Thrive Principles: 15 Strategies For Building Your Thriving Life

Thrive Principles: 15 Strategies For Building Your Thriving Life

by Lee H. Baucom PhD


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Happiness has become a default goal for many people. Yet that goal seems to always elude those chasing it. Building a thriving life is recognizing that happiness is not a goal, but a side-effect. Thriving is about building a life of meaning and purpose, practicing forgiveness and gratitude, and creating a resilient self to deal with issues and struggles that arise throughout life. Thrive Principles is a roadmap for anyone looking to build a thriving life as well as for those looking to:
  • Stop chasing happiness, and allow it to find them
  • Discover deeper purpose and live it out
  • Accept where they are, and then move forward
  • Forgive themselves and others, easily and consistently
  • Raise personal standards to live a life of excellence
  • Build resilience in order to face difficult times and still thrive
  • Discover their own internal resources

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ISBN-13: 9781683500773
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication date: 03/21/2017
Pages: 254
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Dr. Baucom has spent the last 3 decades helping individuals, organizations, and companies to thrive. Trained as a therapist, Dr. Baucom became frustrated by the limits of therapy in helping people to grow in positive ways. He trained as a coach and began to incorporate timeless principles of thriving. The practice became very real to Dr. Baucom, who suffered a life-threatening illness in 2003. He had to apply his own principles to rebuild his life.

Table of Contents

Introduction xiii

How This Book Can Help xv

How To Use This Book xvi

One More Note xvii

Chapter 1 Time to Thrive 1

Surviving Versus Thriving 3

How I Got Here 4

Chapter 2 A Thought is a Thought 7

Mental Noise Annoys Us All-Until It Doesn't Anymore 9

Fighting With Ourselves 10

Thoughts Lead To Feelings 11

Our Own Port in the Storm 13

How We View the World 14

H.A.L.T. 15

Gaining Mastery of the Mind 17

Feeling What You're Thinking 18

Evolving the Brain 19

Practicing Good Mental Hygiene 21

Chapter 3 Accept What Is 25

Wasted Indignation 27

Shift Happens! 29

Facing What Is 30

Facing Facts is NOT the Same as Accepting Defeat 31

Taking Full Responsibility is Fully Empowering 32

Chapter 4 Forgive Quickly and Move Forward 35

The Ritual of Forgiveness 36

Why It Can Be So Hard to Forgive 37

Staying Stuck 38

Myths About Forgiveness 39

Forgiveness is a Process 41

Wash, Rinse, Repeat 45

Forgiving For Yourself 46

Forgiveness Makes Way for Grace 47

Chapter 5 Assume 100% Responsibility 51

Becoming Fully Responsible 53

That Tiny Gap 53

No Fault Responsibility 55

If The Building Is On Fire… 56

About "Can't" 56

The Power of Self- Mastery 58

Learning Response-Ability 59

Chapter 6 Show Up 65

Living in the Present 67

Showing Up in the Moment 68

Dealing with What Gets in the Way 68

AWOL: Absent Without Leaving 70

All Present & Accounted For 71

How to Show-Up in the Moment 72

The Four P's 74

Chapter 7 Practice Gratitude 79

Thanks for Nothing 80

Too Much of a Good Thing 81

Freedom from Want 82

How Sweet It Is! 83

Appreciation as the Antidote to Deprivation 85

True Confession 86

What Good Is It To Be Grateful? 87

Gratitude Overcomes Gravity 88

Changing Poison Into Medicine 89

Viewing Our Lives in a Rear View Mirror 89

Self-Real-Eyes-ation 91

Thanks for Everything! 93

Grateful No Matter What! 94

Developing a Grateful Heart 94

Mindfulness on the Move 95

Sharing Our Gratitude: Appreciation 96

Balancing Life's Ledger Sheet 97

What We're Really Hankering For 98

Unearthing Buried Treasure 99

The Transforming Power of Gratitude 99

Post Script on Gratitude 100

Chapter 8 Practice Everyday Spirituality 102

A World Where Miracles Abound 103

What Do Spiritual People Believe? 105

Practicing Human Kindness 107

Less Than Perfect 108

The Peace That Surpasses… 109

Spirituality Rearranges Our Priorities 110

Eight Steps to Greater Inner Freedom 112

Spirituality Every Day 118

Chapter 9 Maintain Boundaries 122

Don't Fence Me In 123

Boundaries are Necessary to Thrive 124

What Boundaries Are Not 124

Drawing Boundaries 126

How to Set a Boundary & Make It Stick 128

When Free Coaching Comes Your Way 131

That Bank? 132

Chapter 10 Raise Your Standards 136

How to Raise Your Standards 139

Chapter 11 Care For Yourself 144

Dying to Live 145

The Brain in the Belly 146

The Four Keys to Good Health 147

Chapter 12 Live Your Purpose 158

What's It All About? 159

How Being of Service Brings Purpose 160

Living in a Vacuum 162

Follow Your Bliss (Sort of) 162

Finding Our Purpose Right Where We Are 164

The Lens Through Which We View the Lives We Lead 165

The Purpose Journey 166

Chapter 13 Act On Your Convictions 168

Convictions and their Repercussions 169

Conviction in Oneself 170

I Cannot Tell a Lie (Or Accept A Lie) 171

Why We May Forsake Ourselves 173

Acting on Conviction 174

Convictions vs. Certainty 176

Staying True to Oneself 177

Life Puts Us to the Test 178

Chapter 14 Be Courageous 182

How Fear Keeps Us Small 184

F.E.A.R. 186

Avoidance or Importance? 187

Existential Fear 189

Be All You Can BE 191

Leaps of Faith and Courage 193

Ordinary Heroics 193

Why Is Courage Such a Necessity of Life? 196

Chapter 15 Impact Your World 199

Random Acts of Kindness 201

Random Acting Out 202

Points or Impact 204

From Ripple to Snowball Effect 206

Igniting the Fire Within 207

How to Become a Mover and Shaker 208

Chapter 16 Grow 213

Old Dogs & New Tricks 214

Late Bloomers 216

Staying Open to All Possibilities 217

Letting Go of Ever Arriving 219

The World Opens Itself to the Curious 220

Learning from Our Challenges 221

Chapter 17 Conclusion 224

Control What You CAN Control 226

Choosing A Thriving Path 228

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