To Tuscany With Love

To Tuscany With Love

by Gail Mencini


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Can one college semester abroad change the course of a person�s life?

For Bella Rossini it did.

Bella longs for a large family and close friends�two things she has never known. She thinks she can handle anything until her mother sends her to Italy for a semester abroad and Bella finds herself living with seven strangers in a foreign country.

Hope, Bella�s likeable roommate for the summer, and the �perfect� twins, Karen and Meghan, quickly become Bella�s friends. The guys�Stillman, Phillip, Rune, and Lee�are a mystery to Bella and come from backgrounds as different as their personalities. Stillman, haunted by a hard past, and Phillip, an athlete, are both fueled by competition. Studious Lee is a pre-med student by family mandate, and Rune, who tries to romance all the ladies, is a Hollywood-bound wild child.

These eight college students come together with sizzling chemistry and rebellious humor. In one whirlwind summer, while uncovering the charms of Italy, they discover both friendship and love.

After their summer together, life � and loss � happens.

Thirty years later, Bella receives a mysterious invitation for a reunion of that college semester abroad. She has a score to settle and a dream to pursue. In Tuscany once again, Bella realizes that she is not the only one with secrets, unfulfilled dreams, disappointments, and anger. Bella and her classmates plunge on a startling collision course that none of them could have ever predicted.

Set against the allure of Tuscany, with an irresistible fusion of heartbreak and humor, this debut novel, �To Tuscany with Love,� explores the fear of letting the past determine the future, the promise of new beginnings, and the power of friendship.

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ISBN-13: 9781938592003
Publisher: Capriole Group
Publication date: 12/07/2013
Pages: 398
Sales rank: 1,025,281
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Gail Mencini makes her literary debut with To Tuscany with Love, an adult coming-of-age novel. She was born and raised in rural Nebraska, where everyone knew their neighbors and summers were spent outdoors�working, playing, or watching fireflies. Her love for reading books and imagining characters and their stories germinated during those days of creating her own world. Gail�s parents, who visited every continent except Antarctica, sparked her love of travel and adventure, which burns brighter than ever.

Gail was raised to be independent. College and grad school brought her training in tax law, and for many years she used that knowledge in her CPA practice to help clients across the country. In 1990 Gail�s life took a radical shift when she became a wife and also �instant mother� to three active sons, with a fourth son born a few years later.

One hot July summer in Key West, Gail and her husband toured Ernest Hemingway�s house. Smacked in the face with the master writer�s ghost and palpable presence, she confessed her secret desire to write books. Unlike her, Gail�s husband felt only the heat and humidity and not a trace of Ernest. Her confession led to her writing a novel that won contests and landed a New York literary agent, but otherwise never saw the light of day. After years of writing, improving her craft, and working harder, the kernel of an idea and several trips to Italy inspired Gail to write To Tuscany with Love, the first book in her Tuscany series. The years following her childhood of imagining far-away places and the people there have only intensified her love for creating stories. Gail is thankful every day and knows she is abundantly blessed to be a wife, mother, and writer.

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Jalynn Venis

To Tuscany with Love explores the molding of friendships during college years, when we are at our most open and vulnerable as human beings. … Mencini's lean style scrutinizes relationships and human foibles with honesty and compassion in an impressive first outing as a novelist. Through her characters, Mencini asks the question: Does our past define our destiny, or does it simply provide a broad tapestry of possible endings and new beginnings for us to choose from?

Mencini writes about the landscape of Tuscany with a knowing eye and the heart of an Anglo-Florentine. To Tuscany with Love will leave you hungry for all things Italian and more stories of lovers who discover the unexpected treasures and adventures of a summer abroad. --Jalynn Venis, author of The Pajama Supper Club and Other Bedtime Stories

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