The Trouble with Demons (Raine Benares Series #3)

The Trouble with Demons (Raine Benares Series #3)

by Lisa Shearin
4.5 74

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The Trouble with Demons (Raine Benares Series #3) by Lisa Shearin

For seeker Raine Benares, a demon infestation on the Isle of Mid couldn't come at a worse time. Already fighting the influence of the Saghred, a soul-stealing stone, Raine discovers she is also magically bonded to a dark mage and a white knight, two dangerous and powerful men on opposing sides.

Turns out, the demons want the key to unlock the Saghred. As a seeker, Raine should be able to find it first. As the axis of light and dark powers, she's a magical cataclysm waiting to happen.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780441017126
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 04/28/2009
Series: Raine Benares Series , #3
Edition description: Original
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 309,086
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.70(h) x 1.20(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Lisa Shearin currently works as the editor at an advertising agency. She has been a magazine editor and writer of corporate marketing materials of every description. Lisa enjoys singing, reading, writing novels, and fencing (foil and epee, as well as rapier & dagger dueling). She lives in North Carolina with her husband, two cats, two spoiled-rotten retired racing greyhounds, and a Jack Russell terrier who rules them all.

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The Trouble with Demons 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 74 reviews.
SeeMichelleRead More than 1 year ago
Following close on the heels of Armed & Magical, The Trouble with Demons finds Raine Benares facing some problems bigger than ever. As if narrowly escaping an eleven kidnapping plot was not enough, she is one of the first to discover a plethora of multi-colored and heavily-fanged demons running around the Island of Mid. After taking care of a few of the grotesque creatures, Raine is dismayed to learn that these baddies were just the prequel of things to come. An extremely powerful (and equally idiotic) dark mage has opened a hellgate, effectually allowing an entire horde of demons free reign on Mid. *deep breath* A footnote in this charming little plot is that the Queen of Demons is intent on releasing her demonic horde and her trapped husband from inside the Saghred. Guess which seeker-bonded-to-a-rock she needs to do that little bit of mischief? Oh, that's right: Raine. Our girl does not have good luck.Raine will be the first to tell you that: "And all of my problems and predicaments were courtesy of a fist-sized, soul-sucking rock." And she's quite right. The soul-sucking rock in question has given her an added boost to her normally respectable, but nonetheless minimal, magical abilities but even with with Saghred's help, it doesn't seem enough to accomplish the following: 1. close a hellgate 2. foil the Demon Queen 3. convince the powerful Council of Twelve that she isn't turning into a soulless dark mage that needs to be imprisoned for life (or worse) Quite a list. Luckily she's got some good friends to back her up: Piaras, the spellsinging wonder-kid; her pirate cousin/sidekick in all things dangerous Phelan; the mysterious Guardian Mychael; and the much-appreciated dark-is-sexy Tam all make appearances as things get dicey. Add in another handful of equally compelling secondary characters and some serious bullies you love to hate, and we've got ourselves a non-stop action story!! Over the past two books, I've greatly enjoyed the back-and-forth, unpredictable love triangle between Raine, Tam, and Mychael. I did feel like the tension had come to a head in Armed & Magical and was sure Raine would be making the Big Decision in The Trouble with Demons. To my dismay, nothing of the sort happened. Not only does Raine not get any closer (whatsoever) to deciding on which hunk she's gonna go for, but all three end up more tangled magically and physically with no clear resolution in sight. I would have left this book pretty dang irritated if it hadn't been for Raine's encounter with one particular hunk the last chapter. A step in the right direction but still so far from the emotional attachment I was craving.
Merribelle More than 1 year ago
I've read every book in this series. The characters are very interesting and the story has depth. Shearin brings a lot humor to her writing. There are so many characters that would make good stories as off shoots of this series. I look forward to seeing where Shearin's imagination takes me next.
Angieville More than 1 year ago
I fell in love with Lisa Shearin's Raine Benares series at the tail end of last year. Shearin's delightful blend of wry humor, high-speed action, and brief moments of sizzling chemistry make for highly enjoyable reads. The only problem being that they end leaving you thirsty for more. THE TROUBLE WITH DEMONS is the third Raine Benares book and has my favorite cover (and title) so far. This girl looks more like the Raine in my head and the title is certainly...apt. There are demons galore in this one. Demons pint-sized, demons ogre-sized, demons every color of the rainbow, oh my! Raine is tired. Just last week she and her goblin more-than-friend Tam narrowly managed to foil a slew of elven assassins and now this week the demons are coming out of the woodwork. Turns out a Hell Gate has been opened, a demon queen is in search of her husband's captive soul, and the acting archmagus would love to see Raine take the fall for the entire debacle. Meanwhile, the Saghred still has its hooks in Raine's soul and the wards the Guardians have placed on it seem unable to hold its power in check. And, for better or worse, Raine finds herself drawn inexorably closer to both Tam and Mychael as the three of them are forced to combine their respective powers in order to try to stem the flow of demons and close the Hell Gate for good. I remain amazed at how much punch Lisa Shearin can pack into such a