Touching the Sky (Land of the Lone Star Series #2)

Touching the Sky (Land of the Lone Star Series #2)

by Tracie Peterson


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Touching the Sky (Land of the Lone Star Series #2) by Tracie Peterson

Romantic Adventure from Tracie Peterson!

When Laura Marquardt first meets Brandon Reid, their encounter is anything but pleasant. But when the two are seated together at a dinner party, they soon find that they share similar interests--Laura desires to educate blacks, and Brandon, as a white officer over colored troops, eagerly supports her cause.

When Laura's sister, Carissa, marries her Confederate beau, Laura finds herself in a difficult situation when she overhears plots to kill Union soldiers. Though in her heart she feels she should share this information with Brandon, Laura fears she will betray her sister's trust and possibly endanger her sister's life. And when Brandon's motives for pursuing her come into question, her heart is even more conflicted. Where is God leading her?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780764206160
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 06/01/2012
Series: Land of the Lone Star Series , #2
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 833,912
Product dimensions: 5.58(w) x 8.32(h) x 0.92(d)

About the Author

Tracie Peterson is the bestselling, award-winning author of more than 80 novels. Tracie also teaches writing workshops at a variety of conferences on subjects such as inspirational romance and historical research. She and her family live in Belgrade, Montana. Visit her website at

