing, the story is full of sweet pain and scarring aches and you get swept away in the throbbing together of broken hearts. “They’re both a little crazy , both a little messed up. But they’re choosing to be messed up together.”  It's not a second chance story but a story about second chances that life gives you. Each day is an opportunity to make your life better and brighter. It's not how many times you fall, it's about how many times you get back up, dust your clothes and move on!!!! Taking chances and risks is the name of the game. Isn't there a saying somewhere- Its better to have loved and lost than not loved at all! Not sitting safe in what ifs and could haves, should haves  Sometimes a loss of a partner leaves you unmoored and adrift, and if life throws you a saver in form of a sexy bartender, you grab on to it and climb ashore. A pretty straightforward book but intense and layered all the same. The threats aren't external but internal guilt and doubts. Gamma Mancini loses everything in a month but she doesn't get a closure. Unanswered questions & shattered trust leave her bitter and cynical. She is stuck between mourning for a love lost and angry at betrayed life. Lies and truths are tossed up in the air and none of them land right side up. My sad-eyed, exhausted husband thought he’d broken my heart with his news. But the truth was my dread was born of a different source. It was simply me mourning the absolute conviction with which I’d believed in my plan and its certain success.  Now, I had no plan.  Generally a make a plan, keep it moving kinda girl, she is stuck amidst debris of her past life, when she meets the sexy bartender - Zach Bowen. A mutual love of beer, Chicago Bears and  Hotdogs makes them bond, except she likes ketchup on her hot dog!( I can't even...its sacrilege) He's easy going, very upfront and mostly receptive and a giver. A generous lover, patient and understanding, he breathes fun and laughter back in her life. Only she has to decide when do the walls come crumbling down, because Once Bitten; Twice Shy Gamma is wary and on guard It was easy to fall in love. It was harder to climb out of it.  And I didn’t want to have to dig my way out of that hole again.  The story had lots of funny moments, oodles of hot passionate sex, which broke the heaviness of the subject. Queen of Angst Kandi is very adept at writing matters of the heart which war with sensibilities of the mind and we end up with beautiful, unputdownable stories that stay with you for a long time! Some scenes shall remain with me cause they made me laugh with tears in my eyes.  Just pierced my heart and set camp. "You're at the Wrong Game." "As long as I'm the Right Winner"  And sure as Football, it's a winner!! 4.5 “Wien-Er-Lose” stars 
Gibsongal 7 months ago
loved this book!! It was such a cute, fun read!! I was hooked from the very first page!
BoundlessBookaholic 7 months ago
I enjoyed this one a lot overall. I’m giving it 4 out of 5 stars. This review is for an ARC, and reflects my honest opinion. I really loved the PSU books by Kandi, so when I saw a new book (and a sports romance at that) was coming out from her, I had to sign up. I got my hands on an ARC, and while it was pretty different from PSU, I found myself invested in the characters. Gemma was a good main character, but she did kind of annoy me sometimes for reasons I won’t discuss, because it would spoil things. I thought Zach was super cute, and such a freaking sweetheart. He made the book for me, and he’s the newest addition to my book boyfriend list. I liked Belle, Micah annoyed me for the most part, Doc was grumpy but a closet softie, and I adored Zach’s parents. Honestly, I don’t like sports (especially football), but I like sports romance books. I’m weird, I know. This one was pretty focused on football, especially since both main characters loved the sport. I think that aspect was well done, but what do I know? The last couple chapters, especially the last one, were adorable, and brought everything full circle. I knew what was going to happen before it did for the most part, and not much surprised me…except the rage I felt during one small part. I was so heated that I had to put the book down! I can’t wait for Kandi’s next release.
joyce_merces 8 months ago
One of the best books I've read in 2018! The Wrong Game is funny and beautifully written. It tells the story of two broken hearts learning to love and to trust again. Gemma is a sassy and strong heroine with a crazy best friend and Zach is a charismatic and swoony hero. Not only it's easy to fall in love with the hero, but it's also easy to fall for the secondary characters, something that it's not news when it comes to a Kandi Steiner book. She makes sure that she is giving us not only a romance, not only a couple but also a whole community. The book starts with a mic drop. A twist I was not expecting at all. Then it's a rollercoaster of emotions and if I can give you one advice while reading it is: hold on tight, because Zach Bowen is powerful and he will woo you with his amazingness. TWG is sexy, fun and cute from start to finish and the epilogue basically just killed me, ending the book with a cherry on top.
Lisa_Loves_Literature 8 months ago
4.5 stars really! This book was so much fun! It started out with a definite emotional back story, but I loved all the humor and was so much in love with Zach. While I totally understood Gemma's reasons for holding back, and taking a new guy to each game, I definitely was thinking she was making a huge mistake letting him go too soon, at first that is. I mean, after their "practice" game, when he took her home and yeah, did what he did? And was happy to still be tasting her after he left? Wow. I want my own Zach. I loved how persistent Zach was, willing to fight for Gemma. To me the way he kept reaching for her, even after she kept pushing him away was so real. He had that feeling about her. the one that supposedly told him she was the one, from the first time he met her. It was that wonderful fairy tale feeling that everyone wishes they'd get. There were moments in the story that I still got emotional. And then there were parts of the story when Gemma would start to freak out that her friend Belle, or even sometimes Zach himself, were able to help pull her from the brink of her meltdown and push her the right way, or at least off the path of destruction. The side characters in the story were also a delight. Of course Gemma's best friend Belle was someone to love. She didn't have any ulterior motive behind what she suggested for Gemma, other than her care and love for her. She saw what was right for her, and tried to steer her that way, even when it was maybe the opposite of what she'd said in the first place. Zach's family was wonderful as well. A true, loving family, a hilarious banter between all of them, built from the struggles they'd seen, but also just a real, loving family. One that reminded me of my family at times. Then there was Doc, Zach's boss. I had a feeling his reason to keep trying to get Zach alone for a "talk" was basically what it was, even though I had suspicions it was for something different than it turned out to be. Then there were the other characters at the Chicago Bears' football games. Perfect. They were the way I'd imagine season ticket holders might be. Chicago as a setting was one I enjoyed as well, since I love that city and at one time thought it would be somewhere I'd like to move. The sex was steamy, and started off pretty quickly. In a way that I felt was just right, and set the tone of the story perfectly. Now, my one issue, that kept me from giving a full 5 stars, was how Gemma lost it at the end. I knew the final straw would have something to do with why her ex-mother-in-law was looking for her. And what she got from that final meeting was definitely a punch in the gut. But to me, it should have sent her right to Zach, showed her that she finally had a true love. Once again though, Zach pulled through in a way that made perfect sense to me. He was able to still be rightfully brokenhearted over what Gemma had said and done, but also able to see past that, and know that what he felt for her was really something special and worth fighting for. This is my first book by Kandi Steiner, and I'm pretty sure it is just the first of many that I will read from her.
CrystalsBookWorld 8 months ago
Oh yes! The Wrong Game by Kandi Stein is fun and frilly!