'Tis Herself: An Autobiography

'Tis Herself: An Autobiography

by Maureen O'Hara, John Nicoletti
4.5 9


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'Tis Herself 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
ProfessorMS More than 1 year ago
Here is a delightful autobiography of a woman of strength, inteligence and ability. When you look at what passes for celebrity now, it is disheartening. Miss O'Hara is a woman who worked hard, lived with integrity, and was respected by her peers. She is someone that could be a role model, in lieu of today's "actresses" who are common girls with bad manners, bad behavior and no social graces, much less any modicum of real talent. I miss the days when woman were genuine, smart and had a level of self-respect, and this book reminds me of those days. I wish she still made films, just so I could enjoy seeing her again. But she has certainly left a body of work that can be watched again and again and honors her amazing career, as well as a remarkable life and lady.
NancyLee1and2 More than 1 year ago
Simply put, I so enjoyed reading Maureen's autobiography. She is as lovely inside as she is on the outside. I've so enjoyed your movies. Of course, The Quiet Man is my all-time favorite. My husband & I have a tradition of watching once a year. I was sorry when the book ended but you betcha I'll be rereading it a few years from now just to laugh with you, and be saddened by your losses.
SeriousPanda More than 1 year ago
For a celebrity autobiography this is very absorbing and interesting especially for readers of a certain age who will know most of the people mentioned in her story. She gave us lots of interesting detail but stopped in time to keep our interest and look for more instead of skipping over paragraphs. She also added new details about the Hollywood legends she knew so well. I was amazed to know how self-effacing she is about her ability and even her beauty. It's very charming and adds to the overall story. Well done, Maureen, and thank you for sharing your life with us especially we who have long admired you and your work.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I must admit that I would have never bothered to pick up this book had Maureen's beautiful picture on the front not caught my eye. I started thumbing through the pages and before I knew it I found myself in the book store on Chapter 2! Her book is so personal. She gives you a great feel for how life was back then. She is a strong Irish women who never forgot where she came from. I Highly recommend this book. Such a true and personal look into life as a female hollywood actress!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have never read an autobiography in my life. I am a 20 year old college student, and I have always loved Maureen O'Hara films. I especially liked the films that included John Wayne in the cast. The story of the actress' life presented in this book was very emotional and full. You are able to see into the real life of one of Hollywood's greatest stars. O'Hara was a strong woman and her character really shows through in her autobiography. You feel every emotion she does while reading. The book will make you laugh, curse, and cry. Sometimes in the same chapter. If you read into what O'Hara writes you can pick up on some mannerisms she has that are not fully brought out in the book. I can't express how content this book makes you feel once you have completed it. Maureen O'Hara is a person from the old Hollywood traditions and she was one of the greatest stars the production companies ever had in my view. There are not many people like O'Hara and Wayne anymore, but to be able to read their stories in their own words is something you can appreciate and cherish. I would recommend this book to anyone of any age.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Reading this book you can't help but smile at the humanity in the stories told. THANK GOD SHE IS NOT PERFECT IN EVERYWAY! Certainly she is beautiful, and a hell of an actress, but who knew she actually jumped ran, fell, and fought her way thru the whole take? Mind those odd moments where you wonder if she actually said what you just read. She tells of a life lived to the fullest! Good, bad, and ugly. Thank you for sharing Mrs. Blair.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Reviewer: rchowe from Erskine, Minnesota United States Ms. O'Hara's 'TIS HERSELF provides an intimate 'look behind the scenes' of motion pictures--and the people who made them--from Hollywood's Golden Era. Frank, funny, sad... and so much more, this memoir is a treat for fans of cinema, as it once was.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Born into a fairly affluent family of six children in Dublin, Ireland, Maureen FitzSimmons's stage-acting career was launched at an early age. Her film last name, O'Hara was given to her by Charles Laughton because her nee would not fit the movie billboard. Ms. O'Hara gained fame in a Alfred Hitchcock directed film, 'Jamaica Inn', co-starring the great Charles Laughton. It is the aforesaid movie that Ms. O'Hara is accorded with: '¿entered the premiere as an actress and left as a 'star',' and dubbed as 'the girl with the black-cherry eyes.' 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' was also a triumph for Ms. O'Hara, again co-starring Charles Laughton (remembered for his role in 'Mutiny On The Bounty', extraordinaire classic). The reader cannot help but chuckle about an 'event' that occurred on the set of 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' -- heavily-accented director Dieterle had asked for 200 priests/monks to be available for the set; what he got was 200 monkeys! Among many film credits are Ms. O'Hara's performances in 'How Green Was My Valley'; 'Miracle on 34th Street' with child actress Natalie Wood; 'The Quiet Man', filmed in Ireland, co-starring John Wayne (the 'Duke'). O'Hara candidly speaks of her long-time friendship with John Wayne, and her tormenting, tragic loss of her husband, record-breaking, famed-pilot, Charlie Blair. Just as there was no safety from the power of studio politicos 'trading' the star to another studio -- to her credit, and perhaps to the surprise of some readers, Ms. O'Hara performed her OWN STUNTS without the aid of harnesses and other safety devices. The latter performance strength of Ms. O'Hara shines in the swashbuckling, fencing movie scenes where she skillfully showed her fencing training and knowledge (again including her own stunt-work). Also of note is Ms. O'Hara's stamina to stand up to the politics in the industry, including her successful lawsuit against a tabloid, putting them out of business. What baffles this reader is learning of Ms. O'Hara's 'weakness' in some not-thought-through life decisions and relationships, specifically the continuation of her marriage to Will Price, a rough, alcoholic, abusive, philandering spouse. And, by her own admission, making the quick choice to wed (more than once) to men she was not in love with. More baffling is why she stayed in the situation(s) for so long, considering husband Price was spending her earned money by living lavishly, purchasing mansions without her knowledge until the 'deed was done', via simply using her name. From Ms. O'Hara's book, 'TIS HERSELF, the reader picks up hints of bias here and there; her 'chip-on-the-shoulder' brazenness, bragging, pomposity and naivete, albeit at times with added wittiness. Readers might forgive and indulge Ms. O'Hara's aforesaid eccentricities, allowing that the book includes earlier film years and the effect World War II had on all film studios and staff. Ms. O'Hara's memoirs are rich with stage and film including recorded singing and dancing talents on TV specials (such as the Dinah Shore Show and Perry Como Show); along with movie studio and film history, and many personages who are part of film history -- be it singers and dancers, actors, producers, writers and directors. And, worthy are the descriptive words used to carry the reader through incidents, actions and events, which transpired during filming, and history of stage, film and TV. Overall 'TIS HERSELF is a good read of historical information, but the reader can't feel bad for some of Ms. O'Hara's predicaments she got herself into, and being ever - so - slow in getting out of them. Why? The reader may wonder¿?!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Maureen O'Hara is one of my favorite actresses because she is a tough, strong-mind, no-nonsense Irish lass. She could hold up ranks with her favorite leading man, John Wayne, and could have a fencing duel with Errol Flynn. She is a remarkable talent and it is wonderful to hear stories from the Golden Age of Hollywood. She pours out her heart and soul about her relationships with John Ford, Charles Laughton, her late husband Will Price, John Candy, the Duke, and many other Hollywood legends. A great read for any classic Hollywood fan!