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Touching the Sky 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 22 reviews.
Heart2Heart More than 1 year ago
Laura Marquardt soon learns that being a strong, smart and independent women will win her the attention of two very different men and for two very different reasons in the historical fiction, Touching the Sky by Tracie Peterson. Set in the mid 1800's at the end of the civil war between the states, hostilities still run high between the North and South and those who remain loyal to either side. The Marquardt household even though residing the Texas maintain loyalties with the North with the Ironclad Oath. It seems however that some animosity still resides among their own citizens in Texas to the Marquardt family. Most of their friends and family believed that the Emancipation Proclamation wasn't such a good idea and now will Lincoln dead, many feel that the war needs to rise up once again in the South. So when Malcolm Lowe arrives to begin courting Carissa Marquardt and eventually marry her, he has more on his mind that just wedding plans. Malcolm Lowe served in the Southern army and isn't so happy to have people like Captain Brandon Reid living among them as well as most of colored troops that he served over from the North. Now Malcolm is making plans with other men who feel the same as he does to make sure that the South will rise up and claim what they feel is their just reward and to take as many of the Yankees and colored with them. Captain Reid is assigned to find out information about Malcolm whom the Northern Army feels is up to no good in Texas, so when he is asked to attend a party at the Marquardt's, he doesn't plan on falling for Laura in the process. Yet trying to keep both of his obligations separate, he struggles with wanting to tell her the truth about his actions so she doesn't believe that he is using her to get close to Malcolm. So when an opportunity presents itself that Laura finds out information about Malcolm that she believes he is planning to murder innocent people, it provides an open door for Brandon to help her without telling her everything. But will he have the opportunity to be completely honest with her before Malcolm's plans have a chance to be carried out, or will Laura find herself in danger without an opportunity to know just how Brandon feels? I received Touching the Sky by Tracie Peterson compliments of Christian Fiction Blog Alliance for my honest review and found this story captivating. On one end you have the building tension between Malcolm and his hate for the Northern supporters and on the other side, the romance building between Brandon and Laura which keeps you wondering just where this will all end. This is the second book in the Land of the Lone Star series and I can't wait to see where this one will conclude. If you haven't read the first book in this series, this book can be enjoyed as a stand alone. However, being a huge fan of Tracie Peterson's novels, I know you will want to go back and enjoy the first one as well. She writes so well and is noticeable of her time periods. I think this is the draw readers enjoy as they immerse themselves into the story. For that I rate this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great read, definitely hard to put down. Love the historical fiction component.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
coramdeo540 More than 1 year ago
Touching the Sky (Land of the Lone Star Book #2) Tracie Peterson Book Summary: Her heart is caught between the man she loves and the sister she's desperate to protect. Though their first encounter is hardly auspicious, Laura Marquardt soon discovers herself drawn to the dashing Captain Brandon Reid. As an officer over the colored troops, he eagerly supports her desire to educate blacks and seek harmony in a town where the defeat of the South is a bitter reality. When Laura's sister marries her Confederate beau, Laura finds herself in a difficult situation after overhearing a discussion with frightening consequences. In her heart she feels she should confide in Brandon, but Laura fears to do so may endanger her sister's life. Yet as the stakes continue to rise and Brandon's motives for pursuing her come into doubt, Laura questions where to turn...and wonders if her own dreams of love may be forsaken. Book Review: I really enjoyed this story the best. The female lead was most enjoyable for me. The younger sister and the dilemma with her husband. The entry of the confederate officer was fun to watch knowing that he was the good guy. The drama with Laura's sister was realistic and intense. You could taste the dust of Texas and the challenges of the west in 1860's. From the opening intensity to all the drama with Laura's sister it was a page turner. I really enjoy the crafting of the story by Tracie Peterson. The development of characters, even secondary characters and the entire plot are pure enjoyment. I am always anticipating the next book before I finish the one I am in.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great read wonderful book a must read.
coziecorner More than 1 year ago
Tracie pens "Touching the Sky" with a believable characters within the well written, interesting plot. I was impressed with the historical details such as the language, there are not many author around that can input the language correctly. Recommened for all romance lovers. This review is based on a complimentary copy from Bethany House which was provided for an honest review.
wfnren More than 1 year ago
Great Story It's June of 1865 in Corpus Christi, Texas, the war is over and life here would forever be changed. Laura Marquardt and her family were Union supporters during a war that pit family against family and neighbor against neighbor. Now that the war is over they would like to put their differences behind them and get on with life. The Union military had a unit of black soldiers to try to help keep the peace because there's a group of former Confederate soldiers who have a vendetta against the Union and their supporters. Captain Brandon Reid finds Laura in an alley and accuses her of being up to no good and tells her to be on her way. He is in for a surprise when he attends a party at the Marquardt home and who should the angel be that is playing the piano and singing beautifully but Laura Marquardt, a strong Union supporter. Laura has a sister, Carissa, who is the real social butterfly of the family and has drawn the attention of Malcolm Lowe. Malcolm has a secret reason for courting Carissa, he's the leader of the group trying to restart the war because he's mad that they lost. Laura is concerned about Carissa when she announces that they will be married and soon, she doesn't think Malcolm is the man that he pretends to be. Carissa refuses to be talked into waiting until she knows him better so they get married with her parents blessing. Events cause Laura to wonder what Malcolm is up to so she watches and listens closely when he's around. After the wedding Malcolm seems to keep Carissa hidden, there are no visits, they don't go to church, etc. When Laura and her Mother finally see Carissa after a couple of weeks, Laura notices bruises on her arm. Carissa claims it's from moving furniture. Several weeks later, after not seeing Carissa again and being told to leave them, the newleyweds, alone by Malcolm, Laura takes her Mother and goes to visit Carissa. There is no answer and the front door won't budge, they go to the back door where there is still no answer to the knocking but the door is unlocked so they enter. As they are walking through the house calling to Carissa Laura notices there is a steel bar bolted on the inside of the front door. When they get no answer from Carissa, they threaten to come upstairs looking for her. Carissa comes out and her whole body is covered with bruises. She says she fell down the stairs, Laura doesn't fall for that story, so they take her home to recover. Captain Reid officially retires from the military but silently continues to work with them to try and find out who's behind the murders of the black soldiers and Union officers. As he's doing this he starts seeing Laura, without telling her about the army's suspicions of Malcolm Lowe and his role in the investigation. Just what is going on in the Lowe marriage and how will it involve Laura? Will Captain Reid ever confide in Laura what he suspects and what he is doing? What will happen to the Lowe's, will their marriage survive? This is a view of what life was like for one family after the war and how it affected people living in the same town that shared two different views. Tracie really held my interest and did a great job with this story. It's about sister helping sister and finding faith in God when you think he won't help you because you did too much wrong in your past. Thank you to Bethany House for providing this book for review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
PrincessMK More than 1 year ago
It's 1865 in Corpus Christi, Texas and Laura Marquardt and Brandon Reid are faced with the ugliness of the Civil War. Life as they've known it is completely different now that the war is over. Laura's spoiled and immature younger sister has gotten herself into some trouble and Laura and Brandon are put into the dangerous position of trying to get her out of it. Slavery, lack of education, animosity between the North and the South, Tracie Peterson covers them all.... If you are interested in Historical Fiction, then this is the book for you!
Myrrh39 More than 1 year ago
I am very interested in historical fiction, so I loved that Touching the Sky was set immediately following the end of the Civil War. Since this book is part of a series called Land of the Lone Star, the author delved quite a bit into the politics of Texas and it's independent nature. Family and town dynamics are still very much on edge as each one is judged on their Northern or Southern sympathies. Texas was a mixed bag with full loyalties to neither side. Right off the bat, we meet Laura. She is an independent young woman from a wealthy family who chose to side with the North. Laura's greatest desire is to honor the Lord with the things she does and she has a great passion for teaching the freed slaves to read. Brandon is a Union officer who presides over the "colored troops" until his retirement where he is asked to spy on a young man named Malcolm with a chip on his shoulder and a vendetta against the Union. His diabolical plan is to cause a lot of harm and blame the black troops for the damage. Brandon's mission brings him into close contact with Laura and their chemistry is felt right away. Laura's sister is determined to marry Malcolm and in doing so, she throws all of them into a dangerous situation that defies logic and is filled with hate. I really liked this book. The character development was well done. Brandon and Laura are both honorable people with a desire to protect those around them. As these two fall in love, you recognize their connection and feel their passion for life. The additional characters in the book, Laura's parents, her sister Carissa, Brandon's friends, and of course Malcolm, are well developed and add a lot to the story. I loved Esther and her boys and how she felt learning to read would be like "touching the sky". The author descriptions are so well done that you feel like you're right there in each scene. I'm looking forward to reading the third book in the series when it is released later this year. In exchange for my honest review, I received a copy of the book from Bethany House.
me_you More than 1 year ago
I received theis book by Bethany House.I din't have the chance to read the first book so I guess I missed a lot on the first one,but I didn't really care for this one I couldn't never figure out what was gonna happen next and found myself skipping pages to finish it.But this is just my opinion.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This another book recieved from Bethany Publishers. A book os suspense because you had no clue what Carissa's beau/husband was up to. It was a unique perspective of those living in Texas, after the Civil War. Yet her sister is just waiting on the right man to take & sweep her right off her feet. He came and saved her & Carissa from Carissa's husband who choose to put his family in danger. This was a great novel, I know I didn't read the first one, but it worth the pick up for a post Civil War perspectives.
NJhousewife More than 1 year ago
Touching the Sky is the second book of the Land of the Lone Star series and while both the first book, Chasing the Sun and this one feature a gutsy female lead and a lot of intrigue, this second book was superior. This book was part historical fiction, part Christian fiction, part romance and part mystery. Tracie Peterson does it all and she does it well. In typical Tracie Peterson fashion, the spunky young lead, Laura Marquardt, meets Captain Brandon Reid, the good guy who becomes smitten upon first encounter with the audacious Laura and their love story begins. Laura and her family have always been Union supporters, but her sister marries a former Confederate soldier, one who may not be as reformed as he claims. Laura must find out where his alliances lie in order to protect her sister and enlists Brandon, who has his own motives for investigating the Confederacy, and together they uncover some alarming truths. Bethany House Publishers provided me a copy of this book to review, but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations and thoughts while reading this novel.
Its_Time_Mamaw More than 1 year ago
1865 in Corpus Christi, Texas you would think that people were glad the war between the North and South was over. Some were glad although they were still suffering the after effects of the war. Laura Marquardt hurried along the street when she was confronted by some scruffy looking Confederate soldiers. She recognized one of the men. She thought if she was polite they would not see her fear. But they cursed her for being a Union supporter and a traitor to the South and accosted her. A couple of Union soldiers came upon them and ordered them to release the lady. The rebels did not cotton to taking orders from Black Union soldiers so they just laughed and ran. A White Union officer by the name of Captain Reid approached and boldly took matters in his hands. Without any further ado he dismissed the soldiers and proceeded to reprimand Laura sending her on her way not even allowing her a chance to explain the situation. Laura and Captain Reid crossed each others paths again at a social gathering for Local Union Supporters. It became very clear to the Captain that he had wrongly misjudged Laura Marquardt as being a disgruntled Confederate sympathizer. Laura in a rather playful and straightforward manner set him straight about which side she supported. Finding they have the same goal which is to bring the North and the South together as one peaceful nation. Then there is a spark between the two of them that refuses not be ignored. They come together to bring to justice several renegade Confederates one in particular a suspected murderer. This is a story filled with intrigue and romance. Women had to be courageous back then and that is exacty how the author portrayed Laura and her sister in this novel. I loved what the author wrote about the meaning of the books title, TOUCHING THE SKY. I have read book one in the LAND OF THE LONE STAR series,CHASING THE SUN. Now that I have read book two I am anxious to read book three,TAMING THE WIND,expected publication date September 1st 2012 by Bethany House Publishers. Disclosure I received a free copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers for review. I was in no way compensated for this review. It is my own opinion.
KarenLange More than 1 year ago
Laura Marquardt's family, though residents of Corpus Christi, Texas, are staunch supporters of the Union. The Civil War is over, yet unrest simmers just below society's surface. Laura is thankful that strong ties in the north have kept their family finances intact. She is not pleased however, with the "spinster" label that some, including her younger spoiled sister Carissa, pin on her. At 21, Laura is anything but a spinster. Union Army Captain Brandon Reid oversees troops stationed in Corpus Christi. A chance encounter with Miss Marquardt leaves both Brandon and Laura with unfavorable opinions of the other. Shortly after their unpleasant meeting, they speak again and discover that their terse introduction was due to a simple misunderstanding. Brandon's tour of duty with the Army is finished, but he agrees to stay in Texas to quietly investigate a series of mysterious crimes. He seeks Mr. Marquardt's permission to court Laura and their courtship begins just prior to Carissa's marriage to former confederate soldier Malcolm Lowe. Unfortunately, Lowe is Brandon's key suspect, but he cannot divulge this info to Laura. In addition to a tricky undercover investigation, Brandon is concerned that Laura will misinterpret his courtship motives. He truly cares for her, but will she understand when everything comes to light? Touching the Sky is Book Two in the Land of the Lone Star series, but it can stand alone. I prefer this, as I am not a fan of cliffhangers or trying to get up to speed on a previous book. This post Civil War tale has enough strife, intrigue, love, and forgiveness to satisfy historical and other fiction fans. I've long enjoyed Ms. Peterson's stories, and this one is no exception. I thoroughly enjoyed this book!
Lizzie_23 More than 1 year ago
Wonderful story with great main characters!!!! Once again, Tracie Peterson proves what a terrific writer she is in the historical novel about the North and South. She captures the warm heart of a woman who has the desire to help the African Americans who have been freed after the Civil War. Peterson also shows the importance of helping others who are caught up in domestic violence.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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