Thoughts Are Free

Thoughts Are Free

by Max Hertzberg


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East Germany, 1994: a country ravaged by politics and economic meltdown

Fascist skinheads roam the streets of East Berlin, the country is divided by a referendum.

In this sequel to Stealing The Future, ex-dissident Martin Grobe is preparing an ex-Stasi agent for an undercover mission against the far-right, while punk Karo tackles the problem in her own way: on the streets with the local Antifa.

But when Martin's investigations make him a target, he joins forces with Karo—can they stem the tide of violence threatening to wash away the GDR?

Book 2 of the East Berlin Series.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780993324727
Publisher: Maximilian Hertzberg Hessler
Publication date: 11/04/2016
Series: East Berlin Series , #2
Pages: 248
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.56(d)

Table of Contents

Text of traditional song "Thoughts Are Free"

Map of Berlin

Day 1: Monday 14th March 1994

Day 2: Tuesday 15th March 1994

Day 3: Wednesday 16th March 1994

Day 4: Thursday 17th March 1994

Day 5: Friday 18th March 1994

Day 6: Saturday 19th March 1994

Day 7: Sunday 20th March 1994

Day 8: Monday 21st March 1994

Day 9: Tuesday 22nd March 1994

Day 10: Wednesday 23rd March 1994

Day 11: Thursday 24th March 1994

Day 12: Friday 25th March 1994

Day 13: Saturday 26th March 1994

Day 14: Sunday 27th March 1994

Day 15: Monday 28th March 1994

Days 16–18: Tuesday 29th March to Saturday 2nd April 1994

Referendum Day: Sunday 3rd April 1994

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