Trading with the Environment: Ecology, Economics, Institutions and Policy

Trading with the Environment: Ecology, Economics, Institutions and Policy


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Should there be firmer restrictions on trade, with more policies aimed at protecting its environmental impacts, or would the environment benefit most from unrestricted free trade? Do importing countries have a responsibility only to their local ecosystems, or are they also responsible for environmental degradation caused by the production of traded goods in exporting countries?

Trading the Environment examines both the dependence and the effects of international trade on the earth's life support systems and looks at ways in which trading regulations could be adapted to promote ecologically sustainable economic development. It addresses the issues from a fully integrated approach, focusing on the interrelations between ecosystems, economic development and trade. The authors provide a carefully constructed ecological and economic analysis of trade and the environment, examine the existing legal and institutional frameworks and set out 16 recommendations to achieve environment beneficial trade at both national and international levels. Trading with the environment was originally commissioned by the Swedish government and is already regarded thereon essential reference. It makes an excellent introduction as well as constructive analysis, both for students and for policy-makers and professional economics and other scientists working on the issues.

Published in 1995

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ISBN-13: 9781853832604
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 09/28/1995
Edition description: 1
Pages: 160
Product dimensions: 6.25(w) x 9.25(h) x (d)

About the Author

Stefan Nyström

Table of Contents

List of illustrations
Why Trade and the Environment?
International Cooperation
Overview of the Book
Chapter I
Nature's Life Support Systems as the Foundation for International Trade
Life Support Ecosystems - a Prerequisite for Welfare
Growth and the Environment
Economy and Ecosystems
An Ecological-Economic Synthesis
Trade from a Natural Resource and Environmental Perspective
Chapter 2
Economic Perspectives on Trade and the Environment
Theories of Trade
Trade and the Environment
Localization of Environmentally Damaging Activities
Political Factors
Possible Solutions to International Environmental Issues
Chapter 3
Trade Regulations - the Institutional Framework and
Current Policy
GATT/WTO: Today's Playing Field for World Trade
GATT Exceptions for Environmental Protection
GATT Panels on Environmental Issues
GATT and International Environmental Agreements
ED Trade Regulations and the Environment
A new General System of Preferences
Environmental Protection and Free Trade Areas
Ground Rules for Ecologically Sustainable Trade
Chapter 4
The New Playing Field - Towards Sustainable Development
Ground Rules for Sustainable Development
Conclusions and Recommendations
Appendix 1 International Environmental Agreements with Trade Provisions
Appendix 2 Excerpts from the Rio Declaration
Appendix 3 Excerpts from. the GATT
Appendix 4 Excerpts from the Treaty of Rome
Appendix 5 Trade and Environment in the GATT

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