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Transition Now: Redefining Duality, 2012 and Beyond

Transition Now: Redefining Duality, 2012 and Beyond

Transition Now: Redefining Duality, 2012 and Beyond

Transition Now: Redefining Duality, 2012 and Beyond


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Spiritual seekers everywhere know it: the world is changing rapidly. The old rules don't apply. The more open we are to guidance the more guidance will come to us. The guidance in this book teaches us how to recognize the interdimensional energies in our 3D world. As governments shift, economies are pruned, and systems fail, here are hopeful instructions for how celebrate the failure of the old as it makes way for the new, how to balance our energy and that of the planet, and how to meet the future which is now.

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ISBN-13: 9781578634743
Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser
Publication date: 03/01/2010
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 910,500
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Lee Carroll has been channeling Kryon for more than twenty years and is the author of over eleven Kryon books, most recently Lifting the Veil. Carroll is also the co-author of The Indigo Children.

Renowned author, teacher, lecturer and spiritual guide to the sacred sites of the Earth. A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Patricia Cori has been immersed in the New Age Movement since its inception there in the early 1970's. She has utilized her clairvoyant abilities in healing and support work throughout her life, which has been dedicated in great part to the study of mysticism, philosophy, ancient civilizations, metaphysical healing, spirituality and unexplained mysteries. In 1995, she founded the LightWorks Association of Rome (a nonprofit organization), one of the first Spirit Centers to appear in the Eternal City, whose studios served as a healing center, school and the city's only New Age Library. She is a prominent figure in the Spirit Movement, well-known on the international lecture circuit—actively offering courses, seminars and workshops around the world on a vast range of topics, which reflect her broad knowledge of alternative methodology in healing and her remarkable gift of helping others rekindle and ignite the power within. She has been recognized and celebrated as a gifted shaman by indigenous spirit teachers of the Tibetan, Mayan and Peruvian traditions. In 1996, she established the LightWorks travel club, SoulQuest™ Journeys, and that year led a group of spirit travelers, to whom she introduced the sacred temples and breathtaking spirit of the Tibetan landscape, to Nepal and Tibet. She has since guided people through sacred sites in Asia, Mexico, Egypt, Europe and Peru, awakening them to Earth energies and the Secret Wisdom. Patricia's books The Sirian Revelations and CD of channeled meditations have enjoyed worldwide acclaim as wake-up call material for the expanding consciousness of humankind. They have been re-released to a vast international audience this year by North Atlantic Books;Random House Distribution and are also available in several foreign language editions.She hosts the cutting edge web radio talk show, BEYOND THE MATRIX, on a program dedicated to exploring new avenues of human thought and experience and merging science and spirit. Her new book, The Starseed Dialogues, is due for release in February 2009. In her current project, Where Pharaohs Dwell, Patricia delves into the secrets of immortality and our stellar origins through her beloved Egyptian landscape, exploring the magic of the ancients. The book is scheduled for release in Fall of 2009.

Pepper Lewis is a natural intuitive and a gifted channel of the sentience of our planet, Gaia. She is a frequent contributor to the radio show The Great Shift with Rev. Fred Sterling and the founder of The Peaceful Planet, an organization dedicated to helping us relate to the world around us with balance and harmony. Visit her online at;pepperlewis.

Martine Vallée, who collected and edited this volume, is also the editor of The Great Shift: Cocreating a New World for 2012 and Beyond. She is also the French publisher at Ariane Editions of such luminary teachers as Eckhart Tolle, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Gregg Braden, and Drunvalo Melchizedek. She lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Our World, Our Choice 6

Part 1 Kryon

Introduction Lee Carroll 14

From Kryon 15

1 Our Holographic Nature 17

2 Getting Out of the Illusion by Understanding Our Holographic Nature 20

3 Our Changing Brain from Left to Right 26

4 Americans Need to Hear This 36

5 Quantum Healing 39

6 The Seven 42

7 Synchronicity and Divine Intervention: Is there a Difference? 46

8 Healing of a Cellular Memory 52

9 It's in the DNA 58

10 The Miracle of Divine Forgiveness 74

11 An Amazing Real-Time Change in Energy 77

12 The Great Compassion Experiment for 2010 81

13 The Potential and Probabilities of 2010 84

14 Iran 98

15 Women and Change in the Middle East 104

16 Conclusion 107

Part 2 The Sirian High Council

Introduction Patricia Cori 110

From the Sirian High Council 114

17 Transitioning from Dense Body to Light Body 119

18 Understanding Our Counterparts in Spirit 132

19 The Capstone of Egypt 140

20 First Contact 143

21 The Darker Side of Humanity and the Influence of the Dark Forces 147

22 Karma as Information for the Grand Experiment 151

23 Answers for the Lightworkers 153

24 Tools for Attunement 157

25 The Mystery of Dimensions 161

26 What Is the Real Nature of Hope? 168

27 Last Thoughts on 2010 171

28 For the High Council 174

Part 3 Gaia

Introduction Pepper Lewis 180

From Gaia 181

29 Insights 183

30 World Economies and Wealth Management 186

31 The Hero-s Path and the New Leadership 191

32 The Next Best Thing 194

33 Consolidating Waste 196

34 Wellness and Fear 203

35 New Edge Medicine 206

36 The Kingdoms 209

37 Gaia Returns 224

38 The Ascension Process 228

39 Duality 230

40 The Grand Experiment 232

41 The Auto Industry 235

42 2010 and Beyond 238

43 Conclusion 240

About the Contributors 243

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