This Is Day One: A Practical Guide to Leadership That Matters

This Is Day One: A Practical Guide to Leadership That Matters

by Drew Dudley
This Is Day One: A Practical Guide to Leadership That Matters

This Is Day One: A Practical Guide to Leadership That Matters

by Drew Dudley


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Based on his TEDx talk "Everyday Leadership (the Lollipop Moment)"—voted one of the 15 most inspirational TED talks of all time—This Is Day One is leadership expert Drew Dudley's guide to cultivating the behaviors that will help you to succeed and empower those around you.

If you're intimidated by the mystique surrounding leadership, this book is for you. Dudley simplifies leadership without denying its complexity, demonstrating that leadership in all its forms begins at the same clear and accessible place for everyone: what he calls "Day One."

Day One is when you discover, define, and start to consistently deliver on your foundational leadership values. Living that day over and over is what creates leaders, and Dudley provides the key tools necessary to craft and commit to your own personal Day One, including:
  • A step-by-step process designed to surface your core leadership values and embed them into your daily behavior
  • A roadmap to behavioral changes proven to increase commitment, pride, productivity, and happiness
  • Insights into key leadership values that drive performance and impact
Sharing the process that led him through battles with alcohol, obesity, and personal tragedy, Dudley shows you how to develop a relentless commitment to the daily behaviors that will make you a better executive, coach, or teacher, and how you can inspire others to do the same.

Most of the leadership on the planet comes from people who don't see themselves as leaders. This Is Day One shows you how to start changing that. Through the insights of leaders of all types—CEOs, elite athletes, cab drivers, custodians, and everyone in between—Dudley helps you understand what your Day One needs to look like, reminds you why you're a leader, and makes clear what you can do about it—starting today, on Day One.

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ISBN-13: 9780316522991
Publisher: Hachette Books
Publication date: 03/17/2020
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 647,446
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 7.60(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Drew Dudley's TEDx talk "Everyday Leadership" has been viewed close to five million times and praised by Time, Business Insider, and Inc. magazine. Dudley is the founder of Day One Leadership, where he works with individuals and organizations around the world to unlock their leadership potential.

Table of Contents

Introduction xv

Part I This Is Day One 1

1 This Is Day One 3

2 The New Guy 7

Mustafa 8

3 Are You a Leader? 13

The Lollipop Moment 17

Everyday Leadership 23

4 Plan to Matter 27

Your Personal Leadership Philosophy 29

"Could You Explain What That Word Means?" 31

Values: Criteria for Decision Making 34

5 Day One Leadership 43

A Personal Culture of Leadership 43

Living Up to Your Ideals 44

Finding Leadership 48

6 Operationalizing Your Leadership Values 53

Part II Six Key Leadership Values 57

7 The Big Six 59

8 Impact 62

Just 63

Mr. Peters 64

9 Courage 71

Rejection Therapy 71

Confidence vs. Courage 74

The Magic Question 78

The List 81

Change Is Courage 88

Too Young to Settle 94

10 Empowerment 102

The Problem with Drew Dudley 102

Here's the Part Where I Use a Buzz Term 105

Turn In Your Service 109

11 Growth 114

Empowerment vs. Growth 114

"Don't All Books Have Stories?" 115

One Day vs. Next-Day Leadership 120

Why Are You on the Train? 124

The Edge of the Bed Question 127

12 Class 135

The Player to Be Named Later 135

Leaders Elevate 136

Elevating Email 138

13 Self-Respect 142

Treat Yourself First 142

Recognize That Happiness Must Be Cultivated 144

Recognize That Greatest Is the Enemy of Great 147

Stop Wearing Your Fake Leg 155

Plan for Failure 157

The Five Steps of Everything 161

Recognize That Things Don't Happen for a Reason 164

Heal 166

Think Like a Landlord 168

"The Man You're Going to Be One Day" 171

Only Hurt People Hurt Others 174

2,180 176

Part III Defining the Things You Want to Define You 181

14 Identifying Your Own Key Values 183

Now It's All About You 183

Your Three Assignments 184

Assignment 1-The Three Key Values Hypothetical 184

Assignment 2-Your Edge of the Bed Advice 186

Creating Your Own Edge of the Bed Advice 190

Assignment 3-Your Best and Your Worst 191

Reverse-Engineering Values 192

Surfacing Values 199

Value Perception vs. Value Reality 202

15 Creating Your Own Questions 206

What Makes an Effective Question? 206

16 Practice Identifying a Good Question 211

17 Putting the Day One Process into Action 215

18 What Kind of Day Has It Been? 222

Appendix I Value List and Definitions 225

Appendix II Sample Action-Driving Questions 233

Appendix III Value Tally Sheet 247

Acknowledgments 249

Endnotes 253

What People are Saying About This

CEO, Count Me In - Shane Feldman

“Drew Dudley is one of the greatest leadership experts of our time. If you care about accomplishing your goals and unleashing your fullest potential, this book is written for you. Dudley provides true stories, genuine insights, and clear strategies that will allow you to reach new levels of success and impact. Whether you’re a CEO or recent graduate, you’ll uncover incredible lessons that could transform your life.”

New York Times bestseller author of The Book of Awesome - Neil Pasricha

“I have a problem with most leadership books. They scream from mountaintops. They quote superstars. And the authors play the role of preacher on a pedestal. But Drew Dudley is different. The pedestal has been kicked away. The superstars replaced by everyday people. And what shines through? The magical wisdom of life-changing stories on how we can be better people and live better lives. This isn’t a why book. It’s a how book. You already know leadership matters. Now here’s how to do it.”

VP partnerships, Forbes - Melody Khodeverdian

“If you’re looking for a refreshing and new take on leadership, look no further than This is Day One. It provides the reader with opportunities to implement its system in everyday situations—from your interactions with a barista at your coffee shop to a meeting with your CEO. Dudley provides the reader with easy-to-understand stories, offering us tools we can adopt immediately. I recommend this book to everyone, from those just starting out their career to those in the C-suite.”

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