This Was Mining in the West

This Was Mining in the West

by David W. Pearson


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In 1849, the Gold Rush was on! A hundred and fifty years later, the era still captures the American imagination. This fantastic book goes into great detail about the real lives of the brave '49ers and those who followed them, facing unbelieveable hardships in the hopes to striking it rich-finding the Mother Lode.
This book discusses the expansion of mining from gold to silver, and eventually to copper, in many of the Western states. Significant mines in California, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Idaho, Colorado, and Arizonia are all discussed, including their dates of operation and production records. The growth of railroads and transportation is explored, as is the evolution of mining technology.
This books is a must for those interested in the realities of Gold Rush life, shown in over 225 period photographs. Mining stock certificates, currency, and newspapers from the day are also shown, along with antique mining tools-all with current values provided for collectors.

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Publisher: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.
Publication date: 11/27/1995
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About the Author

David Pearson lives in the old mining region of Genoa, Nevada, where he owns an antiquarian book business.

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