short period of time. Like its predecessors, this story spans barely a week's time. And somehow at the end you feel like the characters have grown and changed and fulfilled your expectations. I am hoping for a little bit larger chunk of time in the next one, as it just seems like the story has grown too large by now for such short installments. But we'll see. I continue to be very fond of Raine and I love the fact that, though they are polar opposites and disagree vehemently over a girl, Mychael and Tam are friends. They understand and respect each other. Tam particulary is able to see beyond himself to make painful decisions for the greater good. That may be the fact that I Am Team Tam All The Way talking, but I categorically refuse to believe he will have a relapse and/or give in to his dark past. Nope. Not gonna happen, my friends. And while he may have his sights set on Raine, he knows how to be her friend. He's good at that. I do find myself concerned as to how these three heroes (because that's what they are) are going to maintain the uneasy alliance they've formed as tensions only look to be rising for the foreseeable future. And along with that I worry about the triangle drawing out indefinitely. Triangles start to make me twitchy after three books. So sue me. Interestingly, for an author so good at slam-bang action, Shearin proves herself quite adept at crafting a quiet moment or two between her characters. Moments where the banter stops and the pauses are pregnant. In which you as the reader find yourself just aching for them. I cast my vote for a few more of these. Also, more Talon. The kid is pure awesome and never fails to crack me up. These are good characters. I have such hopes for them.
carice More than 1 year ago
I have LOVED this entire series however i think the third book is my favorite. i completely recomend this series for anybody who likes action,scy-fy,fantacy,adventure,romance,fights,pirats,swords,and a LOT of other thrilling things! this series has just about everything! Rain is on the isle of mid and is STILL linked to the stupid soul stealing rock. Also now hourds of demons are invading the island and if they manage to ripe the vail betwean worlds the ones killed in the enitial wave will be the lucky ones! her growing relationship between mycheal and tam is becoming very unusual in a very funny way she is linked to both of them. Anyway i completly recomend this series to anyone!
Kenshin More than 1 year ago
The energy in these books always blows me away. Sort of like a stone toubling down a mountain, picking up momentum as it goes. The latest book in this series explores Raine's relationships, while giving some the other characters more depth.
outside-with-a-book More than 1 year ago
A demon out of the toilet. A stone of cataclysmic powers and entirely too much power. A bond between three that goes beyond personal. Nothing out of the usual, nothing at all. The Trouble with Demons, true to the wonderful books Magic Lost, Trouble Found and Armed and Magical is nonstop spitfire adventure and action for every page. The story keeps you turning the pages like there's no tomorrow. Unlike some faster-paced books, the people are completely developed. You still feel close to all of the "good guys" and care about them. And the bad guys are fun to read about. Newcomers to the series won't be completely lost. There is just enough information in the book that they'll understand everything, but they'll probably miss a couple more subtle things, and won't know as much about all the people. I recommend reading the first two books first. To everyone who has read the first two books: you won't be disappointed. If anything, the plot and relationships grow even more intricate. Raine will be having her adventures for a while, considering all the trouble she gets into. No matter who your favorite character is, you'll get to see a bunch of them. Phealan only grows more amusing, Talon grows more like his father every day, Piaras grows more noble, and Tam and Mychael, whoever you like best, grow more. interesting. New characters are introduced and I promise, you'll love them too. Especially the demonology professor. Raine takes to her from the start - her robes have slits in them for running (finally a practical person) and carries her own mug for ale, just in case. With a Hellgate opened and demon pouring out over Mid, it's all Raine and her friends can do to attempt to protect everyone. But the people who opened it lose control, and soon it's not just about stopping the ones who opened it - it's about stopping the Demon Queen from making it (literally) Hell on Earth. As if there weren't enough problems, Raine, Mychael, and Tam are bonded. Not by choice. By magic and the Saghred. While the bond might not be horrible under different circumstances, it's the last thing any of them need. It's against the law, and it's hard for Tam to resist the Saghred's dark magic, as much as he tries. (and all those things aren't even the start of it) It will be a long wait for Bewitched and Betrayed (Lisa Shearin promises tissues will not be needed, don't worry). Anything, a year, a month, a week would be a long wait. It will probably be out about this time next year, and I can assure you: you'll be on the edge of your seat waiting for it. Hands down to Lisa Shearin. She is a talented writer, and deserves every round of applause she gets. And she is devoted to her fans. She responds to every blog comment and email. Her site is
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Funny, sexy, and exciting could not put them down. My husband would look at me funny as I would burst out laughing at parts in the books. Even got him to read them, and his take on the series was that who ever wrote them must have been around me for some of the creative one liners and sarcastic comments.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Stephen Kersten More than 1 year ago
Another gripping installment. Enriching, fascinating, and satisfying. Funny, exquisitely written, and oh-so suspensful!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago