Thumos Adulthood Love Collaboration: The Book of Thumos Onboading for Humanity

Thumos Adulthood Love Collaboration: The Book of Thumos Onboading for Humanity

by Nickantony Quach


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This is a groundbreaking book for humanity. Like a captivating story with epic character development, this nonfiction makes us feel and think, by taking us on a compelling, original, and unpredictable journey through a treasure trove of humanity. This would be an absolutely unforgettable gift for your friends as it is always relevant to their current needs. It would drastically improve their life regardless of their current situation. Their life will be changed before they finish reading the first three chapters. Their relationships with you and others will be improved before they reach the seventh chapter. They would open this book, this gift again and again. No matter how often they read it, there are always something new to be discovered.

Thumos is a big concept. Its origin can be traced back to a specific time and place. It began in Richardson, Texas, near Custer Park, few weeks before the September 11 attacks. The original idea was not further developed until fifteen years later, by one of the most unlikely pairs of co-writers in a town 1800 miles away. In the last chapter, they wrote: "Legacy is what you do that impacts later generations." With the potential for the greatest impact in the least number of words, their ten chapters might turn out to be, how dare to say it now, the finest legacy of the 21st century. In that case, Thumos would be the word that changes the world.

Thumos is onboarding for humanity. Onboarding is the mechanism through which new members of an organization acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become effective organizational insiders. When the organization is humanity as a whole, its onboarding process is spelled out by this book. Thumos is a necessary book for every member of our humanity. It is an imperative book for leaders, managers, and teachers.

Thumos is indispensable for students as it, without resorting to gimmickry, gives a direct, practical, and cogent answer to basic questions in life. Ri4C-Book-701

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Pages: 194
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Nickantony Quach is an Automation Engineer, an author, and a father. He lives in Providence, Rhode Island. MORE at Mark Canny studies at the University of Rhode Island. He graduates in 2017.

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