Tropospheric Ozone Research: Tropospheric Ozone in the Regional and Sub-regional Context

Tropospheric Ozone Research: Tropospheric Ozone in the Regional and Sub-regional Context

by 0ystein Hov (Editor)


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ISBN-13: 9783642637001
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 10/29/2012
Series: Transport and Chemical Transformation of Pollutants in the Troposphere , #6
Edition description: 1997
Pages: 501
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.04(d)

Table of Contents

1 An Overview of Tropospheric Ozone Research.- 2 Spatial and Temporal Variability of Tropospheric Ozone over Europe.- 3 The Emission and Distribution of Ozone Precursors over Europe.- 4 Photochemical Ozone Production Rates at Different TOR Sites.- 5 Exchange of Ozone Between the Atmospheric Boundary Layer and the Free Troposphere.- 6 Stratosphere-Troposphere Exchange — Regional and Global Tropopause Folding Occurrence.- 7 Ozone and its Precursors in Europe: Photochemical Production and Transport across Regional Boundaries.- Individual Reports from TOR Contributors.- 8 Ozone Monitoring and Measurements.- 8.1 Ozone Observations in the Free Troposphere: Results of the TOR Station No 25.- 8.2 Tropospheric Ozone and Precursors at the Porspoder Station, France.- 8.3 Ozone measurements in Zagreb and on Mount Medvednica in Croatia.- 8.4 Characteristics of the Tropospheric Ozone Content above Athens, Greece.- 8.5 Tropospheric Ozone Research And Global Atmospheric Gases Experiment, Mace Head, Ireland.- 8.6 Ozone Forecasting in the UK, 1993 and 1994.- 8.7 Ozone and precursor measurements in South Norway, Birkenes, Bj?rn?ya and Svalbard, Ny Ålesund, 1987-1994.- 8.8 Long Path DOAS Measurements of Ozone and Other Species at Cape Arkona, Rügen Island.- 8.9 Measurements of Atmospheric Constituents and their Relation to the Ozone Formation in Slovenia.- 8.10 Ozone Research at the Swedish Stations Åspvreten and Areskutan and the Activities of ITM-APL in TOR.- 8.11 A Summary of TOR Activities carried out by UEA during the Definition and Implimentation Phases of EUROTRAC.- 8.12 Ground-based Measurements of Ozone and Related Precursors at 47° N,11° E.- 9 Transport and Transformation of Ozone.- 9.1 Ozone in the free Troposphere over the North Atlantic: Production and Long-range Transport.- 9.2 Formation and Transport of Tropospheric Ozone in Hungary.- 9.3 Photo-oxidants and Precursors at Schauinsland, Black Forest: Chemistry and Transport.- 9.4 Long-range Transport of Precursors in Relation to Oxidant Occurrence and Formation: Results from the IVL TOR site at Rörvik, Sweden.- 10 Monitoring of Atmospheric Constituents.- 10.1 Intercomparison and Harmonisation of CO, CH4, and non-methane Hydrocarbon Measurements within TOR.- 10.2 Measurements of Trace Constituents at the High Alpine Background Station Sonnblick.- 10.3 Measurements of Low Molecular Weight Carbonyl Compounds.- 10.4 Photochemical Observations at Utö -a Moderately Polluted Site with a Pronounced Seasonal Cycle.- 10.5 Atmospheric Nitrogen Compounds, Photochemical Oxidants and Products.- 10.6 Atmospheric Monitoring at the TOR Station in Tomsk.- 11 Vertical Profiles and Transport of Ozone.- 11.1 Distribution and Vertical Transport of Ozone in the Lower Troposphere determined by LIDAR.- 11.2 Vertical Profiles of Ozone and Meteorological Parameters at Uccle, Belgium.- 11.3 Vertical Soundings of Tropospheric Ozone with the IFU UV Lidar.- 11.4 Total Vertical Column Abundances of Atmospheric Gases Derived from IR Remote Solar Observations made at the Jungfraujoch Station.- 11.5 Vertical Distribution of Ozone and Water Vapour over Jülich, and the Evaluation of the ECC Ozone Sondes under Quasi Flight Conditions.- 12 Modelling Studies.- 12.1 EURAD in TOR: Simulation and Analysis of a Photosmog Episode.- 12.2 Continental Ozone Issues: Monitoring of Trace Gases Data Analysis and Modelling of Ozone over Europe.- 12.3 Model Studies of Ozone on Regional Scales in the Troposphere.- 12.4 Budget of Ozone and Precursors over Europe.- 13 TOR Publications 1988-1995.

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